House of Thai Cuisine

4582 Cumberland Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 491-2655

Recent Reviews

Mathew S.

Been here for a year, and haven't gotten Thai food cuz I didn't wanna be disappointed...and House of Thai did not! We got several plates of Pad Thai, a stir fry dish, and Drunken noodle, some dumplings and Thai Iced Teas. They LOADED me up on my take out orders, great portion sizes, and extremely reasonable pricing. Drunken noodle was definitely my favorite of the 3 we tried. Their "mild" has literally no spice, so just know to get medium as a bare minimum, but I'll be back for sure!

Sheyla Ceballos

The food is always awesome.

Edited SyCO

Very good food, great customer service!

Reba Miran

Thee food is thee bomb ♥️

Michelle Anne

Fresh, delicious menu, fabulous customer service, and reasonable prices!

David Weinroth

Always a favorite go-to for Thai food in the area. I have yet to find something that isn’t delicious. Pad Thai, Fried Rice, any stir fry, spring rolls, Tom Ka Gai, all have been great. Service is always with a smile. Give it a shot, it’s worth it.

Wesley Dodd

Great food excellent service

Keith Callahan Roland

They alway have great service and the food is beyond amazing

Sa Lopez

Healthy, great flavor.


WOW...Amazing Food! Fresh Fresh Fresh...I got spring rolls and they where so fresh. The cabbage, the oil ...everything very fresh. Best spring roll iv ever eat.

Cherise March

Large portions with authentic Thai cuisine.Love this place. Best on Fayetteville.

Shamika C.

Pad Woon Sen is my go to every single time I go. Never disappointed. Oh and be careful with the spice.

Samantha G.

Love, love, love this place everyone is so nice and their sanitation rating is 100/100! Their Thai food is delicious and their Chinese dinners are to die for! Hands down best Thai/ Chinese food restaurant in Fayetteville, I will NOT eat Chinese or Thai from anywhere else!!!!

Will Harloff

Tastes great. Kinda pricey

Natasha Gibson

I love their lemongrass soup

Kimberly Jade Jones-Brooks

Best thai food that I have had in a while. The cashew chicken was delicious!

Derrel Mack

I wish I could give this place 10 stars! Traditional thai food. Yea how do you know your not thai said some random user.... its call a passport and a trip Thailand for 2 weeks. I've tried so many others and none compare. This is legit and they use high end ingredients!

Julia M.

Excellent Thai food! We just moved to the area from Hawaii where we ate a lot of really great Thai food. This was just as good as anything we ate there. The spice level was great too. We ordered pad Thai, green curry, and red curry. Everything was cooked to perfection, big portions, and excellent spice and taste. We will be back often!

Cierra G.

I decided to give this place a try in order to have a different type of Asian cuisine, other than Chinese or Japanese, but I was disappointed. Let's start with the positives: This place is less than 5 minutes (driving) away from my house. It's in a small shopping center, with decent parking space, and it's near a stop light; I like being near stop lights so that I don't have to face the traffic on my own (weird I know). They had great reviews and somehow they have a perfect sanitation score.......... The Negatives: I think they must know someone who works for the health inspector because the dish that I ordered, drunken noodles with chicken, was disgusting. The reason it was disgusting was due to the chicken that tasted sour, rank, old, DISGUSTING!!!!!!! Plus, I think I paid well over $20 for both meals that I ordered; I ordered my mom a dish with rice noodles and shrimp and I think she enjoyed her meal, but I didn't finish eating my meal. I have to give this place a star simply because my mother enjoyed her meal, but I won't eat here again, I can't do sour chicken. Ewww!

Emalyn S.

I highly recommend this place!!! Food served hot and fresh, staff so Friendly and restaurant so clean... will definitly come back while we are in town!

Sherry Moore Thomas

the food was awesome service was great too

Vitto P.

If you like Thai food then this is a destination. The place is clean,staff is friendly and the food is fantastic. Big plus they are open on Sunday. If your Saturday night has you dragging grab a noodle dish and make it Thai hot. Definitely will wake your pallet. Other parts of your body may suffer the next morning, but live in the moment. I will be a regular at this place.

B Blueyez

love love love this place... Great food with a great portion... Number #30.. the clear noodles are amazing. Would definitely recommend this place to friends and family... Also the employees are always polite....

Ciara Scott

Love this place food is always good an fresh an they have great customer service

Jeffrey Mondella

Always delicious. The best Thai food in Fayetteville.

James Herman

Great food !! Friendly service!! Highly recommend

Lariel Vega

Amazing food

Penney Wedbetter

Good little place for a quick bite we go once in a while..never disappointed

heather holley

Absolutely delicious. Food was fresh and hot!

Kat G.

6/25/2019: I had to update my review because House of Thai more than deserves the fifth star. Their food is just so dang good. I've tried a few other Thai places in Fayetteville over the last few days and nowhere held a candle to House of Thai. This time I ordered the Tom Kha medium spice and the Drunken Noodles hot spice. And holy wow!! I am food drunk right now this was so good. The curry the other day was definitely delicious, but I think it was maybe just a little too busy last Friday for them to be able to really put the magic into their cooking that I was lucky enough to receive today. 6/21/2019: I am personally a Thai fanatic. And I'd definitely come back to this place. That being said, it was by no means the best Thai I've ever had, but it was by no means anywhere close to the worst. I'm giving four stars because the service was good, the food came fast, fresh, and hot, and the spice level was fair. Overall, my expectations of Fayetteville Thai, at a restaurant with few reviews have been exceeded. I ordered the green curry with chicken with medium spice. Sometimes I order medium spice at other restaurants and it's like they forgot to even salt the food it lacks so much spice. But the spice level here was really good. I love spicy food, and after eating a bit my nose started to run and I had that little bit of tinlge on my lips. The curry itself was pretty standard. It wasn't anything exceptional, but I would definitely eat it again. Overall, I would recommend House of Thai to my friends.

Melissa Bass Mcneil

Love the veg fried rice... just enough spice!!! My absolute fav!

Malcolm Dale

This is the best Thai I have had so far in the area! Fresh, generous portions, great quality and service! Delicious.. The fresh rolls are awesome and so are the meat and veggies!

Bethany Seaberry

The BEST!!!! Thai restaurant in town by far has the most amazing food reasonable prices everything is fresh the staff is very nice if you ask them any questions they’re quick to answer it and be very nice about it I highly recommend this restaurant it’s absolutely delicious and authentic

Chris Durbin

Cooked of the best in Fayetteville

Qushonda Cotton

Love this place authentic made to order Thai food exactly how you want it and very large portions

roger hilburn

Clean, quick and delicious. 5 stars

Danny Hirajeta

amazing food. fast service. Big portions. good heat too

Eden A.

Really great Thai food. The Tom Kha and Tom Yum are both outstanding. Fast service. The spice levels are perfect. A lot of type places if you request something mild or medium you sacrifice the flavor but not here. They are also open on Sundays which is great because many places are closed on Sundays and coincidentally that's when I end up craving Thai food. I will definitely be back!

Christina E.

Best Thai food in the Hopemills area! Staff is friendly and has great customer service! Their food is fresh and soooo delicious!

Susie Landry

Friendly staff. Such great, fresh food. Very generous portions. Served fresh and fast. Good prices.