NC Beer Factory

500 S Wesleyan Blvd, Rocky Mount
(252) 969-2337

Recent Reviews

Audreta Dillard Irby

Had a great time learning the process f craft beer! Thanks for a good time

Ryan Jewell

We passed through Rocky Mount and decided to stop for a beer, and we couldn’t be more glad we stopped here. The beer was fantastic with a wide variety and Randel is great, highly recommend this brewery!

Darren Warwick

Great place to hang out with friends and have a craft beer or two.Service: 5/5

The West's

Great place and friendly folks!

R.E. “Steve” Stevenson, III

Great new addition to the Rocky Mount breweries! Neat location, friendly and knowledgeable staff, nice local selections to compliment the in-house creations. Family friendly with a great rotation of entertainment and food trucks to make a visit the perfect casual dinner spot.Wheelchair accessibility: Totally accessible!

Ashley Bottoms

Friendly place, great hosts!

Steve Pridgen

Awesome time talking to a fellow veteran Randy and his wife Roxanne! Looking forward for your beer to come out soon! For the time being we will be back for other ?! The Taproom is awesome!


This was the absolute worst Olive Garden I've ever been to. The server flat out lied to us and told us they didn't have any cheese to put on our salad or entrees. The soup was water and not creamy like it is supposed to be. There was barely any sauce on the entrees, however this may be a good thing since I've had better sauce from a $2 jar from Walmart. Shells were partly hard and partly raw, so obviously not cooked properly. The chicken was also obviously precooked as well. The menu is not even half of what they used to serve, and the prices are considerably higher. The food we were served was the quality of a fast food chain, and NOT worth the ridiculous price that they are charging for any of this. Olive Garden used to be a good place to eat, but i will not be back.


My family and I went here for dinner. The food was ok but we were displeased with our waitress because of her attitude, also instead of walking around the table to serve everyone she kept leaning over my husband and I and she passing the food to us to give to everyone. I was extremely annoyed with her and her service. I gave the waitress my card to pay for the dinner once she returned with the receipt for me to sign she stood there and watched me sign the copy like she was trying to see if I was going to add a tip. I chose not to leave a tip this particular night due to the bad service. Two days later I was checking my account and I notice a higher amount charged to my card from Olive Garden. I called and spoke to Gabby the manager, she looked my information up and told me that a $30 tip was added to my bill. The waitress by the name of Cameron went on my card and gave herself a tip. I was shocked, I could not believe that she did that. I would not advise anyone to go to this restaurant unless you want money to be stolen from you.


The Olive Garden makes it easy to feed a family with a basic Italian menu. Prices are reasonable, food is decent, garlic bread sticks and salad are enjoyable. Place was clean and quiet and the service was very good.

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