Big C Waffles

2110 Allendown Dr #9201, Durham
(919) 797-7576

Recent Reviews

Jon G

I haven't found a better waffle than the waffles from Big Cs. The uncle Wayne's chicken is also always fried to perfection. Definitely would recommend everyone to stop by and pick up a chicken/waffle combo plate.

Rebecca Smith

A Black owned business with kind staff and good food made to the customers liking? Amazing! It was my first time coming here and I was not disappointed

James Jefferson

Decent. The waffles were excellent, but the chicken smelled much better than it tasted. Wings were well overcooked. But the waffles, again, were outstanding! I'm sure the chicken is usually much better, we just got a bad batch.

Desiree D

The absolute best food place in Durham. Great for brunch and for catering. I always recommend this place to friends. Especially the donut waffle and red kool aid!

Zachary Solomon

This place is a must try, seriously. I’ve never had chicken and waffles like this before.I STRONGLY suggest eating it in your car or a table outside. Don’t wait to take it home. Waffles always get mushy during transportation, eat it ON THE SPOT and get ready to have your mind blown.Also make sure to live a little, if the flavor sounds a little weird, like red velvet, TRY IT. You won’t regret it.

Brenda S Richardson

The waffles are perfect! The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Always fresh! The staff and owner are the best! And also Big C is the best son ever!

Irenia Strickland

The food was great and delicious. No complaints; however, I got sick the next day (started that night). My other two coworkers didn’t get sick though. I did have a different waffle from them so maybe that’s why. When I arrived I waited a while before someone took my order and they weren’t rude, but could work on customer service. With those two being said I give three stars. I do plan on going back in months to come to hopefully update my review.

Valerie V.

Drove through the drive through to place an order with my bf . The girl that was taking our order was so freaking rude. I live down the street so had been wanting to try this place for a while , but after her rude service I just completely canceled the whole order . Really unfortunate I was looking forward to supporting this local business .

Trevor Tschosik

Been going here regularly since moving down the road. Can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but their wings are UNREAL. Best wings I’ve ever had, and their consistently just as good and fresh as the last time. Big C has it going on!!

TSpeaks 00

Waffle was great and the chicken was fried perfectly. Shared with my mom and it was more than enough for both of us. Will definitely go back.

Josiah Jennings

Big c waffles best waffles on earth the chickens not to salty it’s just right and crispy to me I prefer a doughnut waffle it’s the classics and the price is worth it (big c waffles best waffles in earth)

Emily Stumpf

Really excellent chicken and waffles! The waffle was fluffy and filling and the chicken was heavily breaded with lots of pepper in the breading. So good! Great place to try some southern chicken and waffles.

Joy C.

Amazing chicken and waffles with a great staff that gets your order done quickly. I have also had the fried Oreos that are my absolute favorite. They have outdoor seating you can use or a drive thru window that is very convenient!

Lindsay C.

Worst service I've ever received. The staff seemed overwhelmed, which is totally fair. It was busy and honestly we're all stressed. But we waited an hour after ordering to meekly ask if maybe they'd lost our order and the cashier snapped at us. She was also not wearing a mask. It was another 20 minutes before we got our (admittedly tasty) food.

Shakiya D.

I had order waffles and chicken yesterday 7/23 the chicken taste funny because the seasoning they put on it alot of it and I brought two other orders and the girl at the window had an attitude just from me asking a question about the different waffles. I let that slide then It was my fought I forgot a meal I ask can I add another she said pull over I sat in the car waiting thinking they was gonna brought it out. I realized I had to go in I asked about my order now a male worker said we been called your order and basically threw my food at me like I'm bothering them Please keep in mind I spent over $30 for nasty bite size pieces of chicken with a side of attitude At the window and inside.

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