2311 Battleground Ave, Greensboro
(336) 288-5158

Recent Reviews

Jason Fedor

Always superb service & excellent food !

Joshua Kaster

If you want a biscuit sandwich you can't ever go wrong with them.

Holley Escalante

With the exception of the 45min wait...which could either be due to slow associates OR everyone loves Biscuitville LOL which is the way I'm going. I have bfast here everytime I am within driving distance! Love love love it!

Lucy Deaton

Like any fast food chain some locations are great some need to be closed. The line for this location looked long. They had me through it in no time. The chicken biscuits were great. The biscuit themselves flavorful & fluffy. Great customer service to boot.

Kristin Randle

I just went to Biscuitville for my very first time and OH MY GOODNESS!! I got the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich and it was DELICIOUS! And even more so, the staff was so friendly and because of that alone, I’ll be back!!

Roman Whitaker

It was okay but can be made easily at home. But if you're in a rush go enjoy.

Anna Shaw

My favorite breakfast biscuit stop. The biscuits are perfect, I love the spicy chicken with honey biscuit, fries or grits along with many of the other options. A family favorite has been the strawberry lemonade ? ?!!! This location has got their Togo window system down pat now, get in and out in a good time.

Anna S.

Togo windows are fast. Biscuits are perfect every time. My favorite is the spicy chicken with honey and side of fries, or sausage biscuit. The strawberry lemonade is so delicious!

Dennis Watkins

Slow service but good food. Love the muffins

Devin Kaiser

Ok spot for breakfast. this place will surprise you. the service here is above par. it has a great feel to it.

Chuck Cannell

Food was good; the service was GREAT! Such nice people working out in the heat!!

Cynthia Skipworth

Great food long line but got right through it quickly

Catherine Sykes

There are doing the best they can with a tiny parking lot. Two lanes to order helps take care of more customers. Food is hot and fresh!

Eric & Luiza Dixon

Crowded but fast as organized. Worth the drive by, good places are always busy!

Aretha Howard

Long lines. Good food. Everybody likes it.

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