Burger King

7102 Highway 64 East, Knightdale
(919) 266-5966

Recent Reviews

Arden Illis

Honestly the only thing that wasn’t messed up with my order was the straw. Inappropriate substitutions, wrong items all together, everything was cold except the sundae pies.

Eha Lev

I'm surprised to see this place with so many bad reviews. I've been to this location about 5 times at varying hours of the day (even once at 3am)and every time my order is perfect and the fries are HOT AND CRISPY. That keeps me coming back. I order online through the app and then pick it up in drive thru. They even followed my specific requests for extra pickles and mayo. Never had a bad experience here or a soggy fry

John Durham

Be careful in the drive through, the sign listed the burrito meal price at $6.29 but I was charged $6.99 plus tax

Miguel Mendoza

Most horrible experience wait 10 mins just to order along with 8 others in the lobby ask the manager for help she just looked at me mad responded i don't know whats going on.Rolled her eyes n turned around before i could ask

Reginald Lucas

This is supposed to he a 24hr drive thru..but they are never open always closed. On one occasion the employee was in the dinning room area asleep, they are usually closed after 12 midnight!!

Rebecca Chan

The service very good and fast, the quality of foods are good.

Garrett Jex

Few people inside. Got my food fairly quick. All of it was hot. Overall, a good visit.

Jodi D.V.

The food was ok, but the service was a bit bothersome. I had ordered 2 drinks and 3 mini shakes, I don't know about you but I drink my shake with a straw. I was only given 2 straws. The one shake was dripping and so I asked for extra napkins and showed the employee that it was dripping. She handed me 1 napkin, literally just 1 napkin. I am not one to argue or make a scene though, so I had my daughter pull out the napkins we were given for our food to use for the messy shakes. Smh, I shouldn't have to do that. Also, I wasn't asked or offered a drink carrier. That's a total of 5 drinks... Might have been easier with a drink carrier.

Mustafa AL

The employee were so helpful and very decently. I like their treatment and the way when they deal with the people.

Cristian P.

Horrible drive thru service . I had to go twice to get my order. The lady said she couldn't hear us and when we went to the drive thru window to make one more order she refuse to do it . I wouldn't recommend anyone to come and eat here .

Kiera Lawrence

Customer service tonight suck. I asked the girl at the window for bbq with the meal. 10 piece chicken fries. She gave me 1 pack. I asked for another sauce she stated its going be an additional charge. I told her thats fine but 1 sauce is not enough for 10 piece. She marched off and got another sauce and rudely said HERE...she dosen't need to be working the window with that type of attitude

Monica Wilson

I waited at the drive thru at 2:15 am until I finally pulled around only to be told, "We're only providing food for 'Door dash'. It would have been nice to post a sign on the menu board explaining this to customers or better still the website!!! Who's running this store? The website says open 24hrs. They wouldn't even pick up the phone when I called while on the drive thru line. Poor service You don't deserve any stars.

Melissa Spinner

My kids and I went through the drive thru this week. All the commercials state they are doing contactless which couldn’t be more false. The lady at the drive thru had no gloves and no mask. She took my card and handed it back to me and also handed me my food with hands and not as they advertised. Not to mention the food was disgusting. Never again

Counsellor 2017

Good service. Everyone was helpful and friendly.

Kent Cooper

I've ordered here a couple of times now and the staff has been friendly and my order has been correct. The quality of food has been a little above average compared to most Burger Kings I've been to.

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