Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant

2107 Allendown Dr #101a, Durham
(919) 361-9100

Recent Reviews

Michelle Lee

one of the best Korean restaurants i have ever been to ! extremely friendly service with amazing food . will come anytime i visit area.

Kristine K.

When you don't know what to take a bite of next because it's all so amazing... that's this place! Party in my mouth! I can't recommend it highly enough. Best Korean food I've ever had and and excellent customer service. Everything was seasoned to perfection. Had mushroom tofu stew, spicy pork bibimbap , octopus bibimbap, bubble tea, and the sides!

Jesse Grant

Got the bibimbob. Very good and came with 3 types of kimchi plus 3 other sides. Everything is very good. Want to try more from here for sure!

Rebecca W.

Delicious. I ordered it, but wasn't sure if it was worth the price. The delivery fee on top of the original cost made it expensive and I wasn't sure if I would get banchan with it. But I ended up with a lot of food and plenty of banchan. This is easily two meals for me. Probably more. It was also a good way for me to sample the stew, which I've never had before. I had to eat the kimchi pancake with a fork, but it tastes so good. I'll have to try this place in person next time.

Cody Munson

They just donated food to the Covid site I work at, the best Korean BBQ I have had before. Thank you guys

Andrew H.

I love the soft tofu stew here. I am Korean and have had soft tofu stew at places across the country and i can say that Vit goal's is one of the best. I got the kimchi soft tofu at a 4/5 spiciness and was very pleased. Their sides dishes are also all delicious.

Mitzi L.

Came in for the first time and didn't know what to expect. I ordered the hot stone octopus bibimbap and it did not disappoint. The entree and side dishes left me feeling satisfied. Would come again.

Qian D.

The BEST tofu soup I have ever had!!! No kidding, I live in NYC and have been to the Korean town countless times, and the soup here is better..Will definitely come back if I visit the area again!

Anthony Danes

Very good. First time for Korean food. Had a bowl and lots of little bowls full of appetizers.

Enoch Chang

Probably the most authentic Korean restaurant in the Triangle! Prices could be a little cheaper though.

Drew C

There lunch specials were surprisingly filling and delicious. I highly recommend the Bulgogi to anyone who doesn't want to jump into a world of new flavors as it's similar to a beef stir-fry. But the Bibimbob also looked very delicious.

Diane B.

This is my favorite Local Korean restaurant. Everything is delicious and the service is friendly and good. My favorites are the Tofu soup with mushrooms and the beef short ribs (kalbi). I like to try new things but I keep going back to these. I love all their side dishes too. It's a small unassuming place with great food and service. Highly recommended.

Jonathan W.

We need more smile from server and owner. 3 times dining here but never received any happy face:(:(:(

Karoline Barkjohn

Delicious food and freindly staff. Our waiter was extremely considerate of my food intolerances recommending a dish that met all my criteria. I will be back soon!

Trey Thompson

This is a great neighborhood hole in the wall. The same owner operator has been here for seven years. I was pleased after four years absence the restaurant has only improved. As with all good Korean food the meal is about the sides which have only improved in quality over the years. The bibimbob in hot stone bowl was still quite good, but either I was impatient or the bowl wasn't hot enough as no crust formed. The two barbeques we ordered were well seasoned and fantastic compliments to tofu soup.

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