Oak City Fish and Chips

2822 New Birch Dr, Raleigh
(984) 231-9120

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Katie Foxx

I do not recommend this location at all, was very disappointed. I was super excited about it and had heard great things but this location left much to be desired. There portion sizes for the price is absurd. $12 for fried calamari which came with ten sad pieces and some soft fries. The calamari was rubbery. The fried fish basket came with at least a decent size fish, but had 5 pin bones still inside.TLDR: Over priced and sorry portions.

Dani Smith

Came in to get those Salmon bites that was the rave at the fair and they are still delicious. Last day to get them is Monday 11/14. I got mineFood: 5/5

Ariel Chisolm

First time here ordered the Lobster pop and the shrimp and fish basket. When I tell you it was the best hands down I mean that. From the freshness to the portion size and the seasoning definitely a 10 out of 10. Will be returning

An Artist & A Kitchen

The mojo was all in the seasoning. A hint of salty sweetness with accents of garlic and paprika. The catch of the day freshness, cooked golden delicious. Crispy and held together with texture, Scallops where nothing less measuring up to the count! No cheating the ruler there!I am curious with such a delicious fish fry coming out of the door here ,the house can not absolutely be frying on empty when it comes to a homemade signature sauce to compliment all that Shake and bake!

Rose Haywood

Was greeted very warmly. Second time eating there. 1st time getting lobster pop. It was okay as far as seasoning. For the size a small (tail) and price not worth it. Love that it was fried crispy, just a little over cooked for me. Will I try it again no I've had it so I don't have to have it again. But the fish, shrimp and fries were crispy the way I like it. Definitely pleased with fish and fry shrimp basket. Love the seasonings that you use very flavorful.?


Fish had many bones. Fish was old. When we asked for a fork or napkins we were told to find them at another restaurant. They were extremely slow as well. We would’ve brought back the food and demanded a refund but our parking meter was running out of time. Two thumbs down!


I love the food here but as much as I paid I would have preferred a bigger portion. I feel skimp.

James Deal

**TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER, READ ALL ABOUT IT BELOW****Very upset with the lack of condescending customer service that my fiancée received today at Oak City Fish and Chips New Birch Drive location Raleigh from the cashier with the faux locs Aja or Ajay (whatever she said her name was).My fiancée received an email about it being Free Fish Friday! And to pick up a free fish basket today 9/23/2022. This was our first time participating in this event. My fiancée told me about it, so I urgently signed up for their email list, to receive the free fish basket.When my fiancée arrived Isaac Horton IV (Owner) was there, a young lady name Brittany and the cashier Ajay or Aja (whatever she told my fiancé her name was). In order to receive the free fish basket, you have to show email proof to the cashier that you indeed signed up for their mailing list in order to receive the free fish basket. Just imagine the excitement of receiving an email that states “FREE FISH FRIDAYS”.My fiancée explained to the cashier Ajay or Aja that I, her fiancé had signed up for the mailing list and was unable to pick up my basket of “FREE FISH” due to working. My fiancée was going to bring it during my lunch break today. And if she could pick it up instead since she was there to pick up hers. Cashier Aja or Ajay said, “NO, he must be here in person”. **Talk about the just making rules up on the fly huh.**Hence, the email (see below) they sent out fails to mention that a person must be there physically to pick up their OWN basket. See below email received.**It’s that time again. FREE FISH FRIDAY!Pick up your FREE, fish basket on Friday, September 23rd at Farmington Square:2822 New Birch DriveRaleigh, NC 27610This is the only participating location.If you bring anyone with you, make sure they’ve signed up.**So, my fiancée waited until Brittany called her name to come get her basket. My fiancée asked Brittany, if she could pick up my basket since I was at work and if she could ask Isaac (OWNER) and Brittany asked Isaac (OWNER), and he said yes, we can. Aja or Ajay walks from the register (which there was a long line of customers for her to be attending to) up and says, very rudely “No we will not give you his basket, he must be here in person”. My fiancé asked, why would Isaac (who’s the Owner) say “YES”, and you say “NO”. She starts getting very defensive pointing at herself saying, “I am the OWNER,” so my fiancée asks, isn’t Isaac the owner, and she kept repeating herself to say “I am the OWNER” very condescendingly. Then my fiancée asked, how late are you all serving fish? Aja or Ajay says until 8PM. My fiancé then says, well the last time I heard you all ran out of fish, can you ensure this won’t happen this time because I really would like for my fiancé' to get his basket. Aja or Ajay looked startled and says uhh… we should have fish left over.You try to support small businesses, especially POC businesses, but they make it hard in my opinion Oak City Fish and Chips dropped the quality of customer service with this one and tried to plant the image of “Free Fish Friday” as a way preserving customers with the ‘good value from this restaurant’ in your mind.**This whole experience was not a way to give any customer a reason to return. Save yourself the gas and the coins you don't have to endure poor customer service.**

michael bussey

Greatest fried oysters ever, one review says it’s too expensive. What a j*** you order lobster and want it cheap. Anyways good food good value. If anything they should make there chips smaller quantity for small orders by 10-15% A large order could easily feed 2 people.Few notes, have a open sign, have a sign that says take out only to if you aren’t going to finish the dinning room, and get a trash can out front.. I mean your neibor does. So I used theres.Could use all the front end touches. But dang it is darn fine food

Jessica Betanco Milian

It’s so disappointing paying $13 for a “calamari basket “ and ended up being a French fries basket … never again from this place !!!

Liza Roper

We ate lunch today at the Oak City Fish and Chips, Morgan Street Food Hall location. Service was excellent but the food was just so so. Fish tasted old and had bones in it. Disappointing enough we won’t be back.

Wynter Barber

I was patient v with them when th her first opened their food truck. The food and customer service were great! The only bad thing was miscommunication on hours of operation. I would take 30-40 min drives whenever they were listed as open, only to arrive and see they were closed and weren't sure of when they would actually open. You just had to pass by on a good day. When they opened in Morgan food hall, I was beyond excited! Went there at least 3x since pre pandemic. It was good, not the same as before. Here we are post pandemic, I still stop by when in the area... last month they didn't open on time, had one person working. He was telling ppl they'd open in about 15 mins. The oil wasn't even poured yet. Everything else was open, but them. 30mins later, still not open. Not acknowledging the long line of customer's to top it off. At least communicate with us. Act like you see you have a line. Eventually I ordered else where. Today on a Saturday, close to 1p... my bf goes to order a little of everything (my request), only to be told they have no fish nor lobster tails. However he still got me the scallops and shrimp. They young man at the counter ( two were in the kitchen, one came to the front) had an attitude from the beginning. "Hi, welcome to oak city, unfortunately we are out of fish and lobster today, but everything else on the menu is available ". Sounds a lot better than, " Hi, are you ordering "? Rather than pointing to the other side of the counter, like there are signs that specify where to order and pick up as well as a positive attitude. Definitely time to look for another seafood spot with good vibes and communication.

G Z.

It takes a lot to disappoint me but I purchased a Groupon and get to the destination and the food truck is parked next to a storage container and business number is disconnected. Please save yourself the time if you're traveling as I am from making this detour.

Alycia G.

I really don't understand how you sell coupons on Groupon for a location that is closed. If customers wanted to go to the Morgan Street location they would purchase items for there. This is really bad business.

Rebecca Kellenberger

Best seafood I’ve EVER had!! ? love the energy and the truck!

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