Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

1227 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem
(336) 773-0300

Recent Reviews

Kevin L.

Best in town hands down. Handmade tamales awesome carnitas awesome fajitas awesome great wait staff family owned and operated I absolutely love this place we go at least twice a week and it's very affordable

Whitney Sova

This place is labeled “Bradley’s California Burrito Place” in my phone because my husband (Bradley) and I used to go there or order it to go so often! We don’t live on that side of town anymore, so we now go to a different Mexican place up the road from our place, but this one is really really delicious. Fast service, the food is always correct, even with their take out!

TaMara Clement

We have been coming here for years. Jose, Patricia, Melissa H. and Stephanie are the best. Majority of the time, we have been here 2 times a week. The service is great and the customer service is wonderful. THEY value establishing relationships with their customers on a more personable level. They always know what we like and how we like our food. . Poppie and Patricia, your team ROCKS! Keep pushing for the best Monteray's! Tammy, Ingrid and the gang!

Taylor Mills

Just ordered from there and got charged for extra food that I didn’t order! They argued us up and down that it was but the lady who took my order over the phone read back exactly why I asked for. So when my boyfriend went to pay for the food and seen it was more then what was ordered the man then told us we was wrong after looking at the ticket and seen we only ordered 2 combinations NOT 3 but still proceeded to say no this is what it on our menu! So I politely told him only it says something different! Long story short the customer service was horrible and they need to get people that can take orders over the phone who know proper English!

Duane H.

Terrible management and rude staff. Called to place a order since nobody speaks English we had complications and got hung up on twice after I asked why I was told he doesn't know.

Mark Armstrong

Good service especially from Patricia. Other staff are good. Patricia is our favorite. You know she loves kids by the way she interacts with them. Patricia is always friendly and has a smile for the guests and knows us and many others by name.

Cindy Hanes

Great service and people are always nice. The long island ice teas are spot on everytime. Food is so delicious.💜💜💜💜


The salsa tasted like it came out of a jar, so it's not my fav. But the food was good. Standard "east coast" Mexican restaurant.

Kiesha Clay

So I didn't bother taking a photo of any of our food only because we were being bombarded by flies and because it lacked flavour. The server was very attentive and had a great personality. Just not authentic enough for me.

Thomas K

I'll be honest, I've gone to this place for years, always enjoyed it, but it seems to have fallen off in quality as of late. Maybe my tastes have changed over the years, but what I once believed to be the best Mexican restaurant in the area has now become fairly average. I won't give up on them and will return occasionally to stay hopeful for a return to it's glory days, but I cannot give them higher than 3 stars in it's current condition.

Sanya Mills

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE. Family friendly environment. As soon as you seat yourself here they come to your service. And then if your like me you already know what you want to eat. Then in about 5 to 10mins here comes the food. They are very attentive and gives the best customer service. I'm a regular and have been over 10 years. This is the only Mexican Restaurant I like in Winston Salem!

Alan Hill

Food i s good. service is good. but no one would come to the register to take care of the bill. i had to go find someone to pay.

Kristy G

Quick service, staff came to check on us many times. They were very friendly. The food was good and plenty of it. 👍 Nice lighting and comfortable.

Rose Bud

Fast service, waiters are nice and the lunch specials are amazing! Same price as fast food except you get near homemade quality.

Katelyn Hargrave

Also good everytime we go! Great people there and great food!

Khristi C

Absolutely love this place! We are regulars in the area and are never disappointed dining here!

Noble Mcgregor

The food is really authentic and very good. The prices are amazing.


I heard a lot of good things about this place, so I was really disappointed. Let me clarify up front, I'm not a picky person at all. But after hearing the food was good, I was really surprised that there was zero flavour in the meat. I even asked my companions just to make sure it wasn't me. They said the same, it was plain unseasoned beef. I thought about asking for some Goya or something but didn't want to be rude. We also ordered a pitcher of margaritas and a couple shots of rum and tequila. The pitcher tasted like there was no alcohol in it, and I'm pretty sure my shot of rum wasn't rum.

Brad V.

We ate here for the second time Friday night. Never again. Had the 3 taco platter 2 carne asada 1 carnita. The carnitas taco was average and I say this because carnitas is usually the measuring stick I use for chain Mexican place. The carne asada tacos were beat. Less than fresh. I left one untouched , which is not my style, and the waiter failure to inquire if everything was satisfactory. I'm out. Go to Senor Bravos

Trescha M.

Let me clarify up front, I'm not a picky person at all. But after hearing the food was good, I was really surprised that there was zero flavour in the meat. I even asked my companions just to make sure it wasn't me. They said the same, it was plain unseasoned beef. I thought about asking for some Goya or something but didn't want to be rude. We also ordered a pitcher of margaritas and a couple shots of rum and tequila. The pitcher tasted like there was no alcohol in it, and I'm pretty sure my shot of rum wasn't rum. The service was very prompt, but the waiter never came back to check on the table. Each time we flagged him down from across the restaurant, he was very prompt though. Note, it was weekday lunch and almost no tables, so they were not busy. Everyone at my table remarked they had been there before and had great experiences, but it had been at night... so maybe going for dinner is a different thing and they either don't care about their lunch crowd or save their best cooks and staff for dinner rush. I was very disappointed after hearing such good things about this place. I give them stars for being prompt, and if you're in a lunch hurry, they're speedy.

