Carolina Ale House

4512 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh
(919) 431-0001

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Frank

I just want to say I adore coming here . I miss being at the bar during the week with the fantastic bartender Jodee and then having an outstanding kitchen manager making sure food comes out quick , hot and tasty . I ‘ll be so thrilled when I can actually come back into my favorite place to dine and relax . Don’t get me wrong since this virus has gone on i still come in twice a week to get my crispy zingers hoping that soon I ‘ll be able to wash it all down with a nice tall blue moon . Sending out all the love to my favorite place . Ale yeah !

Paul M.

This is the $10 spinach dip that was just delivered. Bread anyone?! When I called and spoke with Avery he indicated this is their "normal" version. Been there before. It's not. Waiting to see how the GM, AJ handles this. And to top it off they screwed up the orders of two cheesesteaks. And Avery suggested I drive down there and they would try to remedy it. I ordered this through Uber eats. Seriously?!

Briana Person

The food here is amazing and with affordable pricing. The host Noel did an amazing job with making sure I had a great spot to sit. There was a long wait last weekend and she ensured that she will be giving us the next available spot. I can say I would come next time just to have a conversation with her.

Nikolas Thomas

Was here last night and it was a decent crowed. I read the reviews before coming here. I can tell the reviews was dramatic by customers who may have not got their way. The food is amazing, the servers are friendly and the host is lovely. The host greeted us with a nice big smile. I think her name was Nole. I will be returning back

Trent Huffman

Devin, Victoria and Avery are on top of their game and always project a positive experience. I would encourage anyone to visit these three. You will not be disappointed!

Derek Crist

I’ve been coming here for years. The food is great and the beer selection is always awesome. Devin and Victoria are the best bartenders ever. Also Avery is cool too.

Samantha Gray

My experience at Carolina Ale House was really good. Aside from their delicious food a host by the name of Noel assisted me and brought forth a very energetic and bubbly spirit . She definitely made my time dining there a wonderful experience .

Samira T.

FEAST YOIR EYES ON THIS!!! Poorly run establishment. Will not return due to the terrible ratings this place CONTINUES to get due to their unprofessional and unfriendly staff. Last I went, waiter gave me the wrong wine, then I had to wait 30+ minutes for my food AND my wine to arrive at the same time.. wtf. Management is apparently gotten worse since they thought promoting 2 servers into Management positions would be better for them than having a manager who's actually had years of management experience under their belt. Bartenders steal from the register and alcohol , staff fighting with one another and customers, and I've even seen drug exchanges being made outside of this establishment from servers out there spending their time smoking cigarettes. No wonder this Ale house has a policeman and security guard at the front door. Disgusting bathrooms (feces scovered toilet) Do yourself a favor and go to the other surrounding Ale Houses in the area, this ones no good.

Gregg C.

Came into the ale house and sat at the bar. Devin and Victoria are continuously giving spectacular service. I only come here when they are working. Great job girls!

Matt D.

Just another chain restaurant with a bar. Stumbled in on a Sunday evening because I have been wanting to try one of these since I first saw one in MB. Very popular, always busy. The host decided to sit me at the furthest table possible from civilization. I think it was because I was white. And I'm not joking about that. There was nobody near me and, a terrible view of TV's as well. My server was a good kid. Pleasant, knew the menu but was a bit slow. I ordered a Pub Burger, medium and some hot wings. They both took about 10 minutes and the burger, as expected, was charred to a crisp and well done. I learned a long time ago that in the south, you gotta just take it on the chin. Because it's definitely not getting rectified. I had to smother the thing in ketchup, which was gross. The burger was pretty much awful. The wings, so-so. I misread the menu where it said, "hand breaded." Not my thing, but they were good. Ok experience, just not enough for me to return.

