971 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington
(910) 256-2097

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Wanda Isbill

Did not get my drink correct.

M.C. Bernadette Burton

Never got better after they moved across the road. Coffee is weaker than most Starbucks, and the standard is so far off than even Landfall. Hope you know what you're drinking and what it tastes like as they rarely know what they're making. Also, the wait is obscene. Just took 15 minutes. Staff could be more friendly.

Steve Ladish

Terrible.. I ordered an APPLE juice and got a HOT APPLE JUICE.

Morgan M.

I am a frequent flyer at Starbucks over off college and they are great! However, I was in the Mayfair area so I stopped over to this location. It was after dinner so I was the only car in the drive thru. It took 10 mins for someone to take my order. I pulled forward and it took 20 mins to not only have my drink made (a matcha latte) but for someone to even come to the window. The women finally came over and I noticed there was a card reader outside the window. I asked her if it was okay to put my card in. The employee replied "UM WHAT?" So I kindly repeated myself and let her know I just wasn't sure if I had the green light to put my chip in. The reply I got after that was "yeahhh". I was completely caught off guard because usually Starbucks has great customer service. If you have places to be in a certain time frame this is not the place to stop.

Letrel Stone

Terrible service and nasty coffee, just please don't waste your hard earned money.

David Wydra

Delicious, delightful, green tea frappuccino

Jessie Pereira-Leonard

PANDEMIC restrictions kept us from enjoying the SEATING AREA

Nickeisha Highsmith

Very nice staff. My order is always correct.

Gene Dawson

Starbucks is what Starbucks is, popular with many people atall times of the day. This one is larger and more noisy. It's also hard to get to from southbound Carolina Beach Road due to a no U turn. Still the parking g lot was full at 4:30 PM on a weekday.

Tyler Jordan

I give it a 1 star because this is no longer Starbucks. This location is now Drift. Another coffee shop, but in my opinion it is better and cheaper then starbucks. Got a latte from here for $4.10 and it was the smoothest coffee I have ever had with no after taste.


One of the male barista's made the best decaf coffee Frappuccino I've ever had and I've been continuously disappointed until today. Thank you very much sir. :)

Ann Revell-Pechar

This is no longer Starbucks, but is now Drift Coffee. Excellent!

Andrew Ross

Love it unpredictable. Five minutes to twenty five min.on the drive thur line......but usually free. Mayfaire new

Linda M.

Unfortunately this is not one of the better Starbucks I've been to. I waited 32 minutes for a Berry Hibiscus Refresher that I ordered (in person) at their front counter. It was a holiday and they were busy so we were all cutting them some slack, but even so, that was still far too long to wait for a drink that wasn't even a brewed beverage. There were other people there who had waited even longer than I did. Worse yet, I came back to the store the next morning as soon as they opened, and the same dirty floors and tables were there from the previous evening. Even the same cup of water was still on one of the tables from the night before. It was apparent they had not even wiped the tables down after they closed the night before - or before they opened for the day. And just for good measure, they got my order wrong on that second visit. Not sure who is managing this particular store but it is subpar. Even the parking lot had litter when I was there.

Marie P.

This Starbucks was good. It had ample seating and wasn't too busy. There were plenty of students working on their laptops. Ordering was uneventful. My friend got a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino and I got Strawberry Starbucks Refresher. Both drinks were tasty and as expected. We stayed for about an hour and didn't feel any pressure to leave. This was a very typical Starbucks and I liked it.

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