Moe's Southwest Grill

4350 Lassiter at North Hills Ave, Raleigh
(919) 355-5478

Recent Reviews

Gary M.

Food is the same as all other Moe's. Service is acceptable. What I dislike is when it's 40 degrees outside and they're running the air conditioning. See, they're working next to hit grills and ovens. They're hot so they turn the air on, forcing me to wear a coat. Inside is 65 degrees.

gregory galloway

I ordered the chicken casadea and it was absolutely delicious, hot off the grill, just way I like it.

Enoch Chang

Their continual change of staff has brought down the quality. I also did not get a “Welcome to Moe’s” the last time I went.

Allyn Gillespie

Great food! The parking is tight, so you sometimes have to hunt for spots. I'd probably only go here if I was shopping at North Hills. Otherwise I'd find another Moe's with better parking.

Rebecca Geisler

Three strikes you're out! My family won't be visiting this location again even though we've chosen this one for many years. Each time it's worse and worse. We regularly receive under or overcooked rice, can't really tell, that is hard and crunchy, floors and tables are often very dirty, and twice we've been told we can't use gift cards at the location because they're waiting to get a new system that will allow that. Thanks for the underwhelming experiences of late. We won't make the same mistake again.

Carmelle A.

Probably the only Moe's I have been disappointed by. I arrived shortly after it opened and ordered a burrito and chips and queso to go. The rice tasted old and hard, the ground beef only had a salty flavor, and the guacamole was clearly old because of the discoloration. The queso was good but the chips were hard and stale. I won't be back to this location.

Becca Steele

Please update your hours and holidays you are open and closed. We are traveling through (thanksgiving) and it says this location it’s open. We get here and it’s closed.


Employees welcoming and very nice

Tiquesha Ramsey

Wanted for a paid for order that was already placed they decided to served the entire line b4 giving me my order that was already paid for never again

Peyton Rose Smith

Moe's is my favorite restaurant because it always meets my standards and the workers are always so welcoming and I only live because of their good food and good service!

Hunter Blanton

So... It's been a while since I've been to Moe's. Not sure if it's this location or a decline in over brand quality, but my experience was not good. Chips were excellent. But salsa was terrible. It used to at least look fresh. This looks and tastes like salsa from a jar.

Charlene Gullett-Scaggs

I love moes very consistent food quality, this location has friendly service.

Frank Haidar

The Cascadia was fine, what was not acceptable is the crew emptying the Vat during the customers'presence and it was hazardous to them due to the extreme heat being released.

Ted F.

I've noticed more and more at Moe's you get less meat and have to beg for a decent amount of toppings. That on top of all of them this location included being messy and the salsa bar being destroyed and bland. It's always like a group of kids had came through and ransacked the place.

Brian Bayles

I really enjoy going to Moe's, but the North Hills location is terrible. You wouldn't think that based on the location, but it was not good at all.

Korey Williams

Very bad service. Staff was rude. Food was bland. Had to wait a very long time for an online order. I will be contacting main office.

Josh Packett

This is really a quite nice Moe's location! And, I really quite like Moe's.. hence my rating!


The young man prepared my food to perfection. The young ladies customer service was ok. Overall a good experience.

LdoubleU1016 .

The young man prepared my food to perfection. The young ladies customer service was ok. Overall a good experience.

John Z

good food at a good price. they can stuff a burrito without ripping the tortilla. Good tasting food made while you watch. good deal on gift cards before Christmas.

Elizabeth Stewart

Forget half of children's meal and dressing for salad, which of course you don't know till you're home - 20 minutes away. Would never "eat in" as lighting is gloomy and unwelcoming. First time, last time.

Mike Holland

Love Moes, fresh and great service and prices!

sy w

Always love me some moes!! You know how to roll a burrito and mine ALWAYS a hard to roll lol.. only thing is.. reason this isnt 5 star... is last few/many times I have gone your pulled pork looks like dried up beef jerky chucks... that needs to be fixed! As I dont come for the chicken lol. The service has always been very nice and polite! This particular location has always been very clean also

Ian James

This Moe's location used to be good. The food was tasty and the service was good. This location appears to have gone down hill though. The food never tastes as fresh and my call ahead orders are rarely ready when I arrive. Sometimes, they haven't even started making my order when I get to the counter. I reluctantly go back to this location because it is convenient and my son loves their queso.

Andrew Vincent

Moes is awesome. They are quick, reasonably priced and the food is always good. This location was particularly clean, and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. There wasn't really any line, but I was not there during normal dinner time.

