5308 Liberty Rd, Greensboro
(336) 674-2799

Recent Reviews

Linda S

The people in this subway are very good and very nice and helpful

Tabitha Craven

Not sure about all employees but few times I've stopped by I had the rudest person. It was very uncomfortable they let me know how I was a inconvenience for them. Please stop working in customer service if you hate people!

Benjamin Berryhill

Great Sub every time I've been there.

Kim Newman

My second time going on a Sunday around 11 when no one else is there. The young lady working was rude both times. Acted as though I was an inconvenience. No greeting, irritable, unpleasant.

Ricky Hopper

This place is great. Always a friendly place to get a good sandwich. Always recommend to friends and family.


Wow where to begin! First we placed our order and the girl taking our order was very rude and everything we would order they were either “out of” or “didn’t have at this location” and this is all after waiting in line for 15 minutes to order with a whopping 1 car in front of us, Then we get to the window to pay and I hand her my debit card then she tell me (while still being rude) that they are only excepting cash? (While everyone else isn’t excepting cash?) So we leave with no food and a negative review, Judging by the other reviews online the owners should probably cut theirs loses and close this store down. I’d give it 0 stars if google would let me.

Mary Ray

Its subway so the food is good...but its the slowest subway in Greensboro

M.louise Graham

Food always fresh

John Tillotson

Due to COVID-19, I understand different businesses creating policy that their employees are comfortable with. But, unless you notify the public (post a sign on the door, notice on company web site, etc.) about those policies, then lights on and locked doors can be negatively interpreted. And likewise, can negatively impact the business's bottom line. Because the customers can't tell the difference between an open and closed store.

Casey G

Normally I try and stay away from fast food and this particular restaurant is a perfect example of why. I arrived there at 7:10 p.m.there is a note on the door that stated until further notice we will be closing at 8 p.m. the door was locked so I went to the drive-thru. I waited for somebody to come over the speaker and nobody came across so I went back to the door at which point I realized they turned off the lights. When I went around the building to leave I can still see the two people inside. Do not come to this restaurant

Kamara Patterson

Not sure why your hours say you close at ten yet I showed up at 9:15 and you’re saying you’re already closed ??‍♀️

Roger Berendes

Typical subway. Seen one seen them all


I loathe this Subway, and yet I keep coming back every few months. It's extremely consistent. The bread is stale or undercooked, and they never clean the knives so you better like the sauce that the person in front of you ordered. It will wind up on your sandwich, too.

char holsworth

I ordered a sandwich with very little sauce---but it was drowning in sauce. I ordered 4 cookies and they were all RAW in the middle. Lunch sucked.

Cassie Nunn

Well I've never been to a Subway where there lettuce was all brown and didn't have any fresh to replace until I visited this one. The two girls acted like they didn't know how to toast the wrap either.

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