Ruby Tuesday

3510 S Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 355-4060

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Seven Serenity

Our server was inattentive, only coming to our table to give us drinks and then we didn't see her for the rest of the night. We waited an hour for our food after we ordered it, they weren't busy in the slightest, maybe 5 other couples there- all of whom got their food before us even though we were seated first. The food was dry and not great, not worth 50 dollars for two people. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Catherine Griffin

We love the bartender that we had. We don't know her name but has black hair, wears it pulled up and underside is shaved. Works on Friday nights usually and she is part of the reason we go there. She's the BEST!!Parking: No problem finding a parking spot on late Friday afternoons around 5-6pm.

Fran Benston

SalS bar was great my meal was fine but my husbands steak was terrible. It was tough with no flavor and when we told them they didn’t seem to care. Before Covid we were here at least once a month but never again.

Keith Vandiford

My wife and I stopped by to have the salad bar. At the time they had only one waitress and the manager working. When they found out that all we wanted was the salad bar they allowed us to be seated. The waitress was super nice. Even though she was the only one there she had a smile on her face and treated everyone as if they were the only customer she had giving them her full attention. I was very impressed with her. We need more people with her work ethics. I'm sorry that I didn't get her name. I would definitely recommend her for a raise.

Cawtinda Middle

The waitress Eva was excellent and the food was delicious. We ordered the barbeque chicken nachos as an appetizer and they were on point. I ordered the salmon bowl and the honey glazed salmon was so tender, juicy and grilled to perfection on top of a bed of healthy savory salad. My companion ordered the steak tacos and was completely satisfied with no complaints. Such a great dining experience.

Kimberly Hawkins

Restaurant was dirty, salad bar was dirty and not stocked, flies everywhere, cheddar queso was a blob of cheese, ranch dressing was watery. Not a pleasant experience except for the server

Penny Clark

UPDATE: Had a great lunch here today, and our server Erica was so polite and helpful, as busy as they were she had a smile on her face the entire time! We got a seat after a short 10 minute wait, and our food came out in a timely manner! Restaurant and Restrooms were clean. They are short staffed (as many places are right now) so please remember to be PATIENT and KIND!!Great food, great service, reasonably priced, we will be returning in the near future! Amazing Salad Bar and our waitress Sarah was wonderful!!

Amanda Tatterson

Went for a reunion with friends and the food was delicious. A little pricy but everything is these days. Our server was absolutely amazing. She was so sweet with helping us get the best deals and drinks. Ranada went over the top to make sure we enjoyed our time together. We will definitely be going back to see her.

Malcolm Sutton

Only come for they salads but and drinks as u can tell by my plate they good

Peggy B.

Eva, the bartender, is fantastic!! My husband and I always receive the best service from her. Her drinks are the best! The world needs more people like her! She always smiles no matter what kind of day she's having. We love the salad and the hickory bourbon glazed salmon.


I went to the one in Greenville,Nc it was the worst restaurant I’ve been to in a long time. Salad bar had nets and flies on everything.There were NO customers but I still had to wait almost 45 minutes my food. The manager name EVA looked very dirty. She look like she was one of those people on the street that hold signs. And she was rude! I will never go back!

Lady J.

The bar tender (with the bottom half of her hair shaved close) needs to work on her customer service skills. She is very aggressive in how she talks to customers and responds to questions. Even offended a nice woman who came in to sit at the bar by aggressive telling her to “please go” to her bar seat when she had stopped to let this bartender pass her by with a hand full of dishes. Claimed later to the customer that it was policy that she had to let them by first but never apologized for how she came off to the customer who was clearly upset, offended, and now didn’t care for the bartender to serve her.

tyler walker

Worst experience ever. Ordered 2 meals To-Go showed up to pick up on time, asked if the order was ready and the front host was rude and said “if it’s done it would be on the shelf “ they finally told me they gave the order to someone else, manager said they would remake the order, 10-15 mins go by for them to tell me they found the original order sitting behind the bar. At this point both meals were cold. Asked for a refund and the best she claims she could do was give me a free cheesecake.

Teresa Rasberry

I normally eat at Ruby Tuesday Greenville, NC. Great service friendly staff. But today was totally unacceptable. I ordered online which advertise curbside pickup. I arrived for my curbside pickup to discover no curbside pickup but the signs remain posted outside in the reserved parking area. I call inside got a frustrated unfriendly person named Eva. I'm explaining I'm outside waiting she rudely cut me off and says I understand but there's no curbside so I said ok but on your website it states that it is and she replied we are short staffed and no one is hired to do that so you'll have to just come inside. I replied ok calm down no problem. I go inside asked for her explaining her voice sound very frustrated she's back at me that's how I sound all my life people tell me that. I really don't care, I was expecting an apology from her for sounding rude and frustrated not her life story. That would have been the professional thing to do.

HawkFeather Aviation

Although our server was wonderful, the restaurant and food left much to be desired. I was looking forward to the salad bar, however it was messy, untended, and most items were spilling, or almost gone. At the end of the line, right next to the food, was a giant trash can at counter level...what a turn off! The ribs were overdone and hard to chew. Neither one of us felt good after eating there, and I became very sick after eating a little bit of my order. The tables were dirty as we were seated. The silverware had food stuck to it. We had to rush out of there and go directly home. Don't go here. They're horrible.

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