Frostings Cakeshop

3350 Footbridge Ln #114, Fayetteville
(910) 745-9666

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LaWanda M.

We went to this location last night just before closing. They had plenty of items left but now I see why they had an abundance of stuff left. The Red Velvet cake that I got was really wet and didn't taste good. The peanut butter cookie was burnt. This was my first time visiting this place and it will be my last...$8 for 1 piece of cake and 1 cookie was expensive for something that wasn't edible.

Virginia Claiborne

This is the cutest place around! The staff is so friendly and the shop is beautiful! Their cupcakes and truffles are addicting, and they have a rewards program to help feed that addiction! I’m not sure if the rewards program is really generous on the points, or if I just spend that much here, because I have more free cupcakes to redeem every time I go back?We will keep coming back for as long as they stay!!


Have not been to this cake shop as I live in San Francisco however I watched the Sugar Rush TV show and they are very talented. I love how they made their cupcakes inspired by Filipino flavors. I am so proud of Ate Pal and Ate Yvonne. I was cheering for both of them the whole time they were introduced. For me they both are winners. Mabuhay Filipino!

Gayla Phillips

Saw an episode of Sugar Rush Extra Sweet, and that's when I found out a local cupcake shop here in my area. Tried the Banana Pudding Cupcake, and it was really sweet, and tasted like Banans Pudding. I also tried the Oreo Cupcake and the Caramel Coffe one, and they were BOTH REALLY GOOD! The service was AWESOME, SUPER NICE!? Unlike Kiss Me Cakes, which were RUDE to my daughter, and myself. I recommend giving Frostings CakeShop a go. I will be back for more! ?

Mary Love

This place is amazing and really good cupcakes. This is my 3 or 4 time there. We be back.

Cierra G.

If you're going to spend a lot on cupcakes, you at least want to spend your money at an amazing place and this is it.I bought a dozen variety cupcakes for my son's first birthday and then I bought a dozen cupcakes for his daycare.All of the cupcakes were delicious, moist and flavorful. The icing wasn't heavy, it was just right.My son's favorite cupcake was the one with real strawberries on top, while my favorite cupcake was the oreo.I'll definitely visit here again.

Chelsea Walls

Everything that we have had here is delicious! We have ordered cupcakes for two separate occasions which looked and tasted amazing. Since then we have gone in several times just to grab a half dozen cupcakes and some macarons. Friendly service every time!

Julian T.

There was a hair on our cupcake. Not sure if this came from my beard or the store. Didn't notice till I got home and looked at the photos. But it was the best cupcake we've ever had in our lives! So moist, so tender. The frosting looked a bit heavy but it wasn't overly sweet. Not a fan of having the center hollowed out and replaced with whipped cream but the flavors were on point. Macaroons delicious as well. Great presentation. I'll definitely stop by again.

Ashley Williams

This was the cake that was done for my son’s 16th birthday. It was great, I have been getting cupcakes from here since they first opened in HopeMills. Best customer service and super friendly.

Cheyenne S Johnson

I have been to this cake shop multiple times since they’ve opened. I can not tell you how many people I have referred here because of how good their cupcakes are. They always taste the same. I’ve never had a bad experience or different taste. The cupcakes are so delicious and taste homemade. It’s honestly the only place I buy cupcakes/cake from. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Carlos Tyson

The cupcakes here are absolutely amazing. The sponge is light and moist. The flavors varies from week to week. All of them are very tasty. The staff is very friendly. It's definitely worth stopping by.

Crystal Bahr

I would recommend giving everyone a chance. I gave them a bad review earlier and I took it off because it was not fair if me yo judge them off of one time experience.. And also off one rude customer service experience I will give them another shot..

Leanne H.

Delicious cupcakes and a wide variety of desserts! My husband got the red velvet and it was amazing! Great flavor combinations

Crissy Ramirez

Amazing cupcakes and customer service. Super clean and inviting. This is my nieces and my guilty pleasure! The Frappes are prefection!

Madeline M.

Received a couple of the Red Velvet cupcakes for Mother's Day! Wow! Delicious! I will make my own trip to the bakeshop soon!

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