Union Coffee Co

216 W Friendly Ave, Greensboro
(336) 676-6222

Recent Reviews

Hannah Murdock

Friendly staff, great vibes and good coffee! Parking was very limited though, which made the location not very easily accessible so I took a star away for that reason. It’s on a one way street so if you miss it you have to loop all the way back around.

Brittany McDonald

What a great place to get a Latte! The owners are really nice and the shop is super clean. A great atmosphere to be in!

William Staves

Wow, this place is really good. A clean bright, minimalist atmosphere, and they take their coffee seriously!

alex moritz

Best cortado I've had in years! I stopped by on a whim and am sure glad that I did. Phil was the barista and he did an excellent job with my cortado. It wasn't bitter at all. It was full of flavor and just the right temperature to bring out the best qualities of the steamed milk too. The atmosphere is relaxed and clean. Plus, I got to enjoy a nice conversation with Phil about coffee. Definitely worth checking out if you like good coffee.

Ronald Stephenson

Sampled their coffee at Friendly center J Crew. Will be visiting the shop in the near future. Very nice flavor.

Eric F.

I walked the few blocks down to Union Coffee because it was close to my hotel and was well reviewed here. It's easy, when traveling a lot, to fall back to chain-store coffee companies. You start to think the coffee is pretty decent and rationalize it: it serves its purpose as a caffeine delivery system, or you don't have time to seek out a local roaster, or...whatever. Then you happen upon a shop like this place and remember what good bean really tastes like. I'm currently sipping one of the best cups of coffee I've had in a long time: they're serving Black and White Coffee Roasters beans, and I'm drinking the Eduardo Campos Anaerobic. This roast is flavorful and complex, and is revealing new flavor notes as it cools instead of just becoming burnt-tasting cold mud. The barista was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped guide me toward a selection. The sweets on offer complimented the coffee without overpowering it. The vibe of the place is simple, bright, comfortable enough, and not too loud. Highly recommended.

Quilla M.

I was in desperate need of a pick me up and wanted to experience a place I was not yet familiar with. A quick google search led me to this coffee shop located downtown next to Elon University's Law School. I walked in to what I would describe as an open, minimalist vibe that was clean and bright. What appeared to be students were working at some of the tables. The coffee menu is pretty simple with a choice of espresso based beverage options. They offer oat and almond milk alternatives. I ordered an iced mocha latte with oat milk. The barista was super engaged and friendly and he made the drink look unique with swirls of mocha syrup. It tasted incredible. Well worth the short trip downtown. My only wish is that the shop was closer to my home. Great coffee, great service.

Camden I.

The place is amazing. They were very informative about the different drinks and beans. Very tasty coffee and dessert. Great apparel also. Everyone was super nice and strived to make your experience great. Visit this shop and you wont be disappointed!

Mike Strickland

By far the most intimate experience I have had with coffee. Just go. You do not need to think about it. Just go.

Joshua Flores

Good atmosphere, but a cup of 12oz coffee costs $2.67. That's the most I have ever paid. Why?

Scott Jablonski

Such a great little coffee shop! Whenever I am in town for business, I try and stop here. The coffee is great and unique! Very cool ambiance to sit and do work.

Harrison M.

Union Coffee is, in my opinion, the best coffee shop in Greensboro right now. They source their coffee from Black & White Coffee Roasters, a high-quality third-wave coffee provider based near Durham, NC. I personally think most of the coffee in Greensboro tastes like campfire and cigarette ash poured through a paper filter, but the coffees provided at Union are bursting with pleasant, fruit-forward flavors. I personally recommend their pour overs, which offer rotating coffees on a regular basis as well as a consistent offering of B&W's basic blends. Although I live in Greensboro, I first visited while I was going to school in a different state, and to my surprise, the manager, Daniel, remembered me when I came again a whole month later. Interactions like this elevate small-business experiences and add a valued layer of personality to my visits. On my most recent visit, I noticed Mac DeMarco was playing in the background, and I noted to the baristas working that I had never heard his music played in a coffee shop before. Studying was much more pleasant with "My Old Man" playing in the background than it might have been otherwise. Also, one of the barista's offered me a piece of pizza during that same visit, free of charge. It was not listed on their menu. It was Papa John's I think. Overall, I would highly recommend Union Coffee to anyone downtown needing am amiable place to study, have a business meeting, or meet a friend while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Arthur B.

Best coffee in Greensboro. Daniel and the team put a great amount of care and intentionality into all of their products. If you're looking for high quality coffee with a friendly and knowledgeable staff this is the place to go!

Scott J.

Such a great little coffee shop! Whenever I am in town for business, I try and stop here. The coffee is great and unique! Very cool ambiance to sit and do work.


I was told by a co-worker that this was their favorite coffee shop and I should check it out. I was greeted by their friendly employees and purchase a vanilla iced latte and a croissant. Little did I realize is was a savory croissant, I think ham and cheese (I might be wrong) but it was so good!!! I added sugar to my latte because it didn't have any sweetness to it. Don't hesitate to come by and support a local shop!

