Big C Waffles

9201, 2110 Allendown Dr, Durham
(919) 797-7576

Recent Reviews

Kendra W

Big C's waffles are amazing. I love the sweet potato waffle, and the wings. Everything is always fresh and the chicken is crispy.

Joshua Greenstein

The food and service are excellent at Big C's. I usually get the wing and waffle combo. The wings are really crispy and the seasoning is just right. My favorite waffles are the sweet potato and Doughnut. Its all so good.

Tiff J

I can't honestly say the food I received was awful. The waffle was entirely to greasy as was the chicken. I've never had waffles quite like it. Tasted like box waffle mix. Had to put half of the waffle in the trash couldn't even taste the flavor because the grease over powered everything. Don't think I'll eat here ever again

Kebreeya Lewis

Literally the best waffles on earth! Comfort food, quality, and great people! 5 stars gauranteed!!! #PullUpOrPark

Jeremy S.

I tried out Big C's tonight. My first issue was with the menu. The combos didn't have prices listed and the description was very vague. Me and my girlfriend ordered the 3 piece and waffle combo. For both of us I paid about 24 bucks. We got a waffle and 2 drumettes a 2 flat pieces. Based on the menu description we were expecting 3 actual pieces of chicken what we got was 2 wings. That would be fine if it was explained in the menu but it wasn't.why don't they give more information? My next issue was with the waffles the chicken was great even though there wasn't much of it but the waffle was nothing exciting. I left this experience Feeling kinda screwed. I don't think the meal was bad but between no prices on the menu and calling 2 wings broken up a 3 piece I feel I didn't get what I paid for. Had the description on the menu read 2 wings and a waffle for 12 bucks I would have known what to expect. I likely would have still got it but felt much better about the experience.

Kayla Williams

The food was very greasy and waffle taste like box mix. It taste like old grease the food was fried in.

LaSaundra Booth

Food was delicious and fresh. You get a lot of food for the price and it is worth every penny. I called my order in and it was ready when I picked up. Great customer service and I will return.

Alex Hardt

Food was great, but the dude that took my card to pay for it copied down the info. I immediately got hit with a fraud alert on my card from a couple Square Inc charges for $400. Do yourself a favor, pay with cash.

Aji Njie

Never had chicken and waffles so glad my first time was with them. Amazing waffles and delicious chicken

Sarah Estes

The fried chicken is excellent, well seasoned and crispy. The sweet potato waffle was dense and delicious. I highly recommend the food here if only it wasn't so expensive! $8 for a take out waffle and $2 per chicken tender is a bit steep for me (prices do include taxes). I think I would be back if there was a combo meal with chicken and a flavored waffle for $10.

Christopher Shonebarger

Really amazing chicken and waffles. I've seen this place hidden back in its corner for years and thought I'd visit eventually, but I finally got around to it and I regret that I hadn't sooner. If you're reading this review, definitely give it a visit.

Michael Karambelas

Amazing waffles and some of the best friend chicken I've ever had. Granny B's juice also amazing. It's on the sweet side (perfect for me), but might not be a good drink option for someone that is not a fan of sweet things.

Derek H.

The KING of Chicken & Waffles! Honestly my mouth is watering just typing this review!! Amazing Amazing Amazing

Keisha Hawkins

The Food is Great and The Owner is very Nice. We Plan to Bring Our Out of Town Family back. Thank you Big C for Your Hospitality.

Kay J.

The waffle is good. The chicken was slightly on the oily side in my opinion. It's also kind of expensive but worth it. I ordered the blueberry waffle and 2 chicken wings I believe and it may have been $11-12. Overall it was good and I'd return.

Tolu Osinowo

One of the best places in the triangle to get chicken and waffles. They have a lot of different options for breakfast food like eggs, bacon, turkey bacon etc. The waffles are also have different flavors you can choose from and they are fluffy and delicious. The chicken in also nicely flavored and lightly breaded. I definitely recommend

Hannah Dent

The food here goes beyond comfort food. Great chicken, delicious kool-aid, and the thin mint waffles make me so happy every time I get them. You can't get food like this anywhere else in Durham.

Karina F.

Amazing service! The owner was so sweet ... drove from Jersey for Dreamville Festival and of course had to get my chicken and waffle so not only delicious food.. great hospitality- will recommend 10/10

Shannon Richardson

Awesome food, cooked to order, and great customer service! The flavors are amazing

Lillian Hagmann

Not worth the hype. They use boxed mix and the chicken was pretty meh. Also it took 45 minutes to get our order.


