Big C Waffles

2110 Allendown Dr #9201, Durham
(919) 797-7576

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Joy C.

Amazing chicken and waffles with a great staff that gets your order done quickly. I have also had the fried Oreos that are my absolute favorite. They have outdoor seating you can use or a drive thru window that is very convenient!

Lindsay C.

Worst service I've ever received. The staff seemed overwhelmed, which is totally fair. It was busy and honestly we're all stressed. But we waited an hour after ordering to meekly ask if maybe they'd lost our order and the cashier snapped at us. She was also not wearing a mask. It was another 20 minutes before we got our (admittedly tasty) food.

Shakiya D.

I had order waffles and chicken yesterday 7/23 the chicken taste funny because the seasoning they put on it alot of it and I brought two other orders and the girl at the window had an attitude just from me asking a question about the different waffles. I let that slide then It was my fought I forgot a meal I ask can I add another she said pull over I sat in the car waiting thinking they was gonna brought it out. I realized I had to go in I asked about my order now a male worker said we been called your order and basically threw my food at me like I'm bothering them Please keep in mind I spent over $30 for nasty bite size pieces of chicken with a side of attitude At the window and inside.

Christine Becker

Unfortunately, felt like they waffle was well overpriced. And it's not like they have a whole lot of overhead. It's a former hot dog stand right off 55. I was a little bit underwhelmed. And the red velvet didn't taste very velvety...

Jasmine M.

I honestly don't have a bad thing to say about this restaurant. It only had outdoor seating, but I sat under the covered area at the picnic table with the ceiling fans. The food came out hot and fresh! I had a blueberry waffle with wings. The waffle was moist and sweet, the wings were crispy and juicy. I highly recommend trying this place!

Samone M.

Absolutely delicious waffles. I had the red velvet waffle & it was wonderful. The chicken was also bomb af honey! The owner and staff were friendly and I'll definitely be back to try the other waffle flavors.

John Hardman

Big C Waffles is the bomb. I've known Carl since before he opened the restaurant and I knew those waffles were great, which they are. What I had not tried were his chicken wings, which are phenomenal. The food is fantastic! Carl is the man.

Jazmine Baldwin

I was a little underwhelmed with this place. I got the cinnamon pecan waffle and was very disappointed with the lack of flavor. It tasted like a regular waffle with a hint of cinnamon and absolutely no pecans. I do intend to try another flavor though. There was a line to order and that many people can't be wrong about a restaurant. The chicken, however, was excellent and so was the kool-aid.

Ashley Holmes

I deliver for GrubHub and accepted an order to be fulfilled by this establishment. Everything smelled delicious. The staff was a bit lackluster, but polite. I waited for over an hour, asked about the order two additional times. The gentleman said they got busy, and they were busy forsure. So I continued to wait and see order after order going out. Eventually the GrubHub customer asked me to cancel the order. It was very disappointing.

Molotov Mitchell

Ordered via text, as instructed by their website. Over fifteen minutes in the drive-through behind one (ONE!) vehicle. Texted them to get an eta, but never heard back from them. Finally gave up. My daughter and I had been really excited to try their waffles, but left empty-handed and hungry.

Lee Nelson

This was a pretty great little local spot. The staff was super friendly and the food was great! We got two orders of the Full Waffle and 4 Piece Chicken for $12 each. One waffle was Egg Bacon & Cheese the other waffle was Blueberry. Both were great! I was hoping that the 4 Piece Chicken was going to be drums sticks or something along those lines but the wings were perfectly cooked and delicious! I look forward to going back!

Dharshyani Jackson

I got to experience Big C Waffles through Offline Durham and I am so glad that I was able to experience this! I don't eat gluten very often but this was worth eating gluten! The customer service was so great and the food was pretty darn delicious!

Sabrina D

Tried at a Black farmer's market. Really good chicken! Great breading and flavor. I also enjoyed the blueberry waffle. 5/5.

Donna H

The service was wonderful and the food is amazing! You should definitely give them a try. You will not be disappointed!

Melissa B.

Wow! I ordered the chicken tenders and an original waffle for dinner. First - seasoning on the tenders is to die for! Second - the portion size is so big. I had tenders for three meals. Definitely a good bang for your buck. The waffle was so delicious. Light and fluffy. Can't wait to try the red velvet one!

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