Blaze Pizza

4522 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro
(336) 738-3331

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Ericka C.

Best pizza in the state!I have lived in NC for almost 4 years now and Blaze by far makes the only pizza I can stand to eat more than one slice of. I love the unlimited toppings concept and the options are great. I order the same thing every time I go standard crust, spicy red sauce, mozzarella, ovalini, ricotta, fresh mozzarella. Onions, chopped garlic, pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. One of the employees that work there is named dough boy such a cute nick name and this pizza is named after him the dough boy special!

Leana Lewis

Strange experience. Was looking for something quick to eat and ended up here. Menu was a little confusing if you had never been before and the staff didn't quite seem up to speed with what was going on. My mother in law only wanted half a pizza without the salad and you'd think we just said something absolutely insane with how confused the person taking our order looked. What should have been an easy pizza ordering was made way too complicated and the drink cooler wasn't even cold. Also, I asked for balsamic dressing with my salad and ended up with balsamic glaze which is wayyyy more concentrated and is not salad dressing. The pizza wasn't anything special. Based on this experience, I won't be returning.

Jason Neuman

Build our own pizza is the best.Best fruit juice drinks ever.

Ralph L.

Worst pizza ever. It's like cardboard with sauce. Service is not great either. Just go somewhere else.

Jason Ledbetter

Food was great. Staff was very friendly. Pricing is competitive compared to other businesses of this type.

michele z

First time here,last minute. Didn't realize they were "personal" pizza, they were huge but ordered anyway planning to just take the rest home...well no leftovers! It was delicious. A little slow but it was a busy time. Overall great place

randy mccollum

Fresh pizza..made in front of you with fresh ingredients..tasted awesome

Myiah H.

Y'all this pizza was delicious! It was an amazing experience making my own pizza. I was able to decide on a dough, toppings, and even drizzles, like bbq sauce and garlic pesto, after my pizza was cooked. The layout was a bit confusing, bc I'd never been here before but these guys helped out. The assembly starts first then you pay and wait for your pizza to be made. Even though they were closing soon, they still were all polite and patience with me for it being my first time. Such a large variety of toppings were so nice to have on a pizza & the personal pizza was a great size. Half was eaten here and the other half was breakfast- very filling! Try this place! It was delicious and I truly wanted to go back the next night for more people but didn't. Also that garlic pesto drizzle is amazing! I love garlic and wanted to ask for more drizzle on my pizza once I tasted how good it was. Haha! Now I know!

clementine atchley

The pizza was good, a bit on the dry side, but not too bad. I would visit again

Garrett Haywood

I am always hesitant to leave negative reviews because even the best of restaurants can stumble now and then, but in this case, a review is necessary. The pizza was HORRIBLE. The crust was by far the most disappointing part. Rather than being crispy and light, it was greasy, rubbery and soft. I don't know if this is a matter of not being cooked enough or just a characteristic of the dough, but it was almost inedible. I know we are in the middle of a pandemic so it's possible the restaurant just wasn't firing on all cylinders, but the ingredients seemed off, the salad was pitiful and the employee who helped us seemed reluctant to even make the pizza. Out of all the pizza places in Greensboro, I would pick any of them before Blaze again. Having heard such good things about the pizza, I couldn't be more disappointed. Regardless of the current conditions, I will not be making another visit.

Samantha Montgomery

Pic of pizza with very little basil, not be mistaken for the arugula topping. In the clear large box that is supposed to be a Caprese Salad for 2 people - it's only 5 pieces of basil, a few cherry tomatoes and some cheese - no lettuce, no dressing. Don't send me an email to get a free salad with an order of a large pizza if it's not a salad. That's deceptive to your customers and WRONG! I'm not able to post a pic. :(

Josh Nagy

Meets the standard of most every other Blaze Pizza location I've been. Quick baked, thin crust pizza, well-priced. Don't expect a crunchy crust throughout, as the outer crusts may have some crunch, the bottom is more like a thinner hand-tossed style.

Maria Lowe

Very friendly atmosphere due to employees. They make it welcoming. Had a keto pizza made two different ways and tasted amazing both times! Timing for pizza to be cooked was not long either.

Erick Solórzano Pérez

Service is a bit slow, but food and prices are good

Caryl Cheeseman

Fire cooked pizzas. Good crust good toppings. Just delicious! Noisy, fun place for lunch!

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