Blaze Pizza

4522 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro
(336) 738-3331

Recent Reviews

Harley Black

Amazing food and service! Very delicious, and convenient for us picky eaters out there. Not a big fan of pizza but this will definitely be a go-to restaurant. Sat outside enjoyed some nice fresh air, and some delicious custom pizza and cheese bread.

Elias Berhanu

My favorite athlete is part owner of the company so I already support Blaze Pizza (shout out to LeBron).Delicious pizza, fresh ingredients, vegan options, and exceptional customer service. Highly recommended.

Kimberly Blake

First time here and it was awesome! It's like Subway but for pizza. Best price in town and so good. I am not a fan of pizza but this was worth it.

Ben Markel

Good pizza and fast. Lots of topping choices. The half pizza and salad, make a great lunch.

Paul Cantwell

Got the 2 top high rise crust, pretty good. Nice and doughy. They were busy and a lil cramped for space. 25 bucks for half a pizza, 2 top pizza, and salad a 4 knots. Would recommend to check it out.

Clark Rowe

Really impressed with the flavors of the pizza here. I got one cheese and one "Red Vines" (the menu item, not the candy). All of the flavors came through beautifully. Also loved how quick the food is ready. We walked in and they made our pizza in a process that reminded me of a Subway sandwich shop, and then put the pizza in the oven. Both pizzas were ready in less than 10 minutes. The fruit juice drinks are really tasty too. The passion-fruit tangerine was a hit with my 6 and 8 year old children.

James Sadler

Fast, quality, made-to-order pizza. I highly recommend getting one the oil drizzles after the pizza comes out of their oven. We opted for the arugula and a drizzle of their pesto. Perfectly delicious.

Suzie B.

Ordered a pizza from Blaze Pizza the other night, through Google. I chose the option for it to be delivered through Postmates. Took out my wine glass and decided I'd have a glass of wine, because surely by the second glass (before I'm tipsy) my food would be here, right? WRONG! I went through a whole bottle of wine and by this time almost 2 hours have passed. I called the restaurant to see what was going on with my order twice. The first time I called, the guy told me that my pizza was "in the oven". Then he put me on a brief hold and said my pizza was already gone? When I went to track the order, it still didn't show the pizza had been picked up, so I assumed maybe the app just hadn't updated. So I wait a little longer and then call back. The lady tells me again, "yes your pizza was picked up at 6:45". At this point it's about 7:30 and I live across the street, so I'm starting to think the Postmates driver stole my food!!? I get my order number from her and was going to file some sort of report through Postmates. About 30 minutes later, I get a notification from Postmates saying there were no couriers in my area to pick up my food so my order had been canceled, I wasn't charged and there would be a credit on my account. WTF? I don't even know if Blaze ever even made the pizza, seeing as they lied about it being picked up. Anyway, i order another pizza, but this time I have my friend take me to pick it up. The pizza tasted like it wasn't even cooked all the way through. I mean the spinach looked fresh out of the ground? Terrible. I won't be back.


Pizza is good. But food was wrong. Had to drive back and still had to have them add forgotten things to the remade order. Wasn’t looking for anything free but maybe an apology would be nice.

Amy R

We went here because I was visiting my daughter and she loves this place. We have mod pizza at home to compare it too. Basically they are the same thing. I thought it was good.

Ankit Vishwakarma

The pizza quality is not nice. Only thing you get is a cheap pizza with lots of topping ls and cheese ?.Maybe worth to visit once but definitely there are better places than this.

Brian Haack

I had always wanted to try Blaze, so I called them up on Sunday, March 14th, 2021 at about 7:55pm. I ordered a specialty pizza and some other things (a pepperoni pizza/desserts/and a salad). I was charged $32 and change - (billed to my card over the phone) and was told to pick up my order in about 35 minutes (at about 8:30pm).I timed the departure from home, and just as the storefront comes into view from the road, (about 8:25pm) I get a call from Blaze Pizza telling me that they don't have any of the ingredients needed to make the signature pizza I ordered. They want to know if I would substitute the specialty pizza with something else.Maybe at another time I would have, but this day, I couldn't endure the delay this would have caused. I had a bunch of kids that had to be fed and returned home--it was a school night. I hit the little Caesar's carry out special on the way home and got everyone fed without having to wait.Plus, let's not forget that I was allowed to wait 35 minutes and allowed to drive all the way across town before anyone thought to tell me I wasn't going to get the main thing I ordered. Without that, paying Blaze Pizza prices for everything else would not have been worth it. So, I told the young man who called me, that we would cancel the whole order, and we would have to try them again some other time.The young man sounded irritated at having to cancel the whole order - it seemed that he may have thought I was being unreasonable. I ignored the rudeness, thinking maybe it's just been one of those days for him. I know those days well--I built, ran, and then sold a profitable food service business almost 20 years ago. Ever since then, I'm a little softer on food service businesses because I know how hard the work is.Nevertheless, you don't let someone wait 30 minutes and drive across town and then act like they are unreasonable when they want their money back after being told you cant give them what they want. Anyway, I assured him we'd give them another try some other day, but I didn't want to proceed after learning this at the last possible moment.Imagine my surprise when (2 days later) the $32 (and change) charge appears on my credit card statement. He never cancelled the order!Well, when I learned this, I called the number listed on my credit card statement. I actually felt bad about that because I called at about 10pm, thinking I'd have to leave a voice mail on some corporate office answering machine. Turns out that number goes to the actual owner of the store in Greensboro.After apologizing for bothering him so late, I told him what happened and sent him a screen capture from my credit card statement. He assured me that he would speak to local management at my store and get that fixed. Nice gentleman. I trusted that would happen--even after all this, I was still willing (and really looking forward) to going back to Blaze Pizza some day).Here we are now, on March 23, 2021 - a week after that call, and the charge has still not been reversed. I believe the owner called his manager, but I think the manager (maybe it was the same young man who called me back) has not yet done a thing about my erroneous charges.If I'm right about that, then, this is not the kind of place I want to spend my money because they don't seem to value the relationship with the clients. I have already spent $32 bucks and gotten nothing for it.So, 32 bucks isn't going to break the bank, but where is the honor?After today, I'm not going to bother with this anymore. I have honor too. I disputed the charge on my card, and am writing this review.Will I get my money back? I don't know. What I DO know, however, is that I will not be visiting Blaze Pizza in Greensboro. Too bad, too. I was looking forward to it.

Jordan Leigh

Came in to pick up mobile orders that were placed 15 minutes prior to arriving. It was very busy so when they weren’t immediately ready not too big of a deal, understandable. But then it was another 20 minutes before they were ready.Then one of the pizzas was incorrect with additional toppings added that were not on the order slip. I calmly and simply just asked that we get a new pizza made that had the correct toppings we paid for.The person at the pickup counter obliged but without speaking or barely looking in my direction.You might think that to assist the problem our new pizza could be expedited quicker than other orders but no we waited an additional 20 minutes nearly an hour after the initial order was placed.Blaze seems like it could be a decent pizza spot, but it seems like their customer service and order filling process is lacking in its ability to best serve their patrons.

meagan chalmers

This was my boyfriend’s and I first time eating at Blaze Pizza! It was so good! The gentleman with the jewelry and “dough boy” explained the menu to us and helped us build some tasty pizzas! Great service & great food! Thank you ??❤️

jordan smalls

I usually love this location BUT for some reason whenever you order delivery they don’t make the pizza properly. My dough wasn’t even cooked all of the way and my pizza barely had any toppings on it which is annoying because I got a large pizza. I would not recommend ordering delivery I would go in personally so they can make your pizza properly.

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