Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe

173 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 929-9192

Recent Reviews

Collin Kilmartin

This place was very disappointing. The eggs weren’t good, and the food was overall very bland but the waffles weren’t terrible yet not enough to go back to.

Jessica Hernandez

Ye Olde is a chapel hill staple and incredibly tasty! It is a wonderful place to grab breakfast/brunch and worth the hype. The staff has always been super kind and work very quickly to get your food to you. On Thursdays you get pancakes for free if you order from their first four breakfast plates and they’re quite filling. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking to grab breakfast here!

Effie R.

This is the best place for breakfast in town (it's not for "fancy" breakfast, it's for basic breakfast foods). In the past 2 years we've eaten here quite a bit, it is consistently good every time. Friendly, fast wait staff (one nice lady actually each time, forget her name)! You want coffee, delicious bacon/egg/hash brown meal? Got it! Yummy french toast or pancakes? Got it! Omelette? Yep! We are moving out of state, and this is one place I think we'll miss the most. It's like a cozy diner-type restaurant that my husband and I had dozens of breakfasts and chats over warm cups of coffee or tea. We could always count on the service, menu and quality. I know they do lunch, but we never made it for that meal! Thanks for the full tummys Waffle Shoppe.

Katherine W.

A delicious, wonderful institution. If you like pancakes and waffles you'll be in heaven - I'm obsessed with their hash browns, myself. So much history and character! Enjoy.

Chuck Griffith

Fantastic food, and friendly people! You can’t ask for more!

Gary C.

Have known about this place forever, finally got a chance to try last weekend. Was hoping it was going to have a bit more dark atmosphere, but it was fine, nothing super special. Daughter and I only got the waffles (it is a Waffle house after all ;) - gotta say, we were underwhelmed - nothing special, should have noticed when we saw others, but they aren't the big, deep Beligan waffles that I like - just 'regular' - oh well. The rest of the menu was a decent variety of breakfast foods.....will maybe give it another try sometime.

Latoshia Ngu

This place is very warming. From the time we walked in until the time we left everyone was so welcoming and warm. Taryn is a rockstar. Thank you so much for all you do. The food was good and came out quickly. They even had a notepad and crayons to help keep my 2yo occupied. I definitely recommend this place.

Harold Bratcher

He's a very very good mechanic i know because i let him do all my mechanic work and i would recommend him to anyone..

Phillip Minter

Yes awesome food! Can’t wait to go back.

Natalia F

Love their M&M waffles! Best atmosphere and seating is in the back of the restaurant.

Campbell Evans

A little bit of a gimmick... The malted waffle thing.... It was really good though. The malted waffle ?

Cindy Thurmond

Good food. Good service. A favorite spot when we are in town!

Alison M.

Great biscuits griddled in butter. Crispy bacon. Warm & friendly service with the wonderful sweet smell of waffles. Rest of menu ok

Wylia Long

Love this place! It's a Chapel Hill icon. The only thing I miss is the scoop of butter that they use to put on their waffle but probably didn't really need it?.

Rick D.

This place is "ALMOST " the perfect breakfast place. The register is inconveniently placed and they don't have FREE POUR sugar, which is lame for a breakfast place. I like my coffee like my wife, Light and Sweet. They have a health Score of 100!!? What? How is it they do it and now one can? The food is always good and the place itself is a piece of history you just have to visit. Service is Okay and seating situation and getting to the line can be challenging. If you want a decent Breakfast at A Decent Price, this is for you.

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