Cocoa Cinnamon

2627 Hillsborough Rd, Durham

Recent Reviews

Laura Q.

Love Cocoa Cinnamon! Delicious themed beverages and ground coffee for sale. They've been a mainstay for us in the midst of this tumultuous time. Cocoa Cinnamon has implemented an excellent mobile ordering and pickup system that is contactless and safe for customers and staff. They also have great business ethics and are working hard to keep their staff on a living wage in a time when many restaurants are closing their doors. You've got to give Cocoa Cinnamon a try. They've got unbeatable flavors and distinct local charm.

Warren D.

I'm a convicted serial coffee drinker!!!! But I love the hot cocoa drinks here so much that I have yet to try their coffee!! I especially live the spicy hot cocoa and at the moment am hooked (going twice a week, sometimes 3)

Rishi Rampersad

I'm going to be one of the few dissenters for this establishment. Yes it is supporting local. I also think the coffee, while good, was overpriced for what it is and the place seemed more pretentious than hip. Or it might be an age thing with me leaving the "hip" category a decade ago. This place is still worth a try though.

Katie Sizer

I've only been there far. I got a dark sipping chocolate with caramel drizzle. It was insanely good and my life is changed forever. Definitely a drink for special occasions! The place was cute and staff friendly too!

Anita Daniels

I love the atmosphere but not enough outlets for everyone to hook up laptops. Not enough parking either.

Cynthia C.

I'm a bit confused. I read great things about this coffee shop and was excited to try something unique. I ordered the Dr. Durham and it tasted like milk and espresso.... no flavor whatsoever. Off day? If I was ordering a non flavored latte I'd say it was good. But since it had no flavor, no sure I'd go out of my way in the future. My partner's drink was the same... no flavor. Just tasted like a plain old iced coffee.

Melisa Casalla

Great pastries and wide variety of coffee and hot cocoa. Staff super nice!

Abbe Pruitt

Strong Arm Baking items available here!(Croissants, pop tarts, cookies and more) Locally made and sourced ingredients. This couple makes THE Best croissants that rival any bakery in France! Delicious coffee in a cozy space. This shop strives for zero waste and offers free compost takeaway

Dave Smith

Cocoa Cinnamon is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Quieter than most local restaurants and with some nice seating out front. Their medium a light roast coffees are excellent.

Connie W.

Cocoa cinnamon has the best vibes and the nicest baristas. Always love coming here to do work and get some good coffee!

Jenny Owens

Wonderful little place! We were in Durham and my thirteen year old wanted hot chocolate. It’s the best hot chocolate we’ve ever tasted! I got the pumpkin latte. Spicy but good! They’ve got cookies and pastries. We enjoyed it very much and will be back.

Christina H.

Excellent coffee with very interesting but tasty add ons such as volcanic salt. The flavors are intricate but truly the great combinations!

john lara

So, I visited 3 locations by accident to meet a friend who only thought there was one location and for whatever reason even with clicking the direct address it took me to the wrong location Waze maps was acting up.

Brock Sliter

Maybe my least favorite of the three cocoa cinnamons just because of the lack of couches. I respect the aesthetic of this location, just not a great sit-down-and-relax venue. As always, coffee is un(matcha)ed.

Ebony Kirby

This place is def a vibe!! Great authentic coffee!

Josephine Holland

The service was nice but SO slow. Our drinks were incorrect and not very tasty.

Laurie Watson

Relaxing spot with the most wonderful coffees and cocoa!

Angela Carter Barton

Friendly, helpful staff. Well prepared quality coffee.

Steven B.

Great place, hip crowd. Good workspace. Excellent coffee. Great sweets. Alternative milks. Try a cashew milk latte.

Joe Guglielmo

Great atmosphere !!! Love the selections for a light bite

Jeremy Scott

First time here. Had iced tea (forget the name), but it was of a peppermint variety. Was very good. The atmosphere is great. Parking is tight, but I found a spot. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I’d come back in the mornings while I’m here in Durham if it opened earlier. What coffee shop doesn’t open until 7:00 AM?! I guess this is a university town and I am getting old.

Shelly C.

Here sharing a coffee with my princess. Nice quiet environment with a few tables and benches for relaxing. They have an outdoor area also if you want some sunshine. Ladies eager to share their fav coffee or tea. Enjoyable....

Becca Wetzel

First time at this establishment and was very pleased at how nice the staff were and helpful as I know very little about coffee. The coffee was delicious and I enjoyed the outdoor seating area. If you're looking to support local business instead of a popular chain of coffee shops (aka Starbucks) this is a great place to go!

