1107 2nd Ave W, Williston
(701) 774-2144

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Random Person

6:00pm, Doors locked, no signs on doors, just locked the doors. All lights on, people inside working, would not acknowledge van full of people trying to come inside, great way to lose business. Took van fulp to DQ...Service: 1/5

Raleigh G Peck

Fifth in line at the drive up took over 20 minutes for a cool roast beef and not quite luke warm fries. Coke was perfectFood: 3/5

Mark Lange

The Drive thru person didn't ask if wanted sauces. And I didn't think about til I was 35 minutes away? ?I think she could paid better attention at point of sale...Food: 5/5

bentarrr thebaxter

30 minutes to serve 4 cars. Spent my entire break trying to get food in a restaurant that wasn't even that busy, never did get my food. Last time I went my order was incorrect. One star because zero is not available.

Ben Johnson (Benson)

For fast food, this place is great. They never mess up my order. Unlike McD.Food: 4/5

Carolyn Johnson

My boyfriend and I went through the drive-through tonight, and I just have to say that Tonya working the window was amazing!!! Even though it was -15 degrees out she was so cheerful and nice! This was by far the best experience we’ve had at Arby’s! It is great to see people like this! We need more Tonyas out there!

Brian Cusick

I waited in drive through line for 20 minutes and one single vehicle was helped out of the line that was backed up all the way to the Cash Wise in the neighboring parking lot. I called the store a total of 3 times and no answer. Get it together Arby’s Williston North Dakota. Normally a huge fan but I’ve noticed in the northern states service is garbage at the majority of places.

Robert Stancel

Who knows about the atmosphere the place is closed the girl at the drive-thru argues me about a coupon that I had in my hand and was not expired not againFood: 3/5

Tony L

Very slow with no one in line, at least serve hot food if you're going to make people wait way too long for their orders. Consistently a problem over last several visits and I think I'm finally done trying this location.

Kierstin Gunnels

This is not your typical Arby's. These people cannot understand what sauce is, and without fail will forget it even if you ask at both the speaker and the window. The managers will not take any accountability when drinks are wrong or sauces are missing. They simply say "well we have 1 cook right now." Pretty sure the cook doesn't bag the food or make the drinks. They don't say sorry or offer to make it right. I worked fast food when I was young for years and have been in the food service for 6 years. These managers and workers are laughable and need to learn what customer service is.

Justin Ludlow

It's OK, need to.bring back the original meat for.the Gyro. The cheesesteak didn't taste like cheese steak. The curly fries are always good, load them up fully on a small serving is best. The classic on occasion are good. The chicken sandwich is a must try. Breakfast is always a favorite just not the biscuits, not a biscuit guy. At least they have variety change ever so often.

Beth Ann Sarpong

Two of the last three times I’ve have gotten food from Arby’s drive thru I have gotten home and an entire entree has been missing from our order. Both times I had ordered a chicken tender meal among other things and there were no chicken tenders in the bag when we got home. We enjoy Arby’s food, but I don’t think we will be getting it again for long time. When you order and spend $40 for everyone’s food and then someone doesn’t get their food, multiple times, it’s just not worth it.

JuAN John

They over frie the food it has a horrible taste you can literally squeeze the cooking oil out of it. It made me ill? terrible service they wouldn't trade my food!! As we'll . I do not recommend Arby's in Williston .

J Gardiner

It's ridiculous how I've lived here since 2013 and only twice I've ever been able to get a milk shake. Their machine is literally always broken. I don't eat out a lot, but when I get a chance to I like Arby's because the food is good and I go for the Jamoca shake and yet ita always broken. I guarantee we could start a Facebook page for willistons Arby's to keep up with its ice cream machine service, when it's broken and not.


This is not a real Arby's. They don't even open the lobby. Why not put it right on the door, lobby is closed due to poor management. Its been years now of someone pretending they know how to run a business. Everytime I go there its very unusual and something is not of the ordinary restaurant.

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