Taco Bell

102 Signal Hill Dr, Statesville
(704) 873-4691

Recent Reviews

Heidi Daelhousen

This location is the absolute worst! EVERY SINGLE TIME we order from this location we come home with multiple items missing and stuff we do get hasn't been customized as requested. I hate it so much because Taco bell is a huge favorite in our home and this is the one closest to us. I'd say our average monthly loss of money to this location is $10-$20 a month due to not receiving the food. This is just ridiculous and I finally had to decide I will never return to this location again!

William Carter II

Taco Bell's one of my favorite restaurants probably will always be

Ashley depew

Pretty fast service cashier was very nice...


Love the crunch wrap. They never go wrong with that. Can be light on the chips in the chips and cheese and the cinnamon twists can be a little light on cinnamon sometimes. But overall they are good and have the best inspection score of all fast food in town.

Katrina Warren

This is a MESS and they should be ashamed to even serve something like this that people spend money on!!! I need a refund!!!

Elisa Teasley

Fast take out ...very friendly staff

Preston Cook

The food is pretty consistent but occasionally they will get something wrong.

Luke Stuart

anyone that gives this place more than one star must have caught this place with a crew that cares. Ordered a chalupa meal and for 3 soft shell taco and they conveniently didn't give me my receipt. Spent double the cost of what was received

Alana Couch

amazing staff! traveling home to florida came in August 1st 2021 for a quick bite before heading out, accidentally left our wallet there but because of the awesome crew working we were able to go back and pick it up! we are not from the area so anything could of happened but luckily the 2 girls at the counter/the manager had our back! thank you taco bell staff!!!

Misty Kruse

Food was hot but wasnt fresh. Staff wasn't willing to try to make it right

Lynn Marie

The chalupa was wrapped in , what seemed like, cardboard, horrible, I used to love them . It was tougher than leather to chew on. Nasty. Wont go there again. Not this one anyway.

Damian Swain

Food was good and correct but service could be better.

Stacy Reynolds

I was not impressed with customer service and feel like the food was not 100% up to par. I hope next time I go it gets better.

Stockman1 Bath

I like the Tacos but unfortunately they don't like me. Always fast friendly customer service..

Joseph Arnet

Food took a bit longer than one would like at this type of place but once it came, wow. I had Doritos tacos supreme beef taco and Frito burrito. So delicious. Staff was very friendly and helpful restaurant was clean as is reasonable. Got the feeling these guys have some pride.

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