Nikki Tracy

I am extremely disappointed with the service provided at this location. The first time I came here I was given my hot chocolate in a ceramic cup with no handle. This time I came I mistakenly ordered a drink with espresso and did not remember to ask for it without espresso. My mistake, completely. When I went to ask the barista if I could have my drink made without it because I don’t drink coffee and I didn’t realize that it came with it she picked up a bottle of Izzie and said “so you want this? It’s literally just this..” why shame me? If that is what the drink is without it then yes! For the price of the drink and it apparently just being a soda y’all made a great profit so just give me my $5 soda then! They also forgot my husbands order and after 20 minutes he went up and had to tell them what he ordered. I am very disappointed in my experience here and I will only go to the other locations because I get a whole other world of service there. Sad because I live closest to this one.

Julia Lloyd-Cowden

This was my first time at this location, and like the original location in Greer it did not disappoint. The staff was great, very helpful and didn't make me feel rushed as I was trying to order to-go drinks for family at home. Love their new beans that they're roasting themselves (never liked Counter Culture Coffee). Drinks were of course delicious. The dangerous part for me is that it's so close to work! Will definitely be back.

Jennifer Tanaka

Cocoa Cinnamon is our must visit coffee shop in Durham! Delicious coffee/pastries and great neighborhood vibe. Espresso drinks are on point and drip coffee is excellent as well.

Pressure Cooker Peep

I absolutely love this place, although I dont drink coffee I've heard from my dad and uncle that the coffee isn't exactly top notch, and the music is a bit loud but honestly this is such an amazing coffee shop, the workers and the owner are all super nice, if you ever happen to run into the owner you should have a conversation with him you wont be disappointed.

Smythe R.

The second location for this Bull City coffee institution. Indoor and outdoor seating, with glasses garage doors that I've never seen opened, there are benches and occasional tables throughout. The coffee is the star here. There is a small case with local baked goods. The decor has loads of little details that make it fun to explore for kids and adults alike. Brewing their own Fourth Dimension coffee, I have never had a less than perfect cup, no matter who makes it. Good fast WiFi, interesting music and a large center table makes it an easy place to work or study, which is always happening. I wish they could convince the folks across the street to allow parking, because that's the only hitch with going to this location. There are 8-10 street places, 4 reserved spots in their small lot (shared with their neighboring business), and a lot across busy Hillsborough street. But it's always worth the hassle. Wish they had later hours!

Tessa L.

Best coffee around. Love both locations the ToonUp is my constant go to! Cool hip friendly staff.

Victoria C.

Great coffee! Great atmosphere! Friendly staff! We love taking family and friends here to try it out. Always a crowd pleaser. The seating outside is great!


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YC Boey

Great coffee with atmosphere. Loved the outdoors and late spring with flowers and cool weather! Lacking a little in food variety but made up from the coffee selections and quality..!

Amy P.

I got the chai latte which was very underwhelming. It came in the tiniest paper cup and looked like still brown water and just tasted like warm water with a hint of cinnamon. The other lattes are very pretty but overall I'm not sure what the hype is.

Alyssa C.

Came for a morning meeting. When the weather is nice the out door seating is very pleasant. The employees were helpful as this was my first time and I had a couple of questions. I'm working on decreasing my caffeine intake and they had multiple great tea options. I got an iced version of the rooibos lavender tea. It was very refreshing to enjoy on their patio. There's not much seating so this location as one of the smaller locations can get busy. My only problem was parking I had to drive around twice to find parking about a block away. There are sidewalks so it is easy to park and walk since the parking lot is small.

Laurie B.

I haven't been in months and I can't stop thinking about their churros. Which means it's probably time to go back!! I also love their Dr. Durham latte. I get it iced because I drink iced all year long. Even when it's winter and snowing and not iced coffee weather. But it's summer now and no one will side eye me or think it's strange I'm drinking coffee now since it's 100 degrees outside, so it's time for me to make the trek out there even tho it is not the closest coffee shop to me. There are boba tea and coffee shops within walking distance from me, but none of them have churros so... I'll be seeing y'all real soon.

Sweta S.

This coco cinnamon is beautifully designed with cute little tables-perfect for a meet up with friends or reading a book. In addition, the drinks are divine! In particular, the hot chocolate can fulfill any chocolate craving you could have. My two favorites are the Moca and hot chocolate!

Yin chong Boey

Great coffee with atmosphere. Loved the outdoors and late spring with flowers and cool weather! Lacking a little in food variety but made up from the coffee selections and quality..!

Sara Jackson

Wonderful coffee and ambient! Decorations are gorgeous. Polite and helpful staff. Would definitely recommend if looking for a quiet place to get work done. Walking distance from places to get oil change.

Nicole M.

The music was SO loud that I could hear it through my headphones (which were playing music). Outside of the tables, it can be hard to find a spot to to work since the remaining areas use stools instead of tables. Open windows and decor are beautiful though!