Their chicken wings are the best I've ever had!Literally every time I think about eating fried chicken I only want Big C's.Their Pecan Waffle is so flavorful without being overly sweet.Outside seating so prepare for the weather that day.

Josh Golden

The only place in town you can get legit home made chicken tenders. Excellent seasoning and large portions. A great lunch spot for those of us in RTP.

Crystal Ivey

The chicken is seasoned well and cooked to perfection. The waffles are fluffy and there are plenty of flavors and menu options. The owner is friendly and food is out quick. Oh and the KoolAid!!! 😋 will definitely be back and highly recommend


The food is pretty good ... But Big C should really make sure his workers are doing what they should when he is not there ... It’s sad that some of our people don’t take pride of other people businesses that I’m sure they worked hard to start up ... the food would rate higher but the customer service when Big C is not there is not great

Danisha Brown

I'm still full from this a.m those Hot wings & Donut waffles I can't wait till I return💕💕

Gloria Sanchez-Lane

Super crispy chicken so delicious, waffles were great too. I highly recommend

Kenneth Williams

THE BEST!! Big C is very personable, and loves his community!! My wife always get the "Uncle Wayne's Chicken" with fries, or his Pecan Waffles. The food is delicious and affordable. DON'T FORGET THE GRANNY B's KOOL-AID TO WASH IT DOWN!!! Bring the family and friends out to sit at the picnic tables and enjoy the good music.

Sandra De Moura

Love love love people are super friendly and the waffles AND chicken are both so flavorful its Amazing!!!!!

Emily Jones

Get the extra serving of chicken with your donut chicken n waffles. You won’t regret it.

Marianne M.

This place is insane. Your other famous and popular chicken and waffle places (cough rhymes with Tames) doesn't hold a light to Big C. The waffles are SO flavorful and surprisingly light. And the chicken is so wonderfully seasoned, my husband and I were so impressed with our order. There is a bit of a wait because food is made to order but WORTH it

Kelsey J.

Sooooo good! I got half blueberry/donut with 2 chicken strips. First time having chicken & waffles was a success!

Yemi K.

I love Big C's! The food here is so incredibly good! A waffle with some chicken will honestly elevate your day to levels you didn't know existed. The food is super fresh and hot when you get it! The chicken is crispy and flavorful. The waffle is my favorite texture: a crunchier exterior but soft and fluffy on the inside. I just got a plain waffle but will definitely be back to try other flavors. They have no indoor seating so it's best to go when the weather is nicer but sitting outside was fantastic for me! This local Durham restaurant is honestly 6/5!!

Jade Phelps

That was the best fried chicken I've had in a while. my mouth was SO HAPPY

Tymika J.

The waffle was delicious but the chicken tasted and looked a little burnt or as if it was cooked in old grease. I will give them another chance but for now they are just ok.

Naomi Alston

I suggested Big C Waffles for my Duke department's staff retreat for something different for lunch. Myself and another co-worker had already experienced the deliciousness of Big C Waffles personally so we highly recommended it to everyone else & it was a HUGE success! If you have yet to

Bing Lin

Takes forever if you order at the window, but food is freaking fantastic!

Catherine Howell

Good but I didn't see any pecans in my pecan waffle.

Sarah Mickens

The epitome of good southern cooking! Big C's is the your one stop shop for the best Chicken and Waffles in the state and my personal favorite, Mac & Cheese! The food is delicious and the service is 10/10!

Greg T.

Man, this is the spot for down homestyle seasoned-to-perfection chicken wings and soft, melt-in-your-mouth waffles - along with some red-flavored Kool-Aid mixed the right way: sugar-heaven. Friendly, fast service and no-nonsense setting with music playing, some toys for the kids and the fans going over the covered picnic tables. This place feels like you were lucky enough to get invited to a family cookout. Come hungry because the portion is deceivingly filling. Great bang for your buck here.

Riley J.

SUCH GOOD FOOD. The Big C Waffles made the best chicken that I've ever had- it was so juicy and the seasoning was perfect. The hot sauce provided was just the right amount of tang to put the chicken over the top. Onto the waffles! They were fluffy and flavorful. There were a ton of options as to what type of waffle you could order. As a bonus, mixing it up so you got to try two types of batters in the waffle (half and half) was free! I tried the donut and the bacon/egg/cheese waffles. Both were topped with small hunks of sugar that gave a nice amount of sweet, but not too over the top! If you're thirsty, definitely go for the Kool Aid. Drinking it felt like a delicious blast back to childhood.