Sonic Drive-In

3751 S Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 413-0303

Recent Reviews

Dennis Cooper

They couldn't get a strawberry peach tea right took 2 trips through the drive thru and the tea still didn't taste peachy or like tasted like tea with no sugar with some strawberry pieces no peach flavor at all. So disappointed they usually have the best drinks

Charlene Ward

Sonic's drive thru was really slow today. They were getting the orders mixed up and everyone had a very long wait

Paul Garris

I understand when you're busy you're busy nobody was there three cars in the whole place and two of them left that was me three hot dogs took 37 minutes unbelievable won't be going back no time soon no matter how much I loved her cheesecones

Madeline Goetz

I wait 20 minutes after placing my order to click the button again to see the status of my order. They answered and said it would be out soon. 20 more minutes had to wait ended up leaving 40 minutes for wings and a shake! There was nobody there when I first got there. 2 cars pulled up about 10 minutes after me and got their food immediately. Save your time and money from this place!!

Anna I. (Anna)

Half price slushes during happy hour are my favorite. 4 stars because they started to give me the wrong order at the ordering stalls, so I had to wait a little longer. But the food was pretty good overall.

Mae Davis

Got the small chocolate Sundae. Requested cherries on top. Got the sundae, no cherries as promised. Took 25 minutes to order and receive. The chocolate was very good, not the store bought stuff.

Jeremy Gray

Great place for drive thru or drive up and eat ordering. Good variety of burgers, hotdogs, fries , tater tots, milkshakes, and slushies.There is an outdoor play area with tables where you can oder food and let kids play while you wait. If you choose to do this, you may want to make sure the restroom is in service first. There is only one at the back of the main building, and if it is locked your next closest restroom for kid emergencies is the Bojangles about 100 yards away.

Keegan Leggett

Went for first time for breakfast, lady looked liked the only one there, but food was hot and on point!. Very good experience!

Brock D.

This is the little slowest location in town. Every other sonic locations much faster. We waited 45 minutes for our food. Never go here.

Richie Eakes

Footlong Coney,chili cheese tots and a chocolate shake. Wonderful as usual.

Distance Dancer

The signs where you order some ate broken. It took us around an hour to get service and food. The playground had 4 inches of water. The service was slow for everyone, even drive thru. We try not to stop her at this one.The one on Fire Tower is much better.

Laura Hewlett Allen

The best sonic drive in Greenville. I am always approached with a friendly smile. I recently purchased a grilled chicken wrap, it was freshly cooked, and was so yummy. Best Customer service I have seen in a long time from a fast food chain 100%. AMAZING

Carolyn Smith

I ordered an ice cone but when I got to the window to pick up my order, I wanted to order another item and was told I had to drive around and come back through the drive thru or park. That's ridiculous! I gave it a 3 because I've cream was ok. I very seldom go to Sonic too pricey and service is not that great!

Mary Martin

Always fast and friendly. Food is always great and worth the price. This sonic never disappoints when we are in a hurry or have a busy night of practices. The play ground area is always a hit with the kids and being able to order from the play ground is a major plus.

Hallie A Irvin

My mother, sister, and myself all placed separate orders and they each took 30 minutes to recieve. Once I did receive my order which was just a corn dog and tater tots, they were cold and the cheese on my tots was no longer melted. My mother asked for an unsweet tea and received a sweet tea. Completely dissatisfied!!

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