Red Lobster

1145 Glenway Drive CROSSROADS SHOPPING CENTER, Statesville
(704) 881-0712

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Joshua T Fussell

to start service was very poor. There was no one to take my order or to take my families order. It took about 20min to order drinks and to order food. This place needs to perk up its service.

Carol Mullins

???I had an early dinner alone. Nice & cool, not crowded? My Server was ELIZABETH at the Stsvle location? ELIZABETH was EXCELLENT & helpful? I had the Shrimp special & added a crispy fry that SHE checked to make sure they were just how I wanted them? The Shrimp were lightly breaded, Salad awesome &, of course, their Biscuits were Warm & Tasty?What a great treat & used a Gift Certificate to pay?That left more to Tip ELIZABETH for being knowledgeable & prompt with EVERYTHING? I hope SHE is rewarded for GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?Many Thanks from "Nanny" Carol?July 2021???

Lucky LittleWolfe

Our server, Madie, is honestly one of the best servers I've had. I'm an Executive Chef and a Master Butcher. I would hire her in the heart beat. You are lucky to have her. I wish I could say that for the server with the washed out colored hair. She was disruptive and ineffective.

Jeremy Sipes

Close this place and open somthing worth the money, food quality just is not there at all, and the amount of food you get, they must think their serving gold.

Dr. Cindy Vassar

BEWARE!!! I ate here, review later, and after the server took my debit card in the back of the restaurant, the bank called to say someone was using my debit card number FRAUDULENTLY. I haven’t handed my card over to anyone in years! Every merchant I visit (since covid) has indicated that I use their mobile card reader. The day after I visited RL, suddenly my card has been HACKED!!? I traveled to NC to see my grandson, and the card number was used at the Variety Store of Frog Pond in Stanley, NC…? Too much of a coincidence, since I’m not from NC, but from Tennessee.If you visit here, use cash!The meal was tasty, but the server never refilled my drink, brought the salad AFTER the entree, and I had to ask for to-go boxes. Not what I expected from a RL.

Ibbqd yourdog

Walked in and ordered to go...lobster tail was excellent, steak was very bland although it was done perfectly. Broccoli was undercooked...rice was good. I liked the cheddar biscuits...even tho I don't usually eat biscuits. I'd order there again.

Charlene Rollins

Excellent service, the coconut shrimp with pina colada sauce was amazing. The food was presented well in the to-go containers. There were ample condiments and eating utensils included. They took my order and number so I could remain in my car until my order was ready. They do offer in restaurant eating with safety distancing and standards in place.

Barbara Williams

I ordered a 7oz sirloin med., baked potato, salad. First of I didn't receive my salad until I was almost finished eating as well as my son didn'tget his untilthen either. I got my steak and baked potato my steak was so tough I couldn't even chew it...but it was med. So I sent it back she brought the second one out out it was rear. Cold in the middle, sent it back to make the same steak med. she brought it out and I'm not even sure they put it back on the grill. By that time I was done. They didn't even offer a discount or anything. I wasn't looking for a free meal. HONESTI just wanted something cooked the way I ask and eat able. I never complain but I just couldn't eat it like that. We had been on the road for 8hrs and all I wanted was a good hot meal.


Service Was Terrible. Food Was Not Good! Restaurant Was Not The Cleanest. It Was Just An Overall Bad Experience. Will Make It A Point To Not Stop

David Schneider

Very nice and friendly service and quiet atmosphere and very good service and great food.

D LynchE

Service was slow as our server was very over extended. Old fashioned ordered, delivered as straight whiskey. Margherita with salted rim ordered, delivered without salt. Some sides delivered well after entrees. Front greeter dressed a bit too casually as compared to any other Red Lobsters visited by us. The food was well prepared.

Glo Booth

They didn't have a hostess so our waitress was working 2 jobs. It took about an hour before we were served our meals. And you had to be quick & ask any questions before the waitress disappeared again. But the food was very good as usual.

Celie M Houston

Excellent Food & Service!!!

Carolyn Reed

Horrible experience. We totally understood the signs of having low staff at the door and at the host station. We knew we would have to wait and were willing to wait. The waiter had to keep pulling up his pants. We saw his boxers more than once and not just the top of them. We saw ALL of them. He then decided it was almost time to go home so took off his waiter shirt and had a nasty t-shirt on. He, right off the bat, did not recommend the draft beer due to having a problem with a system "For awhile now" We asked for straws three times before we finally got them. We had to ask for plates a few times just to be able to eat the biscuits. The food was horrible. I asked for blackened salmon. I did not get that and the salmon had Zero flavor. My husband asked for regular salad. Ceasar salad was brought. No problem, he goes to get a regular one. He then comes out and says they only have lettuce and cheese anyway and are out of French dressing. Lobster tail was over cooked and spongy. Ordered broccoli but got french fries. Best thing about the meal was the biscuits. New entrees with brussell sprouts were burnt - Both of them!!. Totally understand these trying times where people don't want to work since they are making more or the same if they were to work. We were willing to wait. We appreciate those willing to work. We tip VERY well...usually. The prices were way to high for this nasty dining experience. No pride!!! COME ON PEOPLE - We can do better!!!!

Reggie Roles

Guess the waitress we had was new, but hopefully she will get better. Got the wrong drink to start with, had to ask for a spoon for my chowder, and I sure did miss the Cheddar biscuits. We didn't get any so I guess they quit serving them.

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