Mike p

Unbelievable horrible service, manager Mike should not be in the business. Went to eat with a friend and my 10 yr old daughter. The Tyson -Wilder fight was scheduled for sometime around 11pm we where there at 8pm. We told him my friend and I would be staying for fight but I was going take my daughter back home after she was done eating. His comment was I don’t care she needs to pay the cover charge, he relentlessly argued with us over the $10 cover for my daughter. It was unbelievable I finally convinced him I would take her home at 9pm he stood by watched us eat and to ensure I did which I did as I said I would. Most embarrassing thing I had to put up with as my friend visiting wanted to really see the fight. So I did it for him but I would never ever spend another nickel in that establishment. I should of went to Buffalo Wild Wings instead!


Great Experience, food was great the chicken wings have lots of flavor. Food was on time and cook very well I would eat here again. In fact , this is one on my favorite places to go up my friends just to hang out in North Carolina. only wish they have more events then just the sports items and pool tables.

Zavier Strickland

Went to eat with the family yesterday and I just wanted to acknowledge the great food and excellent service from our waitress (Jordan). She was excellent. Great attitude and always smiling. From now on when we come we will request her every time!

Matt Ross

wonderful food. great staff and excellent drink specials! Victoria and Devin are the best

Victoria Barber

Took forever to be greeted at the bar because the bartender wasn't even at the bar then when she finally does come to the bar I give her my order for a cocktail beverage and zingers and she says they're not taking food orders because they only had one cook but I saw the manager who looks to be in his mid to late 20s walking around doing nothing even walked past me while i was waiting for service and didn't acknowledge me and she had just gave another guy at the bar his meal. I am a manager myself and if you are short staffed you it is your job to pick up that slack which every time I go to this location I always see the same manager doing nothing and have witnessed him being rude to employees.

Jazmiena Rey

Came to visit family from out of town and decided to get drinks... The server we received was very nice although the management was otherwise ... They refused us alcohol because we had out of state identification which was very odd because we came before and they took our ID with no problem the day before. The server was told by management to not serve alcohol to us yet wouldn’t speak with us when asked.

Empress-Ashley Paul

Very great laid back dining experience. I got there often for some ME time. Eat, Drink and enjoy the atmosphere. One of my favorite places to go.

Redz Swagg

They always accommodate myself as well as my 49ers NC Gold Blooded Empire group no matter how big our group is and the service is always fantastic. Summer is our waitress and she’s always on point, fast, and pleasant. The food is never disappointing. It’s much appreciated!

Monica King


Anthony F.

Always great food with a big variety. Great bar food and munchies but do not disappoint with healthy options as well. Huge salads. Always recommend

Jerry P.

If you cannot at least say hello within 20 minutes of being seated, your place has a problem. We left and told the host, and she was like well sorry. Sorry does not cut it. This must be a poorly run place I don't need to go to

Anthony Fernandez

Always great food and service!

Jasmine Ruiz

Me and my hubby are constantly going out to eat and this is my favorite Ale house location by far! We’ve been 3 times now and had the same server as the first time which was a pleasure to see and he even recognized us from our last visit! I ordered a delicious burger and a glass of wine, every thing came at a decent time even when the restaurant was fairly busy with people watching the game. Our server Jeremy made sure our drinks and napkins were filled and the managers on shift were on top of quality control as we saw them behind the scenes expediting food on the line assisting their employees. Towards the end of the meal, my husband asked for a manager to which he came out and was very enthusiastic and happy meet us. We praises them and their hard work and excellent service + food. We’ll definitely be back because of David the manager and Jeremy!

Ryied S.

Worst ale house in Raleigh will never come back due to the server they have here. Are waiter does not even ask us how is the food or come and check on use at all his name is darneria or something like that . Will not recommended. And expect the manger flirting with the hosted he can ask how the customer are doing. They honestly don't care about there customers.

Bethany Ruffino

Good service, nice people. GM was very nice when I lost my jacket and had to wait while they found it. Really appreciate it

Randy Agapito

$1.99 Burger bites 4-7pm and Music Bingo on Wednesdays!? What's not to love!? Great place for a guys discipleship group.

Jeff O.

