Eden Out - Vegan Meal Delivery Service

148 Weaverville Rd, Woodfin
(828) 338-9466

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David Wald

Awesome! Healthy food,affordable prices. Brownies are awesome!?

Beverlyn Hills

The owner on here calling patrons who dont give good reviews “felons” when he is a multiple time felon himself is distasteful. As for the food, it’s vegan lean cuisine. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes meh, others awful. it’s a front, not a restaurant so align your expectations and it should be ok, but don’t we have enough vegan and drugs in Asheville.

Michele Hardeman

We picked up some lasagna at a farmer's market and WOW. I'm GF, she's not, neither of us are strictly vegan/veg, and we both said this is one of the best lasagnas we've *ever" had. The richness was delicate and even. The sort of flavor you think about when it's gone and want other people to try. 100% recommend.

Michael Golzmane

Hey Asheville, if you want to be into (or already are) healthy eating, or just want some great-tasting healthy food to supplement your meals for the week, please check out Eden Out! I used to get their food back a few years ago, but stopped because I found the quality to be sub-par. But they have new ownership now, and the food is consistently well-prepared and amazing. Please give then another try if it's been a while since you've last checked them out! Also, if you are vegan or vegetarian -- great, their food will work for you! But even if you are not vegetarian, you can add their food to whatever foods you are already eating, to make everything healthier. Think veggie sides. If you are gluten free, check them out, because almost everything here will fit with that! Their prices are great, and they have a beautiful wide weekly selection of sides, mains, salads, soups, desserts, dips and spreads, etc. Check out Eden Out!!

Blue C.

If your looking for organic food made with local ingredients than look else where. This business is a scam. The new owner has one thing in mind, profit. Its a shame that so many folks are fooled into believing that this business is what it says it is. How is this legal?

My Lens

Eden Out created a deliciously wonderful holiday meal that was a big hit with our family. Being able to get vegan take out is such a treat for gluten free vegans.

James Jackson

Possibly the best, and definitely the most long lived vegan establishment in AVL

Mary Jane Keneipp

Very delicious, super fresh and healthy food. I love that they try to make most of their meals gluten free and even though I'm not vegan I find the food very satisfying!

Zack W. Daniels

Delicious plant-based food, one of the best shepard's pies that I've ever had.

Robyn Harrison

After a 3 yr hiatus I am very happy once again to be ordering from Eden Out. The meals heat up beautifully and are reasonably priced. Portions are generous too. It’s comfort food wisely & thoughtfully prepared. Never any worries about ingredients, sitting down to one of their prepared entrees & salads is 100% enjoyment.

Will Weintraub

I'm sure the food is quite good from all that I've heard but be careful of their attitude and their cooperation. Their instructions say to use their email to contact them when you're not calling on their specific days when they're near their phone. I did that 6 days before they finally got a hold of me to say sorry we can't do your food. Now I'm stuck at the last minute trying to find someone else who can prepare the food. This isn't a comment on their food this is a comment on their attitude which was very terse and their inability to follow their own instructions which say use email because they will answer that fast, however no one ever responded to The email I sent 5 days earlier.

Chuck W.

I'm sure their food is quite good. I've heard only good comments about their food which is why I contacted them. I needed enough food for 10 people and wanted to use items directly from their menu. I called the phone number and the phone number stated that unless you're calling on certain days of the week that they listed that I was to please use email because they will respond fast to email. Six days later somebody called me to say they couldn't do my order. The person was very terse and uncustomer friendly. So beware, read all the fine print on their website and follow their directions completely or you will get a bad attitude and you will not get the food you want. Again this isn't a comment on their food this is a comment on the fact they don't follow their own instructions which say they will get back to you right away and instead I'm left a few days before my people arrive and have to find someone else to prepare vegan meals.

Zackary Daniels

Delicious plant-based food, one of the best shepard's pies that I've ever had.

Aurora Baca

I am a first timer coming to eden out and I was not disappointed! Wonderful staff, so friendly and the online ordering is very easy.. Amazing food and such an amazing price for meals for 7 days. That is lunch and dinner, the food is so delicious and also you can get dessert. Definitely my go to place every Tuesday! Thank you to them!


This place is a 100% must-have for any vegan living in Asheville area. The menu changes every week so there’s always something new to try, plus they bring back old favorites from time to time. But everything is so tasty, so fresh, and leaves you feeling full but healthier at the same time. This place is the real deal.

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Eden Out - Vegan Meal Delivery Service

148 Weaverville Rd, Woodfin, NC 28804
(828) 338-9466