1203 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 723-8758

Recent Reviews

Laura Mike Cloer

Cashier didn't appear to want to be there.

Jeff Baughman

Good food but a little slow getting it to you

Otto Gaither

KFC with a great sanitation grade. What's not to love. The meals are hot, you get 11 herbs and spices and wonderful service.

Diva Goddess

Disappointed really..first told them what I wanted they didnt respond with it could be a combo, so had to pay full price. Next, they left out two biscuits. Then the chicken size was same size as a biscuit. I know that happen cause it was drive thru. Also I didnt get a receipt and what happen to the freaking wedges Caution: walk in, check food items, get receipt

Shannon W.

Would have gotten 5 stars but they failed to give a receipt. Tried the new fries and they are DIVINE! Love having another potato choice other than potato wedges and mashed potatoes ?

Diane Myers

Great deal tonight. 17 pieces of chicken and large mash potatoes 21.00. Hubby happy.

Kirsten Buchanan

Is everyone at this location incompetent? This location needs an entire staff over haul. General manager definitely included.

Henry Happ

Chicken is to small; but good. To slow. They need to ask themselves how can we improve our business. And do it.

BlackAnkle Girl

Cheap good and fast. Tastes the same as it did 20 years ago.

Darlene Ward

Chicken pot pie is sooooo gooo! 2 for 6.00 while sale lasts. Try one u won't regret it. Also on 5.00 fill up w a cookie and a drink!

Eric Thacker

Worst most horrible KFC I’ve ever been in and I have never been disappointed in KFC. Not only was the food horrible( chicken over cooked, and burned on several pieces) the customer service was the worst of any place I’ve ever been in. The lady at the drive through was disgusting rude. I took the chicken back in for a refund and instead of saying I’m sorry , let us fix you some more the manager actually argued with me that , that was the way they cook there chicken. If that’s the case I will go further with this and report this location to KFC headquarters as I know up the corporate ladder they will not like the way this business treats their customers. Other reviews on this location seem to say the same things about this establishment.

Lauren Mintz

Nashville Hot Tenders...? It's my first time so I don't know how they're supposed to be exactly but the picture online shows them in sauce.

Ann Boles

Ordered a 12 peice dinner.

Nikki M.

KFC is delicious. I'm sad that the only one near me is so awful. First I tried to order my daughter a bucket of chicken for her birthday.... And they were out of chicken... Seriously. I went back today and got the new Nashville hot ( which wasn't hot. I put hot sauce on it) and my daughter got tenders. The cashier didn't even give us time to order a side and acted annoyed when she tried to charge my daughter separated and I said we were together. After we got our food I had to go up for a fork and hot sauce. The same cashier was putting another woman's order together so I waited at the register until she was done. She saw me ( also I was there only person there) as she was getting stuff together and when she was done proceeded to ignore me and start stocking bags. Eventually the manager who saw her ignoring me asked what I needed. I got it and went back to eat. The new fries are awesome first of all. The Nashville hot sucks. And most of our food was room temp. Not a happy customer but obviously by the reviews I'm not alone.. Upper management needs to get cracking on this region.

Keith Wise

I will never go back to this location, I told the lady at the register that I wanted no wings

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