bird nest eatery

Franklin St, Fayetteville
(812) 720-7037

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Liz S.

There's no better place to eat in this restaurant, in. Nashville Indiana The breakfast is good for lunch is good. Coffee is good all those desert great.

Darra W.

This place is cozy and perfect. They have a tried and true menu. Recommend a reservation.

Kimberly B.

I've always loved eating in the gardens here with my dog Each season has a charm and beauty that you can't find when dining anywhere else in Nashville, IN. I've eaten here a couple of times a year for several years and have usually enjoyed their creative menu. I was partial to some of the options they had a few years ago more than the current menu, but still a lovely place to try that I recommend to anyone. I'm not a fan of fried green tomatoes or vegan food so I wish there were less of those options and more of others on the menu. I just don't think a menu with lots of those options ticks the box for many Indiana tourists or locals. I've been trying other places lately due to that reason, but I can't go wrong with pancakes, waffles or avocado toast if they have them when I visit! More of a breakfast spot for me vs. lunch.

Steve B.

Not fancy but rustic cool little restaurant. The staff was friendly and the food was delicious. Definitely recommend.

Casey P.

So yummy! Fantastic vegetarian options. I'm pretty sure the ketchup and the jelly they brought us were homemade, And they were scrumptious! Servers were delightful, atmosphere is fun and clean. Would definitely return.

Jennifer M.

AtMosphere is good. Food on a Saturday at 1230 took an hour to make for 4 people. Drinks were good. Service decent. Burger, pumpkin waffle and the Mexican egg dish were very good but the biscuits and gravy were nothing like anyone would ever think. The gravy was more of a bean paste. My husband ate about 4 bites and couldn't eat anymore. He didn't complain or send it back but I was surprised at the end that the server just took our plates and didn't even acknowledge that he didn't touch his food. It was very odd. After looking at the menu I would guess that they mistakenly put the vegan gravy on there but still added the bacon on top. I can only hope this was the case otherwise this recipe is serious bad. I wouldn't say don't go but just don't order the biscuits and bacon gravy. If you do ask questions first.

Andrea B.

Our favorite breakfast/brunch/Bloody Mary place in Nashville! As stated - Bloody Mary is amazing! The pumpkin, espresso martini is great as well! Their ice tea is also great! Their grits are a must-have!! All meals have been great each year we are here! Was sad that literally the day before our 2nd visit this trip, they changed menus and did not serve my Tofu, Hominy, Hash (it is SO good) however I had the tomato soup of the day and it was fantastic as well! Servers are always cheerful and upbeat no matter how busy they are!! Our favorite!!!

Liv B.

This place is okay. The atmosphere is super cute. Felt like home and enjoyed the music. The Fried Green Tomato BLT was dry and not very good for $13. The fries are eh. The tomato was small and dry. The sauce was pretty good on sandwich though. I wouldn't get what we got but maybe try something else. ‍

Krystina J.

We walked in around noon on a Sunday. There was a 45 minute wait. We were not in a hurry so we put our names down & wandered around to the shops close by. We came back about 45 minutes later to see if there was any update because I had not received a text. The hostess said it was perfect timing because she was about to call us. We ordered our food & it took a little over 30 minutes to get it. I definitely recommend getting the kombucha mimosa - it was delightful. Super cute place. Will definitely come back but will plan to arrive earlier or later so we don't hit the rush.

Kytha Chambliss Eibel

One of the best breakfasts we have had in a long time! The lemon blueberry pancakes were absolutely heavenly! The Bad Hombre was perfectly done and my mushroom omelette was very good. This is a cute little place right in the heart of Nashville.

Amanda T.

The coffees were very good, but with only one person ahead of us (who ordered multiple smoothies & coffees), we waited about 20mins, I'd guess. The pastries weren't fresh but still tasted pretty good--the biggest complaint is one server cut her finger, but she just replaced the box of the brownie and not the brownie, until we asked someone else for assistance--which I did after the new box also had blood on it.

Nelly G.

Such a charming brunch spot! Was in town for my birthday and stumbled onto this restaurant that looks straight out of a fairytale story. Food was fresh and service was great even though we arrived half an hour before closing. Such a beautiful area and will totally be back if in town.

Kimberly Daniels

Terrible service, my over easy eggs were hard and the fried potatoes were burnt and greasy.

Stacie Johnson

Stumbled across this gem. It is adorable and the food was excellent. It does have an eclectic menu and no main stream sodas but I was fine with water. If I ever come back to the area, I will visit again!

Morgan S.

Very very bland food. I am someone who is open to any food and never has had a bad comment towards restaurant food in the past. I got biscuits and gravy which is a pretty safe order and it was absolutely horrid. The biscuits had such a strange taste and very dry. The gravy was unlike any other I've had and was so bland. It came with a side of potatoes and not enough ketchup in the world could make them taste any better. Added a ton of salt and pepper and even asked if they had hot sauce or something to spruce it up but nothing helped. Worst money I've spent and will be leaving to go to another breakfast place. Nice waitress though.

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