Tandoor Indian Restaurant

5410Apex Hwy 55 Suite I, Durham
(919) 484-2102

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Abdul S.

The one star is for the good food! The service was poor starting with the rude lady taking the order. I used a Groupon coupon when placing my order, and mentioned to the lady. Upon picking up my order, I was told the coupon is only valid for dine in!!! I requested a refund but in vain. So, before using your Groupon coupon talk to the place first and have them confirm its acceptance.

Juliette Z.

I love the tandoori grilled chicken it's my favorite. Great taste, quality and quantity. I totally recommend this place which is a hidden gem .

Rachel R.

Delicious. We ordered through Uber eats. Easy to read menu, decent prices, large portions, fresh and tasty. We got the meat samosas, samosa chaat, chicken biryani, and garlic naan. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed at how delicious everything tasted.


My favorite restaurant at Durham-NC! Great idea the menu options of vegetarian or not meals. Good website. Good quality vs price. Good costumer service.

Justin Ledogar

Delicious food. I order from here regularly. Minus one star for being a bit pricey.

Kate B.

This review is specifically about curbside takeout during the pandemic. We've been really impressed with their timing, service, and packaging. The food is always hot and ready to go when we pull up to the curb. Last time, the host even double-checked our order because he recognized us and realized he wasn't delivering our usual items! (Why not try something new during this pandemic?) Service is quick and friendly, and the food is always reliably delicious.

Malay Jindal

I will recommend Tandoor to anyone in a heartbeat. The food and service are both excellent, and the owners are such a pleasure to talk to.

Evan Frazer

Great spot and we always love getting bhindi masala. We tried out the corn naan and it was tasty too!

Taylor Van Aernem

This is probably one of the best indian restaurants I have ever been to! Dont judge the food by the way the plaza looks! This is an amazing place and the staff is wonderful! Me and my partner come her all time!

Sammie Makki

I’ve been in the neighborhood for years now. I like coming here during the day for the buffet. They’re food is good and the Naan bread is awesome. They also have a regular menu you can order from. They’re very nice and dining area is relaxing

Trisha Dupnock

Went for dinner on a Friday night and enjoyed everything. Gohbi was amazing. Lamb and paneer were good. Would definitely go back.


Great service, great food, friendly people at work. Convenient location. Lots of choices for vegetarians, vegans. Highly recommend this place.

deepak n

Food is over priced here. Quantity is also less. Taste is not so good. No customer service. Only one person was there to do all the work from taking the order, attending the phone, taking care of to go orders etc.

Glenn G.

Came here on a whim early on a Friday evening. Place was completely empty but a few people were picking up takeout orders. After looking at the buffet (in a separate tiny room) we opted for it just out of convenience. We enjoyed our masala chai drinks and garlic naan (man, there was a lot of garlic). As far as quality goes, the food was okay for a buffet. Our server was pleasant and the price of the dinner buffet ($17-$18) wasn't bad. I've seen Indian dinner buffets that were much more expensive. The atmosphere is pretty generic, down to the soft rock music that was playing (what?). I suppose they do most of their business from the lunchtime RTP crowd and the adjacent banquet hall. This place will do if you're in the mood to fill up on Indian food but if you want more gourmet options, I can think of some non-buffet places that are tastier.

Felice B.

This review is for the buffet lunch only. Go someplace else. Anyplace. Or just skip lunch entirely. That would be a better choice. The $10.95 buffet is so very sad. Not many choices and many of them are fried. That's a problem because nothing on the buffet was even close to hot. Slightly warmer than room temp is more like it. Aside from the potential food safety issues, that means that all the previously fried items were cold and soggy. Add to that that many had been thickly embalmed in their batters and you get a really nasty result. The kitchen has a very heavy hand with chilies, even in dishes where you wouldn't expect it like biryani. I expect that the intent is to blow out your taste buds so that you don't notice otherwise careless preparation. Only 1 dessert was available and the obligatory green salad was well on its way to brown. The staff is indifferent at best. Life is too short to waste on meals like this.

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