Warren's Hot Dogs

1938 N Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 752-3647

Recent Reviews

Aime Munoz

First and last time going there order a pizza didn’t even ask me if i wanted flatbread and that is exactly what i got but the fact that it was sooo hardd… sorry but won’t be returning.

Latha Harrell

Want eat there anymore to much money for less food can eat at dollar general for the third of the money for know on i will hello people

Lisa Tyson

I tried the 6 inch turkey & ham sub for the first time and it was absolutely delicious and everything was nice and fresh! Will definitely be getting these from now on and toasting will make it even better! Thanks, Warren!Dietary restrictions: Great place to have a sub!


The food was really good, however I keep asking them to put extra chili and onions on the hot dogs and they still give me a puny amount, unfortunately.Food: 3/5

Lee Dail

They have the best lemonade in the world…

Tim Hamilton

The service was very fast the hot dogs were excellent and the people there were very cool to get your good hot dog

Russell Grimes

You are getting what you pay for here. The prices are cheap but the quality of the food is substandard and the hot dog and sub portions are smaller than what you will get at any competitor’s restaurant. I just finished my hot dogs and sub and am laughing about the stingy portions but for the price I am not too upset. The large, 3 topping pizza for $10 looks like a good deal. It is 12 slices. My wife says it tastes good. I will take her word for it because I did not eat any.I will probably not return, even though the food is edible. I would rather pay more for larger portions and better quality. That said, the woman taking my order was polite and professional and I enjoyed my visit. I wish them success and happiness always.

Jennifer Brown

Absolutely love the white chili hot dogs! 2 hot dogs, a bag of chips, and a drink for a little over $6. Did I mention the white chili hot dogs are the best? Service is always fast and workers are always happy and courteous.

Jillian Barr

Really fast, and always good hot dogs and subs.

John Murray

Absolutely amazing at what people think is a good hot dog in North Carolina! Very bizarre...

Jerry Leatherwood

Good dogs if you like them a little spicey

Joel Keefer

Not exactly the hotdog experience I was expecting but the service was fast and the prices were affordable. May need to give it another shot.

Tony Bonez

The spicey joints crazy. Need this in Fayetteville!!!

Jim Blakk

Warren's always hits the spot. I've been 10+ times and have yet to have a bad visit.

CountryFried Rice

Best hotdogs and lemonade, have to love the spicy chilli ! Great service, Great food .

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