2215 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Greensboro
(336) 275-2322

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Leslie Galloway

Breakfast always fresh and tasty. Lines always long but it's worth the wait


Spicy chicken and pimento was hittin this morning. Strawberry lemonade on the side. Southern way of life!

Lady M.

I don't eat there often but when I do I get great service and good food.

jeremy Vick the

Recently I went to this location for the first time today and it will be my last. My ordered was simple, but they forgot some of the food I order in the bag. I had to go back multiple times because they gave me someone else order that I didn’t order. I was frustrated, I lost my appetite, and I threw the food I didn’t order in the garbage. I know most locations is busy but if they can’t handle the pressure they shouldn’t worked there. I worked in the food business for five years, and I have never felt robbed like I did when I went to this location on MLK. Management needed to seriously talk about consistent to their employees.

Robin Barefoot

I ordered a spicy chicken and honey Biscuit and it was going to be a 2 min wait so they gave me on of the awesome muffins and offered something different, but I am addicted to the biscuits so I waited. They are the best biscut ever. They were very nice. 421/Martin Luther King Greensboro, NC the best.

Kile Garrison

Not a fan WaitedWaited in line for 20 minsNo one was directing traffic and we got cut off at the merge of the take out lines. This caused a total mess. Total meal for two people was $20. The grilled chicken club that I ordered ended up being grilled chicken with egg and cheese....and they forgot my buddies cream and sugar for his coffee.Between the overpriced food, poor management of the take out lines, and the fact that the cooks don't know what a grilled chicken club is, ensure I'll go to Bojangles from now on.

Dale D.

Make sure you eat something before you go. The lines are so long that you might pass out or fall into a coma while waiting for your food due to low blood sugar from waiting in line for your food. Its worth the wait.

Samara H.

So I normally go to this location because it's closest to my house. Usually do t have a problem with an order. Normally, my cheese is melted all over my pancake from my eggs so I asked for a separate container for the eggs...expecting the same melted cheese minus it all over my pancake. When I opened the box this is what I saw. An egg and cold, shredded cheeses sprinkled on top. When I took it back to the window the cashier looked at the eggs like she didn't understand the issue. A second employee was much more understanding (and the reason I have two stars). She said they had no way of melting the cheese but offered to have them recook them and try to get them melted. How do you serve the other food hot if you can't melt the cheese???A second container was bought to me with the cheese on the bottom, instead of sprinkled on top, so the eggs would be on top and more likely to melt the cheese...... Needless to say, I threw both away when I got home and made my own. Super annoyed.

Dawn Poe

Got our order wrong however it was partially our fault because my husband wanted to change the order when we got to the window and they quickly corrected it and broight it out to us. The as always was delicious.

Yvette Woodard

Food good as always. Service slow. Guess everyone wanted a bisquit!

Darlene Coble

Great food and service. Muffins are fantastic.

Darryl Jackson

My family and I have been loyal customers of this particular biscuitville for years, until today. They gave me the wrong food ,one of the employees at the drive thru kept asking me for 5 dollars . After I came back they still didn't get my order right. Never again.


Love the breakfast here. Just wish lines weren't so long

Juline Fletcher

The food at Biscuitville is good but God knows that spicy chicken is banging hundred percent.

Sayain Prince

To Massey: appreciate you being unprofessional and uncooperative by not wanting to answer back about my documents. I also contacted corporate about it since I don't know if your still being petty about firing me due to the fact I got a second job but

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