Hong Kong King Buffet

1237 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 725-9880

Recent Reviews

Kekeli Hodin

They have the best noodles and food and drinks serves is awsome

T Rox

Great i love the duck no other buffet has

Christina Snider

I ABSOLUTELY Love this spot!! I've been waiting for it to open up again!! The food is good!!

delores slater

It sucked it’s cold and they take the tip off without asking I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone never come back again and made my sons stomach hurt


I haven't eaten here in over 7months. I feel like the service was really bad all the time but what really killed it was the cockroach. Crawling right on the buffet by the fruit and I even told them about it. They didn't care so I haven't been back.

Melody Hagner

My husband loves to eat here. I'm just ok with it. The grill area is nice and I can have what I want. Don't order their sweet tea. Way too watered down.

Elijah Miller

Harassed us about payment a few minutes after sitting down and they had a very limited menu. Most of the food was just things they bought at Walmart and reheated. The desserts they had and everything else meant to be cold was room temperature at best. Waste of 16 dollars but at least they didn’t mess up my Pepsi.

Bob Allan

Typical Chinese buffet food 90% was good quality food, my only complaint would be that that some of the food wouldn't temp out right.

Delois Cochran

Food was great. Waitress was not so good, but Hostess was awesome.

Superhatgirl 64

The food was average, but there was no ice cream even though there is an ice cream machine. The service was not the best one person tried to make us pay more and would not even listen to what I had to say the person was like "no their is 2" and i'm like but and then she interupted me again until we finally got to talk

Charzilla FPV

Food was very good. I tried a little bit of everything!

Keith Mac

Food was not good. I ordered crab rangoons and the old man acted like he wanted me to hurry up and get out of there fast, even though they were open for 3 more hours...terrible customer service...everybody just looked at me like hurry up and leave...not ever going back there!!!

mario andres

Standard Chinese buffet. You know what you'll get kinda thing. Familiar. This one is really really big. It has many many tables and employees. The employees did really well. The place has nice looking glass decorations. It's very busy , sometimes you have to wait a lot to get a table if you go during a busy day like Sunday afternoon. You can have nuggets, fries, plantains, ice cream.


This place is TERRIBLE!!! Food was extremely cold. The old guy at the register is very nasty and rude. We didn’t even eat our food and he still wanted us to pay full price. I will not recommend this place to anybody. Do not waste your money please please please. Shut it down IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!


Been living in winston since i was 5, Hong Kong buffets is a Great place to Dine in with Friends and Family... one thing i can SAY THO is... i seen a few years ago which i will never forget... the biggest Cockroach I've ever seen in my life, It was Freaking Blue, it was on the corner of the booth wall as soon as we noticed it and alerted everyone panicked, the staff came to capture it, they gave us fortune cookies only took .50 cent off the bill cheapskates Lol. other than that a great place

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