Wow Bao

3510 S Memorial Dr, Greenville
(864) 363-6644

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Chris Jenkins

Really wish I checked reviews before we ordered. It's terrible frozen food served out of another restaurants kitchen.If being reheated freezer meals wasn't bad enough, half the items weren't available on the app. Then when picking up our meal one of our items had to be swapped with something else. Bring it home and find out half our Baos were the wrong kind anyways.Terrible business design, serving terrible food, that is WAY too expensive. Spare your self the dissapointment.

Jason Krim

Tasted OK, but nothing special. Tiny portions and not worth the money. Should have read the reviews.

Mary Gibbs

So my husband, and I decided we wanted to try this place once we saw it on Uber eats. We wish we would’ve looked at the reviews. I hope you all do too, bc let me tell you… this place is not only a rip off, it’s pretty nauseating. The size of the meal is what you would find in your local Walmart. No kidding. It’s as if I bought a frozen lean cuisine, except it wasn’t nearly as tasty. I got the teriyaki chicken bowl which was $9.99, and a pack of two bao that was $5.99. My husband got two bao as well, just different then the ones I ordered. They didn’t even label which bao was which. So I ended up with my husbands bao, and he with mine. He almost threw it up he hated it so much. It definitely had a funkiness to it. So, eat here at your own discretion. I thought perhaps we were being picky, but we were certainly not, especially after seeing the other reviews left by other unsatisfied customers. So I give them 1 star ⭐️ bc well I can’t give them 0. ??‍♀️


expensive, not a lot of food, and just not good.

Sam R.

A ghost kitchen operation - I was excited to see it appear in my list of options, because I love WOW BAO!!! These are so good if you can find them in airports or other locations where you can see them being made. Much like others, we ordered via food delivery and OMG they were super expensive. Sadly they were also absolutely inedible with more than 50% of what we ordered being tossed. Some were overcooked, resembling hockey pucks. (How do you do that with STEAMING something?) The others were just mystery flavors. We ordered 3 flavors; unfortunately, the only one we could identify without question was the cheeseburger - the others are truly just mystery meats with spices. They were really not as delightful as I'd remembered getting in a DC airport not long ago. They come packaged on their wax paper and it was really hard to get that paper off.... it ripped half of the bun (always normal to leave some behind, but this grip was insane!) The potstickers were OK but the delivery took well over an hour (and we're not fair from this ghost kitchen location) so the items arrived cold anyway. Some were ICE cold, so we wondered if they were premade and heated from frozen and the select few didn't heat through? Anyhow - we're not going to try this way again - but if a brick and mortar location ever comes where we can grab takeout on our own, we might give it a try.

Timothy Woodward

should've checked Google reviews....Can confirm.. disappointing

Casey Mooring

I wouldn’t feed this food to my dog. The chicken had the same texture as eating pop rocks. I spit it all out and it went straight to the trash. The bao buns weren’t bad but I wouldn’t trust anything they have.


The teriyaki and jasmine rice is pretty good. The pork potstickers are really good. Don’t really like the bao dough though, but the filling is good. This is the one in Elizabeth City, NC by the way.


Gross. Don’t order from here. As another review stated it’s a ghost kitchen and the quality of the food is subpar. The dumplings were mushy and they didn’t even send the other part of my order. Avoid!

Beth S.

If I could rate them with no stars, I would. We ordered through Door Dash tonight. The pot stickers were just okay. The orange chicken was about the size of a toddler kid's meal. I WISH I was kidding. It also was 75% plain white rice. The main part of the dish, the actual chicken and sauce part, had 2 actual tiny chunks of chicken. The pics on Door Dash are a LIE, it's NOTHING like that. Please don't waste your time/money on this place. Also, you would think that ordering Asian food means you would get a sauce or two, NOPE. I want my money back. Side note, don't be fooled by the chunks you see in my pic. I have literally NO IDEA what that is and it doesn't even taste like food.

Jason Woolverton

Wow Bao, I created this review channel just so I could tell people how terrible the food was. This operates out of the kitchen of Ruby Tuesdays and the frozen food is shipped in. People! If you want Lean Cuisine buy it from the store

Jalcolm H.

The address is fake so food apps like doordash is the only way to order and the phone number also doesn't work. I'm curious where this operation is being ran. food is good though.

Melissa L.

New in the upstate, I decided to try it out with Uber eats! I ordered a teriyaki bowl, added 2 bao and some potstickers. I'm impressed! I've never had bao before but if you are a lover of bread (like I am) you'll enjoy these little bread pockets of yum! The potstickers were good as well. The teriyaki bowl is not your typical chicken bowl that you smother white sauce on. It's finely chopped chicken with a great flavor. It's not overpowering. I can't wait to try this place again! Next time I'll dine in for sure! They packaged everything very well.

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