2399 N Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 752-5747

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Douglas Lucas

Home cooking at it's finest! ! Must be part southern, cause your mouth will Fall off!! And pass the sweet tater biscuit please!!!


Tried this restaurant for lunch because it is close to work and it serve country food so I was thinking it won't be hard to mess up.They have a to go kitchen up front. And dine in has a cafeteria style line.So many entree options, ribs, meatloaf, fried chicken , pig tails ....I didn't see any chicken dumplings though.Food doesn't taste bad but not the best country food I had either. Food taste kinda bland, but they give you huge portions, $11 your box is full. Depends how sensitive your stomach is, pick the entree and sides that more lean otherwise you might get bloated like me .Old Ryan buffet is better to me, as a comparison.Their breakfast option is probably better than lunch from the looks of it.

mike womble

Friendly staff good down home country cooking buffet or made to order fair prices won’t break you

Patrick Sutton

Almost like a buffet as much as they loaded on the plate! I had country style steak, rice, and rutabagas. Down home soul food. Went with a coworker for lunch. Almost got pizza from a pizza place. Glad I didn’t!

Saundra Lassiter

A huge disappointment. The eggs were cold and the self serve coffee is behind the counter. The restaurant is disorganize. On a good note the parking is convenient.

James Woodland (Woody)

This place was a very pleasant surprise. I was in town for business and thought I would give it a try. The folks were extremely friendly and polite, and were very patient with my first-timer questions. It is not very often these days to see restaurant employees who are smiling and pleasant to interact with. These folks were exactly that. The food was just as good as their attitudes. Very well made southern comfort food. The beef over rice and greens were delicious, and I will try their BBQ and chicken next trip.

Erik Mattingly

Ordered 2 BBQ & Slaw sandwiches. Got both with no slaw and a spoon full of BBQ. As long as it took ti get them it wasn't worth my time to fight for slaw. Service just handed me the bag in the drive threw and said here.

April Edwards

Food is great on point the cook does their job, rutabagas my favorite cabbage yams hamburger steak smothered in gravy I have plenty to eat bbq pig tails, meatloaf coin’ bread whew if you have blood pressure lol this is the place to go or if your trying to gain some weight lol . I highly recommend Peadon’s grill. I’m a Peadon’s fan. Keep up the Good work. And come after two thirty get prepared last minute plates for ($7.00) april

Vickie Gaynor

Food was Delicious!! Very home cooked meals& food!! The cornbread was my favorite, they tasted like homemade grandma's.!! Wanted more,but they sold out!! Service was good too! Food was expensive $20 & more per person, but it was worth every penny!! :)

Steve Lassiter

I will NEVER EVER visit this establishment again. I know the owner will not care about this review but I’m writing it anyway. The customer service is terrible to speak in a good way. What good is having a call-in service if they put the customer on hold for 30+ minutes?? I got to tired of holding and listening to other customers not only ordering but getting their food. I think that’s just plain RUDE!!! I for one will be banning this place and I will be telling all that I see and speak to about my experience in hopes that they will also stop going to this establishment. I also hope that they tell others to also stop going to this place. To note, while I was patiently waiting on hold I heard the cashier remake that she did not have any call-in orders!!!! How rude, since I was still waiting on hold!!!! You can’t have call-in orders if you are ignoring customers that call the establishment.

Alisa Scott

The drive thru was extremely long( never again) & my cheese biscuits was hard as rocks. I asked for crispy fries & they were not. This was my 1st time going & probably my last. I couldn't wait to stop there & was sadly disappointed. Mid day order so no excuses regardless the time of day...

Lydia R.

I went there today with my brother and the the food was outstanding! It was definitely homemade southern cooking made by scratch! I had chicken pastry, green beans, macaroni and cheese and fresh biscuits. Others in my party had fried chicken, Lima beans, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn bread, banana pudding, meat loaf, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn bread, 2 sweet teas and a water for lunch! The portions were HUGE and each plate was enough for 2 people! The customer service was fantastic as well. Look forward to coming back next time we are in town!

Van Anderson

Food wAs excellent. Cashier was really professional. . I travel 1 hour 15 mins once a week to have food there at peadens. I was a little bit late this week and my usual cashier wasn't at the window. She always gets my order correct. .I I told how far I travel and she always checks my order before giving it to me. I have been other places and had trouble with orders. Never here

Alice Midgett

Line was to long but it was moving along you didn't sit there 15-30 minutes thank God my first time. My sandwich was Great I will go back. Give it a try.

Rick Pate

Biscuits are AMAZING!!! I call them cat-head cheesy biscuits. They are big and just like grandma used to make! We drive all the way from Raleigh to get them.

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