Panera Bread

2810 Raeford Rd, Fayetteville
(910) 500-4863

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Chaya Israel

I ordered a plate. Grab my bag in drive thru and go home. now I'm going to have my dinner and I see that's not what I was given. That's a bit annoying. Y'all nice people but this is... Inconvenient. And a waste of money.

Kathryn Anderson

Hated it- bread tough and the sandwich was a bowl of lettuce with 4 thin tomatoes slices - wont waste time or money to go back. 3 adults spent 50.00 for lunch and all of us consider it lesson learned.Food: 1/5

Brittany Raye

I’m sad I have to do this but I almost ate it and instantly got disgusted , I didn’t even bother to check the other 2 pieces I had already ate. Check your food if you decide to eat at this location.

Doreen DeLorenzo

Ordered a bread bowl and this is what I got…Shameful! On the Panera twitter page its Over filled and you can’t leave comments. I wonder why?

Norm A.

Somebody explain to me how this is such a great place to go. The broccoli soup was thick as paste, kind of green w/small dots of broccoli in it and just terrible. The Chef's choice chicken sandwich was dry, tasteless and served with what looked like "oyster crackesr" in it. The Panera chipotle chicken pizza was ok, served hot. No sweat tea, soft drinks available, and some funky flavored teas too. Everything above w/2 medium drinks $38.49, seriously folks? Just outrageous, never again bc it's not worth the money spent!!

Nahomi Fernández

Extremely delicious cheese & broccoli soup, accompanied by a mediterranean sandwich, The cheese & broccoli soup was the exact meaning of comfort food ? service was good, and plenty of options, I love the idea that you can have half a sandwich and change the other half for a soup or a salad, both mines were served in a good amount. Cudos for Panera Bread.

Angelika Morgan

Met with my friends. Since today, Nov. 8, 2022 was sunny and warm we sat outside again and had a fun time. The food was good as always, the staff friendly and attentive but NOT in a way which is irritating. This is a place where we can meet, hang out, enjoy, yak, knit, and eat some more without anyone minding. We like it.Food: 5/5

Sir King

Each visit we've come it has been excessively dirty inside. The staff just seem to be sitting around not doing much. Panera is normally a great place. This particular one is a disgrace to the franchise.Food: 1/5

Kelly J Edge

Stopped in for my new addiction the Cinnamon Crunch Latte. I like it alatte! ? Their bagels are great as well, I have them delivered to my team a lot on weekends we work. Great service as always! 10/10 highly recommend!!!

Justin W.

Always asking you pull forward at drive thru to not mess up there timer. I got a Greek yogurt early in the morning. No one else was in line or in the restaurant. Still had me pull forward and wait 10 min


Perfect experience. The order was correct for every meal we had ordered and the eating area was clean. The staff was also friendly. Thanks Panera Bread for making our bellies happy.

Khrys H.

Today we went inside to do a to-go order and I ordered a bread bowl with broccoli and cheddar soup, a mac and cheese sandwich for my child. We get home and there is no bread bowl in my bag. Yes I should have checked before we left, but I figured they couldn't possibly miss an important part of the meal. My child's mac and cheese in the sandwich was almost burnt and had pieces that were hard and not edible. Hopefully in the future they will not miss items and serve us rock solid food.


I drive by this Panera almost every day on my way to work. From time to time I will stop in because unlike Mcdonald's and other fast food restaurants I can count on a higher level of consistency in service and food quality. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for my last 4-5 visits. My orders at the drive-thru are consistently wrong, and certain items out of stock are just a few of the problems I have experienced. Then today, I order a coffee and a cinnamon roll but somehow all I got at the window is a coffee so I have to pay twice to cover her mistake of not adding the roll. The worst part though is when I get to the office to enjoy my cinnamon roll, it's so stale and old that I can only take 2 bites and have to throw the rest out. Gotta find a new place where I can get what I pay for!

Thelma Louise

The absolute worst staff. Brianna was absolutely rude when I ordered my food in the drive through. I literally felt like I was bothering her at work. Nevertheless, I continued on with my order. Well I pulled up to the window and after paying for my flat pizza, I was told that I had to wait 12-15mins. I had time so I pulled up and waited. Listen, when I got my pizza, it was lukewarm. I will never choose this location again. Kindness goes a long way.


My morning quick breakfast is their Everything Bagel with cream Cheese or a piece of Buttered Baguette. ALWAYS FRESH!! Server are always very polite.

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