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In Speedway, 3706 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville


Reviews for Dunkin' Donuts

Was at this location (Sunday) at about 10am. Lots of cars in drive thru yet couldn’t place my order until I finally got the attention of a staff member on my side of the speaker. Staff took long time to make 1 caramel macchiato and ice tea (half sweet/half unsweet.) Seemed to be some horse play going on. Headed down the road and my tea wasn’t tea at all but an iced coffee.

Out of cream, out of milk, had to use the little mocha pump bottle thing which looked closer to motor oil than actual chocolate. Drank about five sips and that was too much. coffee was clearly old and had a burnt taste. But is a gas station so what do you expect. I needed some coffee just to get me through till I got home. Won't be getting it there again.

Ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches, a dozen munchkins (love these), and 2 cups of coffee to go. The worker quickly got our coffee's and we waited for the rest of our order. My husband took a sip of his coffee and asked me if I ordered plain coffee and I did. Our coffee had cream in it. My husband went up and asked the worker if he could get regular coffee because his had cream in it (I don't mind a little cream in mine so I kept my coffee). The worker stated, 'you ordered it this...read full review

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