Taco Bell

6110 N 72nd St, Omaha
(402) 571-7161

Recent Reviews

Jill Granillo

Just ate a burrito supreme. I am disappointed at the quality of the ingredients. It a big hard tortilla with runny stuff in it, a couple pieces of lettuce im not sure if it belonged in there, and very few tomatoes and if there was onion I didn't see any. Sour cream was at the bottle of the last bite look like runny soup. Nothing like the advertisement, not even close.

Reg T

They were out of jalapeños which changed the experience, otherwise it good.

Maryann Wolfe

Excellent customer service and order accuracy! it's nice to be able to have confidence that you're getting the correct order each and every time! Great job guys keep up the excellent work!


The staff was very rude to me i told the cashier i didn't need a cup holder she told me its our policy and threw the cups at meI asked to speak to a manager and his name. She told me hell no

terrence urwin

I love it when I sit in the drive thru with 3 cars ahead of me for a half hour! Then when I get to the window the window person is working making food after taking my cash with the same gloves and put the bags in the "contactless bin" then dig through the bag before taping it up! Love it!

Mataya Mallory

We had to go back because they forgot 3 items:( But they handled it kinda well! A bit sassy but they still gave us our missing things ❤ Things go missing a lot there.

Vance McBride

Convenient finally a Taco Bell that got my order right

Christian Carr

Amazing food and service! Exceptional attendants who know their stuff. Thank you.

Joslyn Schonder

Both of the people working in the drive thru were very nice. The food was made well. The only problem was I ordered a freeze and when I got it it was half melted.

Kevin Wayne

This Taco Bell is the worst! They always mess up orders or serve old food. The store manager is very rude as well when bringing it to her attention and argues that your order was correct when it wasn’t....

Scott Zimmerman

Absolutely fantastic! Best Taco Bell I've ever had by a long shot.

Crystal Ludwig

Fast, friendly, and every time we go here they always have our order correct.

Feelin Nerdy

Great service and they actually got every item for my $47 order. Thanks!

CBD Midwest

The restrooms are disgusting, dry urine all over the toilet not just the seat but everywhere even on the tank and walls as well as floor. The floor is very dirty and black all over on what is a red floor. The mirror, sink and paper towel area are dirty as well, the door inside also has black spots all over from hands. I saw this and went somewhere else to get my breakfast. I would rather rate this place a negative 5 stars, as I am sure with the restroom in the condition that the kitchen is no better and the employees probably are not following hand washing procedures if they even wash their hands at all. By far the worst location in Omaha, the health department needs to come do a surprise inspection.

Reginald Pinkney Sr

The drive thru experience here is really good. The staff was friendly and efficient for it being the evening dinner rush hour. The food was also good.

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