Jack Marshall

Now this place pretty good, so much that I went back and got more, for on the way home. Nice atmosphere too.

Cassandra K

Quick service and food is good. Parking sometimes isnt easy.

Consumers Defender

Hey Moe's! I Ordered Online, Paid Online, Drove to NHills, Parked & Walked accross mall /Several Blocks to your restaurant, had to wait for all the walk in customers orders to be completed before I was given my order although I went to Pick Up Counter and told employee my name and order information. The person that walked into your resteraunt behind me placed his order, recieved and paid for his order before I was given my prepaid Online Order. Had to wait for the whole line to clear. What is the reason to order and pay ahead? Zero. Not happy. Order was placed 30 minutes before I arrived. Food was good but I don't recommend Online Orders. The Online Order idea is to "Skip the Line". I would have got my order faster if I ordered in store.

Miranda M.

Ralph Nelson and his crew from Moe's Catering took great care of us today at the kickoff meeting for PQCNC at the McKimmon Center!!! Food was hot and delicious!!! All fresh ingredients...cold crisp lettuce, different salsas, pico...the works!!! They were super organized and friendly. Never ran out of food for the very large number of people in attendance!!! Thanks so much Ralph and Moe's great Tex Mex for lunch today!!!

Dathan Bianco

I've been going to Moe's restaurants for about ten years or so and nine times out of ten I am satisfied with the food and atmosphere of their restaurants. It can be a bit pricey for a simple Joey Jr burrito, chips & drink...about $10. Wait time isn't bad, maybe takes 5-7 minutes from deciding what you want to choosing your toppings and payment. Good family restaurant.

Chad M.

Of all the Raleigh locations, this North Hills location is the best. The food is consistent, the staff are friendly and the restaurant is kept clean. The specials posted for every day make it easy to fill up and not spend more than $10. The manager is doing a great job with the staff and every employee is kind and caring.

Kim McDonald

The rewards app send you a lot of coupons and free shirt on taco day

Kim McDonald

The rewards app send you a lot of coupons and free shirt on taco day

Kimberly M.

On Sundays, bring your church bulletin to lunch at Moes for 20% off! The queso here is my favorite! Also try a quesadilla with rice, pinto beans, onions, and chicken. Its really good. Sign up for a free burrito on your birthday. Love the food here the kids burritos give you the most bang for your buck! Get them with a small drink and a cookie or upgrade to a medium drink. Get a free t-shirt on cinco de mayo!!!! Get a "naked" Kids MooMoo Mr. Cow. It's basically a burrito bowl for $3.60

Sam Grandison

In comparison to my other Moe’s experiences in the triangle area, I’d say this is one of the better examples of how Moe’s would like their business represented. While not perfect (they didn’t say “Welcome to Moe’s”...that always gets me lol)...the young lady that made my food was friendly and efficient. The restaurant was clean, there was also someone actively cleaning the dining area as folks finished their meals. I’d return to this location.

Peter Reese

Moe's it's Moe's. Don't don't let you down.

Stephen C.

First of all I would like to say I work in the food industry part time after doing electrical work. I visited Moe's the other night, after walking through the door at seven o'clock I heard one employee say we're closed. Then the employees just stood there like I was bothering them. One guy finally started to take my order and had an attitude the whole time. I left a tip in their gas money container and said thanks, he didn't respond and just turned around and walked off. I don't understand people's bad attitudes nowadays. If they think they have it bad working inside they should come do electrical work with me for a day when it's below freezing outside. I also work at my friends Italian restaurant so my advice is if you don't like the service industry find another job. I will not be visiting this store anymore and not recommending it to anyone.

Jamal and Courtney Atkins

Today I received the worst customer service experience ever! When my mom and I entered this location today for lunch, on a Monday, we were not greeted with the traditional “welcome to Moes”. Instead, we stood waiting in front of 3 moes workers to ask us for our order. We stood waiting for 10 minutes before one of the workers says “I’ll be with you in a moment”. So we waited as she was changing out the beans when another worker brings her the phone with a customer on the line. She walks away. The coworker who gave her the phone proceeded to continue switching out the beans. He NEVER greeted us or asked for our order. My mom and I then decided to leave after we felt blatant disrespect. Oh, I forgot to mention that my mom and I are African American and the women who was served IMMEDIATELY upon entering, right before us, was Caucasian. I’m NOT the person who likes throwing the race card but this was SO obvious. I will NEVER return to this location!!!

Taylor Christian Carr

Moe's is great. I love the salsas.

Amber Miyuki

Best Moe's in Raleigh. Great food, excellent customer service. Children enjoy the atmosphere.