Burger King

7102 Highway 64 East, Knightdale
(919) 266-5966

Recent Reviews

Mustafa AL

The employee were so helpful and very decently. I like their treatment and the way when they deal with the people.

Kiera Lawrence

Customer service tonight suck. I asked the girl at the window for bbq with the meal. 10 piece chicken fries. She gave me 1 pack. I asked for another sauce she stated its going be an additional charge. I told her thats fine but 1 sauce is not enough for 10 piece. She marched off and got another sauce and rudely said HERE...she dosen't need to be working the window with that type of attitude

Monica Wilson

I waited at the drive thru at 2:15 am until I finally pulled around only to be told, "We're only providing food for 'Door dash'. It would have been nice to post a sign on the menu board explaining this to customers or better still the website!!! Who's running this store? The website says open 24hrs. They wouldn't even pick up the phone when I called while on the drive thru line. Poor service You don't deserve any stars.

Melissa Spinner

My kids and I went through the drive thru this week. All the commercials state they are doing contactless which couldn’t be more false. The lady at the drive thru had no gloves and no mask. She took my card and handed it back to me and also handed me my food with hands and not as they advertised. Not to mention the food was disgusting. Never again

Counsellor 2017

Good service. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Kent Cooper

I've ordered here a couple of times now and the staff has been friendly and my order has been correct. The quality of food has been a little above average compared to most Burger Kings I've been to.


I sat in line for close to 15 min before reaching the speaker. Then I was at the speaker for several minutes saying "hello?" with no response. There was just a red light flashing at me, so I assumed it was broken I pulled to the window and told the cashier what happen and she told me they said "one minute" and that I need to drive back around to order. That's absolutely ridiculous that they have broken equipment and then rather than providing any sort of customer service at the window, they're going to make me drive back around and start the whole process over again. I wanted a Whopper, don't tell me they don't have a few of their signature items already made and in the warmer.

Lillian Butler

One of my favorite places to get quick food. They make the best French fries

Donna Ellis

Tired of trying to buy tacos and the advertisements still up on the menu board but they have ALWAYS sold out or there no longer selling them and Never Ever go through the drive through less then 20 min wait went to the Burger King In Mt.Olive OMG such a completely Great experience even the mozzarella sticks looked like mozzarella sticks staff was wonderful

Tara McMahon

Just visited the drive thru at 3:15 today. When the server handed my fiance waters without straws, and my fiance VERY politely asked "can I have straws too please?", The server literally YELLED at him, "I'm getting you straws!" My fiance said "okay, no worries" and the server continued to snap "you need to give me a second to get them! And then slammed the window. This was AFTER out frap was forgotten and we sat and waited very patiently for it without complaining. I was totally shocked by the beyond rude service and way my polite fiance was treated.

Micah Greene

They are not 24hrs I went there and got no service

Carol Deans

Had to pull up and wait for food. A long wait. Then had to ask person who brought food for straws. We were no given any at the window. It seemed to be a big deal.

Franklin Snider

Not to great seems like every time I go the I get a whopper the bun tastes and feels old the are nice

Tiara Clark

Came at 2:15 am sat in line till 3:00am poor girl was working alone with 1 other person but if i’m gonna be in line that long at least make sure my food is right. Got to the window my order wasn’t in the system got my order & my burger was wrong the main reason i ordered it was for the sauce & there was no sauce ! I’m highly upset & not blaming the cashier girl.

Joyce' Christine

Been sitting outside Burger King now for 30mins for a shift change. All I want is two pies. You have got to do better, 10 cars have left.

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