Thai Paradise

3078 Georgia Rd, Franklin
(828) 349-0973

Recent Reviews

Amanda Watson

This place is great! Their food is always fresh and delicious! We are always treated well by this family- owned restaurant.

Lucretia Hess

Excellent authentic Thai!!!Great service and a friendly staff!!!

Seth Hendrick

We all had vegan pad thai with tofu and basil rolls. The Food and staff was great and the restaurant looked clean. However, it was very difficult to reach them by phone and thats the only way your allowed to place your order.

Daylon Ammons

oh my God I have never in my life seen a restaurant that when you call back-to-back Because of the lazy female workers that's doing the phone and answering it So it doesn't ring and just leave it silent and hang up I have literally called 25 times. Every time they answer the phone, literly can hear them move around or set the phone down, and waits then hang up. like do you not want me money. I cant believe after months still i assume manager leaves awhile and puts someone in charge that should not be

Bobby Johns

Best Thai Food within 60 miles! Always fresh!!

Chloe Esquivel

If you feel like waiting over an hour for them to answer the phone, if they ever do, and then another hour for your order it’s great. But it’s mostly just obnoxious because half the time they’ll answer and hang up on you or wait until closing time is near just to answer your call and tell you they’re not taking anymore orders. Pretty terrible service considering they’re running on take out orders at the moment.

Beth Simons

Food was good. Service was slow and don't appreciate them adding 15% tip because there were 5 of us. We were leaving a good tip anyways.

Erin Morgan

I live right around the corner from this restaurant. Since i bought my home 3 months ago i have yet to successfully order food from this restaurant. Calls go unanswered during stated business hours and if you try to place an order to go in person the restaurant will either be closed with no explanation or you will be told it will be over an hour to receive an order. Over an hour, with 3 tables in the restaurant. How this place stays in business, i have no idea. It sure isn't from actually selling food.

Heather Gregory

Excellent food. The garlic stir fry with fried tofu is so good. I love the wonton soup as well, the chicken satay with peanut sauce is out of this world, and the veggie rolls are delicious. I think next time I’m going to try one of the curry dishes.

Joelie BrysonAndNoellasMom

At this restaurant you will need to decide if eating delicious food is worth being treated inhumanely. There is one good server, a young blonde, the others are extremely mad at the world. I think one review said it seems they hate their lives. You're not kidding. We were told our entrees would take an hour and 15 minutes before they would arrive at our table. We still decided to eat there because the food is so incredible. When the food did arrive my husband said we decided to just get it to go and asked if they could pack it up but a few seconds later (literally a few seconds) we decided we would stay and eat there. The food was still on the plates. The young Asian girl says, "we'll just pack it up" and proceeds to the kitchen. She made the decision for us! Wow. We let our waitress know we were only tipping on the drinks and appetizers we were served, since the other young lady decided for us that we weren't staying to eat our entrees. This waitress snaps at us stating, "well she wasn't your waitress." In other words you want us to pay a tip on the amount that we weren't served?? After the audacity of this young lady she's lucky we let her keep the tip at all. We were starting to spend about $50 every week, as it was our go-to while our children were in dance. We are happy to give our hard earned money to Thai Paradise for the amazing chefs, but these two waitresses will not see another dime from us or from our very extended family, friends, or business contacts in the area.

Ayomipo Ojutalayo

I have been here four times. I ate in the first time and have ordered food to go the remaining three. The experiences have not been great. Every time I have ordered out I had to wait an hour or more. That would be fine if I could get through on the phone. I called 6 times one day before I drove down to place my order. The phone is always busy or it does not go through at all. I know this is a small town and there are not many places to eat but that does not mean you should lower the already low standards. The food is edible most times. Ok at best. I only come here to get food if my other choices are closed. This is only the second time I have ever given a bad review in my life. But I decided to do so to inform potential customers. As long as you have an hour or more and your palate for Thai food is not too sophisticated, this is an adequate place to eat once a month. Otherwise please choose a different restaurant.

Andrew McAllister

Food is amazing. However the staff are absolutely horrible at their jobs. They are rude and impatient and act as if they hate their lives. Also very busy and hard to find parking/table. Lastly, they demand cash payment buy charging a 4% fee on all card payments.

Tim Nagan

Excellent food. Will return.

Jeffrey Robinson

Great food,worth the wait.

Carolyn Fritz

Great food. Always fresh and great service. My favorite restaurant in town.

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