I've been to three other Carolina Ale Houses in the area, each time the food and service had been very good. I decided to take my son to this location since it was close to his apartment to watch Monday Night Football. We sat in the open bar area near the big screen and were told a server would be over. We waited and waited. I finally found a server and asked him if he was our server or could he send a server over. The server was abrupt and rudely stated "I'll be there just give me time" as if we'd been over bearing or pestering him. My son and I decided to leave and went to the Fox and Hound at North Hills and had a great time, including polite servers. This Carolina Ale House is by far the worst in this area.

Randy Brody

Great place to watch games. Great service and manager Heather is great with costumers. She has a great attitude. Will be coming back

Watch& Win!

Absolute wonderful service! Drinks and food were delicious and everything was extremely fast and clean, had a great experience here 10 out of 10 recommend

Renee M.

The staff was absolutely amazing with my family, I brought my grandfather with me and my granddaughter needless to say I had my hands full. Every seat in the place has a great view of one game or another. The vibe was really good and the food was good. I truly appreciate the entire staff. Thanks

Jeanette D.

The food was very good, service adequate. Great beer selection, great value. I'd definitely go back!

Diego Carreño

Best Ale House so far, the fresh grounded burger are the best ever. I came with a couple of friends and the manager, David, checked on us a couple of times to make sure everything was perfect. Definitely coming back.

Brianna Armellino

Excellent service, food tasted great! Not only was it great but the food was ready in no time at all! Will be coming back for sure! Service was not only excellent starting with the server, but the manager David came to our table and checked on us even when we had no issues. Very personable and a welcoming atmosphere.

Christina Branch

Great drinks and food. Great chicken wings and spinach dip. Awesome Long Island! Chill relaxed atmosphere. Great place to go watch a game big screens on almost every wall

Virginia Sidari

my family's loves going there as a group. Great service, one of the first place we tried when we move here. We still meet there once a month

Wyatt C.

I went to watch the 7th Game of the world series 2019! I was told this was the place!. I was excited and happy I was met by 2 bartenders that were very pleasant and eager to get me what I wanted. The beer was Ice cold, I had the Cheese Curds They were well done and perfect. The Chili Pepper Jam was to die for! It was all going perfect, big crowd lots of energy, fun busting out everyone involved! Then BOOM! MUSIC BINGO....WTH in the middle of the 7th game of the world series.....No wanted to hear our complaints, as I watched people get up and leave, I was shocked not one management person seemed to care. I was prepared to spend plenty of money, like a few others I'm sure However the idiotic timing of this nonsense fell on deaf ears. So I am not a fan. I completely respect and appreciate the bartenders they were awesome, out of their control. However the tone deaf management that night need a time out, cause I will never go again!

Shayla Johnson

This restaurant is absolutely horrible as far as service. I've been 3 times, the first time it took 45 minutes to get our order taken, second time a rude waitress and cold food, and this last time once again they're understaffed. I tried to give them many chances because the food is good, but I'll never step foot in this location again. Don't bother wasting your time going to this one, the best Ale House is in brier creek. Great service, and fresh, hot food. This location should be closed down!!!

Carlos Davis

Nice place to come have good food nice crowd and good employees

Tim Fisher

This is the second time trying this location, and we won't be back. We left the first time after waiting an exceptionally long time for our waters ( the soda machine was broken that night). This time, Saturday afternoon, the wait time for everything was extraordinary. We had to go to the hostess stand to get refills ourselves after waiting for ten minutes. The food was ok, nothing special. The food at other Carolina Ale House locations was significantly better. We ended up in a discussion with our neighboring tables about the unbelievably bad/ nonexistent service. The waitress, when she did make it by the few times was rude and not interested in helping. We ended up stuck there for over an hour for what we hoped would be a quick lunch. I would recommend avoiding this location, the other Carolina Ale House locations are very good, just this one has been a problem.

Mia McDowell

Great service from the ONE Hostess! Need to hire atleast TWO more HOSTESSES FOR THE BUSY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS! They adding 18% gratuity to every check no exceptions for a Friday and Saturday night! What y'all need to add is more help in the kitchen! Makes no sense I had to wait an hour and a half for some wings and beer battered fries!