Outback Steakhouse

4518 W Wendover Ave, Greensboro
(336) 294-5456

Recent Reviews

Ann Turner

Service was great. My food was very good. My husband's steak was a little chewy and didn't taste as good as mine. Our baked potatoes and blooming onion were great.

Conner Jarrell

Not a huge commercial chain eater, but out backs steaks have always been good. I've always got my steak cooked correctly, and their steakhouse mac and cheese is so good you'll want to slap ya momma. Food was perfect here but the wait staff was sub-par in this location. Other than that, delicious meal.

Dewan Byers

Pretty good portions were smaller. Home of the blooming onion. If u don't know what that is it's basically a onion spread open fried in a seasonal flour. If u love onion rings u would enjoy this. Main food from menu shrimp chicken or steak of some kind. They have brownie and ice cream dessert that will make u comeback like a boomerang ??

Greg Rice

Beautiful, fairly new location. Typical Outback food was very good and our server was attentive. Recommended!

Mizter Fischer

Food was delicious, curbside pick was a little slow. But would recommend.

Cindy Springs

One of a few places i feel comfortable dining in during pandemic. Plenty of space

Rick Church

Had a great meal at Outback Steakhouse on Friday night. The waitress was very pleasant. Manager came by our table to welcome us as well.

Madison Campbell

Third time trying the prime rib here, it’s so dry I can’t even share with my dog without him guarding it like a bone.:: never have this problem at the battle ground .Girlfriends ASC didn’t have any cheese or bacon..Just disappointing so close to home...Take out service was amazing, great help, good people.

Olivia Ann Vincent

Came at 9 for our 9:15 reservation. They sat us early at 9:07. By 9:19 still no greet. Finally, I get up and get the hostess she was lovely. The manager comes takes our order she’s very smart she remembered everything without writing it down. She brings the bread and verifies our order (always smart to do prior to food coming out so I commend that). She later delivers the soup.Where she messed up was no 2 bite check back once we received entrees. His steak was well done rather than medium. My rare steak was medium rare no complaints. They then never bring the spinach mind you it’s either heavy cream spinach salt and pepper perhaps butter or maybe cream cheese all depending upon their food cost; shouldn’t have come out as we are finished waiting yet some more time for our check, but hey let’s bring it out after we ate and had been sitting digesting for some several minutes. Never got a refill on water. Never got offered another drink. Then said waitress whom never came past one time comes to give us our checks. We tip cash 20 bucks because everyone has bad days, but outback was founded on team work.. how many people need to walk by an empty table or a table in general before they inquire on their service? Shannon Perry the GM even came out not one time did she as a GM, proprietor whatever ...circle the restaurant and do some table touches mind you she had an apron on so she was likely doing expo so what’s up w the spinach ticket time; also still if you show your face in a dining room you might as well table touch after all that is her restaurant. Please disregard my typing errors I’m salted to say the least. I bartended, served, hosted, cooked and went to culinary school. The point is to sell someone an experience, our experience was not as expected, but at least we got free alcohol so cheers!

El Jefe N.

Holy smokes! It has been a long time since I've had a meal this BAD! A buddy and I went there for lunch on April 2nd because we wanted steak. Bad choice! We ordered steaks medium rare and they both came out raw. It was as they just warmed them up. If you can do a steak medium rare, don't be in the steakhouse business. There was so much black pepper in the mashed potatoes, it was hard to tel that they were mashed potatoes and the seasoned ranch was poor. Our waitress could care less about being there and served us as such. While we were there, two other tables sent back good. We just got ours to go and cooked it from home. There are better options close by. Avoid this location. This Outback really fell short of standard.

Amy R

We ordered dinner online and picked it up. Courteous staff. Food was ready when promised. Order was correct. Only things I could say is, they missed my comment for a second loaf of bread and my medium steak was medium well. I would go back!

Cheri Greer

The porterhouse was amazing! And the new steak and cheese dip is over the top! 10 out of 10. Will do again!

k s

This was my first time at this restaurant recently constructed/opened on Wendover, and it couldn’t have been any better! The energy with the manager was iffy but we had a lovely server! She was definitely on top of things, very informative and attentive! The food.. Oh my! The taste was impeccable (in my opinion) ! My table was definitely very pleased with their orders and thought everything was delicious. I ordered the ribeye steak, medium well, with my choice of two sides, being mashed potatoes and the exquisite Mac and cheese ! Although I will say, I thought the mashed potatoes were a little too salty but nothing major to really complain about. I still enjoyed every bit of my meal. I also ordered the kiwi strawberry lemonade. It was beautifully made (lol) and very tasty!

Mark Andrews

I got the sirloin it had so much fat in it and the mash potatoes were dry salad was ok. I give 1 star because the waitress was very nice I'll definitely want be coming back to this location

Debbie Andrews

Got the grilled chicken on the barbie. Well I have gotten this for years but tonight it was coated and I mean coated in some type of rub that was burning my mouth. The salad and broccoli were perfect. On the way home I realized what the flavor was, I think it was straight up paprika. What's up with that?

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