1107 2nd Ave W, Williston
(701) 774-2144

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Emily Catherine

I went through the drive thru this afternoon and let me tell ya, the woman taking orders was a breath of fresh air from others I have encountered. She was bubbly and entertaining. Give her a raise! I did t catch her name. The food was great too. Keep it up

darren Weaver

Fix your time if yall are gonna close at 8 dont have people waiting 20 minutes to be told youre closed

Matthew Flaten

Hours say open til 10pm. Wait in in the drive through line for 15 minutes only to get up to the speaker and have them tell me they’re closed. At 8pm. Wouldn’t have been a big deal if they could’ve had someone walk out and tell the people in line that they were closed instead of making us wait til we got to the speaker.

Nikol Richards

Great prices for sliders and Roast Beef sandwiches

anna blazicevich

Without having any inside business and only 3 cars in front of me I waited almost 20 minutes for my food. That is ridiculous. No sense of urgency coming out of that restaurant. Being an assistant at a restaurant in town I know that is truly a must

Kryss Rico

good place for a snack, they also have good customer service and are fast, the food is also good

Lancey Bonnell

Love having Arby's right around the corner! Love the food, really like the seasonal shakes! Only if the ice cream and shake machine worked. 70% of the time it's been down when I go there like today. Today I had my second favorite sandwich, Pecan Chicken and I found a bone. I realize that's a chance you take but it was surprising. I caught it in time before I hurt a tooth. Just thought I'd bring all this to your attention.Thank you


Love the food but this location never has their shake machine working....

Bryan Petre

Went for their new chicken nuggetsbwhich are surprisingly good highly recommend them.

Troy Bowman

Love roast beef.Dinning room not open not enough employees.


Waited in line for 20 minutes in my roast beef look like it was five days old

Samuel S _사무엘 에스

“I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s”- that one Simpsons episode

Beckie Conklin

Best visit yet, food was good service was better.

Jody Malone

Food is definitely not the best in town. They always mess my orders up. ? so we only go when we are in a hurry.

Kristie Quam

Dont really go there, there are always way to many cars.

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