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Famous Toastery Mooresville Brunch • $$
134 Mooresville Commons Way Suite H, Mooresville

Customers` Favorites

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Topped
3 Egg Breakfast with Fruits
Stuffed French Toast
Breakfast Quesadilla
Breakfast Potatoes
Biscuits and Gravy
Avocado Benedict
Western Omelet
Avocado Omelet

“This was my 1st time visiting this establishment. OMG there are so many wonderful things to say about them. Food was awesome, the wait staff never let us run out of anything, the seating was perfect. My Husband and I can't wait to go back. The staff also helped me to celebrate my Birthday this morning. It was so much fun.Thank You,Cheri SchrapperFrank SchrapperJanuary 15 2024“

4.6 Superb76 Reviews
Sun Up Cafe Brunch • $
120 Langtree Village Dr Suite 106-107, Mooresville

Customers` Favorites

Captain Crunch French Toast
Scrambled Eggs with Cheese
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs
Traditional Breakfast
Sweet Potato Fries
Chicken & Waffles
Scotch Eggs

“Today's coffee special is amazing. Turtle Larre. Let me add that my husband loved his breakfast quesadilla with turkey sausage. I ordered bacon as my side to the French toast. Omg..I'm picky. The bacon has this amazing smokey ...yum taste. This is our second time here.“

4.2 Good53 Reviews
PicNik’s Brunch • $
510 River Hwy, Mooresville

Customers` Favorites

Eggs with Home Fries or Grits and Toast
Ruben with Sweet Potato Fries
Double Cheeseburger Omelette
Side of Home Fries
French Toast
Sandwich Ham
Country Ham

“LETS START WITH IMA FOODIE AND I LOVE FOOD. WELL GREAT PREPARED FOOD.This place USED TO BE one of MY FAVORITE places to eat.SHOUT OUT TO STEPHANIE and her twin sister and a couple of the other ladies who serve there.The Black lady that is NOW or was a couple of months ago the short order cook IS ON FREAKIN POINT.IT IS THE OWNER(Mother) and sometimes the daughter or it's sometimes the owner(daughter )and ALL THE TIME THE MOTHER.I have gotten 2 different stories of who owns the place.Either the mama or the daughter. The MAMA IS EITHER RACIST OR PREJUDICE. 2 different things google it. I don't know which.I've not really seen other people of color there to eat unless I bring them, so not quite sure. The thing is I USED TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THE PLACE. Bragged on it even before they got the new cook. BUT AFTER BAYBAY!! So good I was tipping Stephanie and the cook.I will admit when I go out to eat I'm VERY PARTICULAR about my food. At first, there was no consistency on the food quality. Having to send it back maybe 2 or 3 times. NEVER ASKED FOR FREE FOOD OR MY MONEY BACK. Then they got themselves a Black Lady (Sorry cant remember her name) short-order cook. MY LAWD Stephanie knows how I like my food and when I ordered JEEZZZZUUUUS. I went back like 3 days in a row. She was surprised I had been back so many times. I told her food was GREAT. The 3rd time quality sucked again. I asked why that's when she told me.After that, I started calling first to see if NEW cook was cooking before I went.The last time I went, I took my granddaughter. The new cook was cooking. We put half in to-go boxes and started on the other half. Stephanie asked us BOTH how the food was and we both said not good. We sent it back. The MAMA came back with attitude and said well y'all ate most of it, I'm not sure what you want.I looked at her (now this is the 3rd TIME SHE HAS BEEN RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL TO ME) one time I had been taking pictures of the spot to post on my Instagram to shout out the place. The MAMA started yelling at me I couldn't take pictures of the people(I KNOW). Once she informed me SHE WAS THE OWNER and it was her place and basically what she said went.Well, this time I was tired of her rudeness and I wanted to show my granddaughter that classy and my dollars make the difference between ignorant and rudeness. So I politely said excuse me. We didn't eat it all here's the other half of the food in the to-go boxes. She looked at us and the boxes and said oh. Took the to-go boxes to make completely new orders. I asked to make sure the cook had made my food and was remaking my food. She said yes. I didn't believe her. Because the young lady had NEVER MESSED UP AN ORDER OF MINE BEFORE.I told Stephanie what happened and I wouldn't be back.I miss that food, the other servers, and especially Stephanie, but I can't go back.So I really don't know how to answer the star questions. I hope this helps.Wheelchair accessibility: None inside“

4.1 Good63 Reviews

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