2311 Battleground Ave, Greensboro
(336) 288-5158

Recent Reviews

Adventures Unknown

The service was awsome and the food is always great. Love the costumer service here. Clean Restaurant!

Jonathan Walker

This location always handles the long drive thru lines with amazing efficiency! The food was great quality as always. The streak biscuit with jalapeno pimento cheese is my new favorite. Plus my little dog recognizes quickly when we're heading to Biscuitville - she loves their doggy biscuits! ???

Brian Moynihan

In and out with all 3 drive through lines full to Battleground in 9 minutes. 8:45am on a Saturday

Abry O.

Ugh I love biscuitville so much I just can't help it!! I am in love with their vanilla iced lattes too!! I think I'm up to 3 a week - that might be very bad for me though haha!! I wish they had a punch card so I could earn some free coffee but that's okay can't ask for tooooo much!!

luv Marissa

ive been here so many times and never had a complaint but ever since the quarantine and having to order through thru drive through our orders are always wrong!! it’s happened way too many times and i’m starting to consider not going there anymore.

Eccentric Nut

You always know what to expect, pretty good service, consistant food, good Sweet Tea & a LOOOONNNNG drivethru wait. ?

ke vin cates

Normally quite good, but today slow service and order was wrong.

Mrs.Pretty williams

My food is always good and fresh!! The only issue is parking. Getting in and out of the restaurant when it’s busy because the line be sooo long it block traffic. It’s just in a bad spot but a great place to eat!

Tripp Yawn

Apparently getting a simple order right is hard. Paid $7.xx and didn't get my fries. That's an expensive biscuit and small drink.

Terri Goy-Whiting

I spent almost $20 in the drive thru and heard the lady say “Make sure you put two coffee stirs in the bag!” Well...that’s all she put in there. No utensils for the platter, no syrup, no straw, no napkins, not even the cream and sugar I requested for the coffees. Not the first time items like this are missing. I called the store and the manager said “The girl at the window is new and we are busy. Sorry.”

Terri Fletcher

The service has steadily gone down over the years. I ordered an ultimate ham biscuit combo no egg with fries and a sweet tea. i received a ham biscuit with egg no fries and they were out of tea. I was charged $10. I recommend the one on Bessemer because the one on Battleground is awful.

David DeRosa

Great and friendly service. Best biscuits out. Quality and local ingredients.

Carrie Evans

Clean and very friendly employees food was very good. I had a good conversation with a customer who was also there enjoying breakfast.

Thomas E Williams Jr.

Good biscuits, but prices could come down, slightly.

Ariel J

I generally have great service when the lady that's been there for years is at the window-- Cindy maybe? She's awesome and I love how she really connects with the customers and their dogs. HOWEVER, I went to this Biscuitville some time last week and the service was horrendous. The lady at the window's name was Cynthiqua and she was rude as ever, short and had bad customer service. I waited in a line with just two other cars for 14 minutes for a biscuit and a muffin. The experience was so bad that I literally had to get on here a week later b/c I forgot to write a review.

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