Abugida Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant

3007 Central Ave, Charlotte
(980) 237-2760

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Pythagorean Bunny

The food is here is the best Ethiopian I’ve ever had. Really tasty meat, flavorful vegetable feast, and fluffy light injera bread. The food portions are very large for the price. We will definitely be back!

Lou Noujaim

So this was my first time having Ethiopian food. Good Lord this was absolutely DELICIOUS!! So many different flavors and textures. I've been wanting to try this place out for a while and finally had the opportunity to do so. I can absolutely say I will be back sooner than later. Mom and pop feel in a quaint dining room setting. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Sara Twohey

So amazing!! Vegetarian feast option with injera was delicious! Abugida feast with tender beef and just beautiful spices. Lentil yemisir sambusa - crispy exterior, tender filling. Fantastic customer service, friendly atmosphere, very reasonable prices and definitely a place we plan to return! ❤️

Jimmy B

Excellent food and the nicest people you will find. We had the feast with beef. And, coffee afterwards. Not fancy, delicious food.

Kimberly Berger

I love this restaurant. The ladies I've dealt with have always been warm and friendly and patient with questions. They make you feel like family. The food is amazing, with many delicious vegan options. I have tried other Ethiopian restaurants but Abugida is the best by a mile. Always look forward to going back.

Ryan Smith

Abugida Cafe is one my favorite go to restaurants in Charlotte! My husband and I order the same thing every time and they even remember our orders, it’s all love here! I’m not Ethiopian but somehow getting lunch/dinner at Abugida always feels like eating “at home” - the warm family vibe and the absolutely delicious food come together perfectly every time. Whether the restaurant is slow and quiet or is swamped it’s a great experience for some amazing comfort food, I love it here and the staff are always so sweet and welcoming.

Ellie Armstrong

Consistently amazing. Great vegetarian options, so friendly, so delicious, such an amazing restaurant in the heart of Charlotte. I love coming here and sharing food with friends, it is truly one of the best places Charlotte has to offer!!! Each and every food option is so rich and incredible. You cannot go wrong!!!

Jenny T.

Abuguida is the most underrated restaurant in Charlotte. The food is incredibly flavorful and very consistent, with FANTASTIC vegetarian options. We've been eating here (or ordering out) at least once a month for a few years. They also have the sweetest staff around. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this restaurant!

Cannon S.

One of my favorite places in Charlotte (and easily the most missed now that I've moved away--it was the first place I returned to when I visited again). I unfortunately cannot speak to the breadth of the menu, considering I ordered the "Abugida Feast" every time I went, and it was absolutely delicious every time I went. Even now that I live in NYC I have yet to find an Ethiopian place that compares. Great staple of Plaza Midwood!

Robbie A.

I rated Abugida Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant 5+, because the food is phenomenal. The service of the staff is so generous and considerate of everyone. I have been going there since they opened, and its one of the best vegan and foodie places in Greater Charlotte. Thanks to all who go there to Our Little Piece of Abugida Restaurant.

Faith T.

Wow! What an experience. I had the privilege to join a new friend for an afternoon of Ethiopian cuisine. Being an African (Nigerian) myself I was so excited to taste something new that my continent had to offer. It was definitely a great experience and the service was great. They are located on central ave closer to the eastway briar cliff side of town. they do have some patio seating available and a good amount of parking spots behind their restaurant. Food: We started with the tomato salad, injera and the sambusa. The tomato salad was delicious! Definitely my favorite as it was so flavorful you would forget you are eating tomatoes. The Injera is a thin sour spongy type patty or dough. I was told you are to use the injera to grab the tomato salad similar to how us nigerians would use fufu to eat with stew. Injera wasn't my favorite as it was cold (supposed to be), sour and had a distinct texture however I did enjoy the experience of eating it together with the tomato salad for a couple bites. The owner brought me out some rice to eat the remainder of the tomato salad. The Sambusa was like a fried lentil patty. Pretty tasty but could only eat one or I'd be full. The tomato salad accompanied with the sambusa was also a good combo. We then had veggie feast that comes with potatoes, cabbage, collards, corn, lentils and the beef stew and lamb tips. All were good but the corn was my least favorite as it was like mashed corn so it was the texture for me. The lamb tips were seasoned very well and the jalapeño and onion trimmings gave it an extra kick of flavor. We finished our meal with the coffee as this is traditional way of eating in the Ethiopian culture. The presentation of the food and coffee is definitely something to mention. You can feel the pride and passion they put in their food and its hard not to appreciate it. The food is served family style so big plates for sharing and digging in with your hands. The only con I would have to mention would be the lack of napkins provided. Some of the food is a bit oily so more napkins readily available are needed. Other than that great great experience and I am happy to say I tried Ethiopian food and enjoyed it. I surely will be returning.

Jordan Drummond

Simply delicious food. Injera is fantastic, flavors are deep and we'll developed. Can't wait to come back!

Derrick A.

Excellent Food....Tasted oh so good!!! Service was excellent. The menu items were explained to the T. Enjoyed the Mom/Pop restaurant setting.....

Caddy Ash

Food tasted oh so good.. truly a “Mom & Pop” Resturant. I recommend this restaurant it’s clean and personal plus the staff was patient and good with explaining their Menu….

Thomas BamBam Collins III

Normally delicious food but this particular visit, the food wasn't the best.

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Abugida Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant

3007 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205
(980) 237-2760