Griffin Kale

Greensboro finally has a specialty shop! And it probably deserves 5 1/2 stars. Incredible coffee and awesome knowledge of the craft. Good luck to you all!

Amanda Cushing

Love this Coffee shop! Always worth the extra drive from Battleground to skip the Starbucks and stop here instead. Drinks are always fresh and delicious! I love the Vanilla Oak Milk Latte and their temporary seasonal offerings are amazing! The shop is bright, minimal, and a joy to step foot in. You won’t be disappointed you skipped your regular Starbucks run to stop by!

Robert Allen

The atmosphere was cool if you haven't been there you need to go good place to get good cup of coffee and meet new people

Chris B.

This is THE BEST coffee shop in Greensboro! It's a very chill spot in downtown and great for doing work or studying. I had the best coffee specialty drink I've ever had in my life there today! It was a ginger beer with lime and a shot of espresso. I know it sounds somewhat unusual but it was great! Their Iced coffee is also very good! By far the best I've had in the area.

Samantha Anthony

Nice coffee shop that makes a delicious oat milk latte! The shop has a nice minimal, light-filled interior, friendly staff, cozy couch, large and small tables for laptop working.

Kurk Brewington

Very new place. Homey, but needs a lil dacour direction. Could become a very nice place to hang.

Johnathan Enoch

Great coffee shop, fantastic staff, and delicious coffee!!! Definitely, a place to check out if you're ever downtown, or passing through the area.


This place has it...kitschy, minimalistic with a delicate touch in decór AND THE LATTES are amazing! I was in town from Cali for a business meeting, a super quick trip so I really wanted a latte and I was really hoping to find a craft coffee place. My fear was I'd only have like a Caribou or Starbucks to choose from, I yelped places near my hotel...found Union, liked the style and they did not disappoint. I had the iced Mocha Latte and it was stellar. I'm bummed they're thousands of miles away...if I'm back in Greensboro I'm getting the Vanilla Latte next time - Iced!!

Emma M.

Me and a friend walked over after reading such great reviews. My vanilla latte and her mocha tasted exactly the same. There was no flavor of vanilla and no flavor of mocha. The coffee beans tasted burned and we were so disappointed.

Heidi Isaacson

Super friendly staff and such a great addition to the Triad. Easily the best coffee in Greensboro. Great for studying if you’re a student and looking for a quiet place to hit the books.

Genevieve V.

After having a great oat latte one afternoon, I desperately hoped that they would also have pour overs for my next morning visit. They do!!! Two options: Ethiopia and Kenya - a light and medium roast, respectively. We chatted for a bit and they recommended the Ethiopia. It was excellent and I will definitely be back!

Allison Bateman

Great new coffee shop! I live near Black & White (their roaster) in Wake Forest and the coffee at this location definitely compares to the B&W shop. It's a small shop but has plenty of room - if that makes sense - I guess you could say their space is utilized very well.

Caroline Noel

Incredibly friendly staff. Great cappuccino and espresso! Calm vibe. Simple menu with all your coffee essentials done well.

Casey Shaffer

Very friendly staff and great coffee! Simple place that sticks to the basics. Love it!

Chris Wallace

Absolutely the best coffee in Greensboro! We were so happy to see this shop open. Not only do they serve great coffee they are extremely friendly. Our passion is traveling for Coffee, yes we are coffee nerds. All travels are based around the coffee experience. Greensboro has been lacking in the coffeehouse culture that serves great coffee. Not any more! Go visit Union Coffee they won’t disappoint I promise.

Ryan S.

Best coffee in GSO in my opinion! The staff (I met Daniel and Mary Katherine) were friendly, they use a great roaster out of Wake Forest (B&W), and they have some pretty cool merch. I'm a big fan, I'll be regular for sure!

Hannah B.

This is such a great, quiet coffee shop that is perfect if you're looking for a study or work spot. There are plenty of outlets and small tables as well as a couch and a few lounge chairs. It has a very modern, simplistic aesthetic. Limited selection in beverages, but no worries, it still has all the fan favorites. It's located right near Elon Law and has plenty of parking around.

Alyssa P.

We love this spot! The coffee is always on point, the pastries are on point and the entire staff makes you feel at home. They have a beautiful minimal space and sell merch from makers in NC. I would highly recommend the vanilla latte with oat milk!

Christi Mackey

Super sweet staff. Easy to understand menu with not so many choices so not overwhelming. Clean place to relax. Delicious choices!

Jason Plyler

Best coffee in town! Service is impeccable and just a great vibe overall! Definitely my new coffee house!

Andrew Porter

Had an awesome time at Union Coffee chatting with my mate and the owner of the new shop. From their friendly and helpful staff to the delicious coffee it really is a cool spot with great vibes.