Thomas Motley

Called in order lady was rude, got there she snatch money from my hand still rude and the waitress staffs didn’t seem to know what they were doing or understand what I was saying... also food was cold... bad experience never return

Elia Grooms

One off my favourite places to eat with the friendliest staff. Really good #1 food.

Jenny Spencer

I order food here alot. Mostly I call it in for pick up. The Management is Super nice :) Th

Rachel W.

The staff is so rude. The lady in the front slapped my change into my hand causing it to miss my hand complete and hit the floor ! They do not greet you , & the food is over priced ?

Shannon Hall

Had a nice lunch with an old friend. Service was great. They got everything on The table very quickly. The food was delicious. The only problem I had was when were done eating and only approx. Five tables in the whole restaurant were seated. Once they brought the check, they would No longer wait on you. My cup remained dry for 2.5hrs. That is not the very good customer service... There for no fifth star.


Read the first few reviews and they were ok, but I have to disagree. The beans and rice were just warm but not so good. I had the 5 enchilada meal and the end of the tortillas were hard. The food was just edible. But out waiter was pretty friendly.

Karen Welsh

My birthday dinner. Food was great, service terrific, margaritas did what they're supposed to do, and the staff sang and made a "fuss". Really enjoyed it.

Shelise Fillers

Food was great. Service was mediocre and very slow. It was not very busy. It appeared that there was only one server working the restaurant and possibly very new. Other employees were visible but didnt bother to assist.

April Hunt

My sister (that I just met after over 40 years!) took me there. Our server was the absolute best. The food came very quickly, and it was great. No complaints

Randy Power

Great food! Authentic Mexican with perfect service, cold beer and not the fancy atmosphere of bigger chain restaurants. Hot, fresh, and delicious!

Diondra E.

This place was HORRIBLE my friend and I went to sit in. We were promptly seated and waited on, not long after being there we began to see NATS flying around our table and food. We couldn't even enjoy our food with out swatting at BUGS!! We then asked to speak to the manager, when we got up to the register we explained to the manager the situation at hand. He told us that nobody has ever complained to him about BUGS FLYING AROUND THERE TABLE, he simply replied "That's not my problem". We ended up not paying for our food but we were also told not to come back because we simply just wanted him to know what was going on in his restaurant for other customers.

Nikki Money

People are fairly friendly and their burritos are on point. It's a good place to meet up and hang out. Please tip your server!

Dawn M.

This place is a joke. My husband and i went there yesterday earlier in the evening maybe around 6. We sat ourselves. We ordered our drinks, food, and bean dip for the chips. The bean dip comes and its really watery, we simply wanted it a little thicker. I told the waiter, and in his half ass attempt at english, he tried to make an excuse rather than fix the bean dip. Rather than apologizing, he just stood there and staired at me like i was a flippen alien. He didnt understand english, and it was utterly ridiculous. We got up, attempted to pay for our drinks and left. The manager then wanted to argue with us so we wouldnt leave which made us even angrier. Again this place is a joke and not worth your time or energy. I told my husband i have never walked out of a mexican restaurant, ive never had to.


Monterrey Mexican has all the standard Mexican offerings and combos which are offered at lunch for a very reasonable price. The salsa is good but I prefer something more spicy. Service is fast and friendly.


My husband and I have been eating at Monterrey for many years. We have ALWAYS been waited on within a very few minutes of being seated. Our order is always correct and our food is always served hot. Waiters/waitresses are always courteous and friendly. Good food for the price! Good location and hours.

Kenia M.

the restaurant was not busy. After being seated, I waiting 15 minutes without water, salsa, and no acknowledgement from a waiter or waitress. I had to physically get up and ask the host for a waiter. Unfortunately, my waiter was the man laughing and socializing with the table in front of me the entire time waiting to be served. keep in mind everyone was done eating. they were just consuming alot of alcohol. since it was a medium size group, he was too busy working on a large tip. when he comes to take my order. he is rude and upset that he had to leave the group. finally received my food from another waiter. my waiter never came back to check on me or give me my ticket. I could have walked out without paying and no one would have noticed my absence. it is cheap food with extremely cheap and poor service. never return.

Thomas R

Nachos come out first. Main meal is good and will fill you up. Dessert is good and compliments the meal.

Nikki M.

We love eating here. Good process and you get a lot of food for the money if you order the right things. Sometimes the beef can be bland expecially the tacos., but everything else we have had is delicious!

Testdummy L.

Me and my family go here along. We love the food and my parents love the drinks, if you know what I mean, I would recommend it. Overall: awsome


We eat here along the way and usually split the Texas Fehitta . Beef chicken shrimp onions peppers all stewed together makes it delicious . Staff is friendly and service is good . Plenty of parking being its in a shopping center .