Anitas Taqueria Y Mas

1100 N Greene St, Greenville
(252) 375-7925

Recent Reviews

Tanisha H.

This restaurant has some of the best authentic mexican food. The tacos taste great and they have friendly service.

Mary Adame

Pésimo servicio, la cajera te toma orden con una cara de pocos amigos no respetan el tiempo de espera q tienen los clientes órdenes equivocadas y tiempo de espera horroroso

Cande Carranza

won't complete orders as they say and still over charge

Lina B.

I used to love coming to this place until I got very sick after eating a pastor burrito from this place..... I got so sick and do not wish anyone getting sick. Burrito tasted great and my last thought was that it would make me sick. To make a burrito all ingredients have to be handled carefully and after getting so sick I don't think these place handled the ingredients as they should. Not eating more burritos here after my experience last night.....

Steven H.

I thought that the tacos on the food truck were great and then I went to the restaurant itself. Even better there with more choices. Portions are generous; prices are reasonable. The ingredients are fresh and delicious. This place is one of my favorites and I look forward to exploring more of the menu. Thanks Eddie for making some great authentic food!

Hawkeye F.

First time Ive been to Anita's. The burrito I had was good. The place overall was pretty dirty. The floors, and booths were dirty. There were dead flies on the window sill next to where i was eating. I had gone to Anita's due to all the recommendations and I guess i expected it to be clean and was taken aback at how dirty it was.

Trey M.

I noticed this had five stars, which is unusual, so I had to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed. I had tacos al pastor and chorizo. Bothe were outstanding. It's a little out of the way but well worth it. Probably the best chorizo I've ever eaten.

Joselyn Carcamo

Loved the carne asada tacos!!


Stopped by today and ordered a steak & cheese quesadilla. It was about $7.00. It was a large quesadilla with plenty of cheese and onions. ( other add ons are available!) It came with a jalapeno? Dipping sauce which took me a few bites to get used to! The quesadilla was plenty big and filled w/ lots of steak & cheese & grilled onions! I started following them on Instagram. This was my first time eating here, but definitely will return!

Clay Asby

Amazing food, great price!

Delia Prieto

So amazing! Food is great and the staff is awesome!

Angela Stevens Taylor

The Best Mexican food in Greenville!

Jennifer M.

Stopped for lunch and they had a safe outside place to eat. The taco was very delicious Al Pastor. The shrimp tostados was fabulous. Fresh avocado and sauce made this perfect. The place is a bit out of the way and not fancy but food rules here.

Feefer N.

Absolutely love! Anita's has some of the best tacos we even order cactus and onions on the side, very delicious and they load up the portions!

Hiral G.

love this place come here almost 4/5 times a month!! the 3 homemade sauces are excellent. recommend the nachos & tacos for sure!

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