Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

710 Greenville Blvd SW, Greenville
(252) 355-1662

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Kelly M. (creperum)

Excellent customer service and wonderful food. Salad was great, but ranch was a bit watery.

wesley chamberlain

Would give minus 100 but have to put at least one star to add a comment. We had to wait for over an hour for our food. Meatloaf tasted like cat food; green beans very bad like they were burnt. Had to go and get our silverware, napkins & vinegar which we asked the waiter for but he never came back with it. He did finally bring straws. Table was dirty. We have NEVER had such bad service and food as we got this time. Wife's pancakes were crispy like fried in grease. Ordered bacon and got ham! Oh and no biscuits or corn muffins while you wait. Must be they stopped them too. BAD FOOD & BAD SERVICE. NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN…. When told the waiter he said he’d get us another meal, no way were we going to eat anything from there. Told cashier and she ignored us completely just told us the amount & had no problem taking to our money. We pay and left for good. Think twice before you go to Greenville, NC Craker Barrel.FYI: found out the manager passed of Covid last year. That explains why such BAD service & food there. Sorry to hear manager passed. Manager was a good on for sure. Thoughts & prayers to the family.

Beth Moulton

Our waitress was new and so was slow but we had a very large group and weren't in a hurry. She was super friendly and apologetic about not being fast. The only problem we had was with the kitchen not cooking one of our orders. When they did finally send it out it wasn't even fully cooked. I called for a manager and she came immediately and went above and beyond to make it right. I had the pecan pancakes and they were outstanding!

Jennifer Johnson

Mother and son date night and for the most part it was good. My eggs were slimey and I sent them back. Our waiter was lacking, to say the least. At least I got to spend time with my boy.

T3DD3R tedder

Okay.. I honestly almost feel bad doing this, but it’s a constant issue. It needs to be addressed.Calling in the morning before work, I ATTEMPT to get an answer by 7:10-7:16 from Cracker Barrel. Seems no one cares to answer before 7:27. I have been on some list for a free meal because the last THREE times I have ordered had been an ordeal. The first time no protein at all in my meal. No bacon. ONE egg. It was a mess. I called to fix things. “No problem” I was told. So I go back a few weeks later, and not only is my order wrong again. It’s sitting within reach, and I am told I must wait for the manager… “where is he/she? Was my question. Almost a half hour passed by. I come to find out they were outside just hanging out or smoking a cigarette who knows. Oh btw! At the end of the matter somehow I am not on this list for my meal. (After standing in wait for 18 minutes with the food in sight WHICH IS NOW COLD)Frustrated, I pay. Arriving at work I clock in, and sit down to eat. There’s no cutlery, there is no syrup. There is no sugar in my tea or a straw. Nothing. There is no side order of hash brown casserole (paid for it) Extremely frustrating when you have to fight for an answer to pay someone. Even more so, when you are forced to sit, and dine in to have your order made accordingly, and proper. I have written this post because here this morning I have fought again to get an answer again. In reality o should be able to call at 6:45 and have an answer. I SHOULD be able to pick up my food ready and hot at 7:00am. Especially with such a focus on all day breakfast menu items. I know I am owed a meal. And yet, I am on my way to pay your company again for multiple meals now that I am still owed. Perhaps this is not the base of my concern.. I am more displeased with the unimportance of my order, my time, my MONEY, and my handling staff members. Not to mention back to back to back mistakes on food you paid for that you were owed to begin with.I applogize for writing this post, but I attempted (4 times) to allow the staff to correct the issues…I finally got an answer this morning after my 4th attempt. I am going to pick up my food, and pay your organization, yet again.The End.I hope you enjoyed the book…Your move….

Dean Johnson

I used to eat at the Cracker Barrel in Missouri and the food was delicious. The Cracker Barrel in Greenville did not let them down! How they get that crisp on the pancakes makes them the best! I'm disappointed that they no longer serve the Apple Dumpling desert, but the Strawberry Shortcake helped me to get over it. Two thumbs up.

Average Person

I remember when Cracker Barrel cared about the quality of their food. Within the last 6 months I have ordered 4 meals and only one time was the meal correct. Today was the final straw. I ordered the fish meal with mac and cheese and turnip greens. Instead of putting the sides in a separate container or at the very least the greens, they put everything together in one tray without draining the greens. Everything was wet from the liquid. The fish was soggy and the mac and cheese, well it all had turnip juice all over it. This was awful. I will no longer waste my money at this place. I've tried giving them a chance to get it right. Where is their pride? What happened to quality control? I've had a whole side missing. I've had old food packaged up and given to me. And now soggy fish. I am so over this place. Disappointment and disgust doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I also feel ripped off. Never again.

Rich Hinkley

awesome place.....always love eating here

Cordia M. Hall

Service was great! I did not have to wait for a waitress to approach me. Waitress was friendly and attentive. Food was delicious.

Kaylyn Reeves

Service is terrible… I ordered one of my children a grilled cheese. Waitress brought shrimp. We told her he had a grilled cheese. She acted like she was going to check and then never did anything. She did not refill our drinks the entire time we were there. Not impressed. Food quality was good.

Treyvon Webb

I used to work at Cracker Barrel as a grill cook. While some days were long and tough, especially Saturday and Sunday rushes, we prided ourselves in making great food. This was my first time at the Cracker Barrel in Greenville, NC. The food today was absolutely awful. I have never been at a Cracker Barrel where the breakfast I’ve sent the food back. The food clearly sat under the heat lamp for a long time before it hit our table. I am willing to bet our ticket time was around 25-30 minutes. I ordered a double meat breakfast and was served a concoction of what looked to be cheese and eggs, and two pieces of shriveled up Turkey sausage. Both mine and my girlfriends pancakes were burnt and unappetizing. Our waitress wasn’t apologetic or anything. Not to mention, we never got a single refill on our water. We couldn’t leave fast enough. Very disappointing.

Bill Groce

Very quickly seated after arriving! Great menu selections! Delicious appetizer bread! Comfortable environment, maybe a little closer than we desired to other patrons. Friendly enough server. Affordable. Pleasant shopping experience afterwards.

James Seal

Love the catfish

James Seal

Love the catfish!

Mister T

Only came here to sit and relax after walking to the store. The atmosphere was not what I expected as me being a minority. The vibe I got was friendly and the staff never bothered me. Very rare here. Ever since I left this C Barrel almost literally every other store either called the cops on me or walked up to me begging me to purchase something. Next visit here I might buy some food, smelt amazing from outside. Hopefully inside matches the outside

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