Taco Bell

6110 N 72nd St, Omaha
(402) 571-7161

Recent Reviews

Caleb Green

Clean, but staff (for lunch at least) is incompetent and slow. Place wasnt busy inside or drive thru, ended up waiting 30 min for a simple order. No apologies or anything for it either. Also witnessed on of the staff eating chips out of the prepared bags for orders. This place needs to clean house and start over..

Ali Hibler

I have gotten food here a few times with in the last few months since we moved to this part of omaha in may. And I have had about half of my orders are missing pieces either when I use door dash, carry out or drive through. When I call the store to try and get this resolved. All they want to do is for me to drive all the way back to the restaurant when I had the food delivered and had to pay extra for delivery through door dash. When all I would like would to be reimbursed for the food that I did not recieve!! Their customer service is also very lacking. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR ORDER BEFORE YOU LEAVE HERE!

Miguel DC

Super poor experience at this one. To be fair the order was made correctly, however the lobby was closed in the middle of the day. I didn't see any kind of renovations going on inside either. I believe they were understaffed for the day as the line and wait was very long.

Rosie white

I enjoy going to taco bell, but I don't visit there to often because I don't eat out at fast food places like that.

Emily Leisure

I waited in line for twenty five minutes total. The girl working the window didn?t know they had rolled chicken tacos and I had to order through a manager. Finally made it to the window and she tried to not give me my change back. The rolled chicken tacos were burnt and the Crunchwrap was cold and hard. The Crunchwrap also had a disgusting taste to it. Like they tampered with it. I?ve never tasted anything like that and threw it away after two bites. Waste of time and money.

Levi Drake

Taco Bells always good. Cant beat a 5.00 meal

Cliff S.

This place posts a 2am close time on Yelp but when you pull up at 11pm, they tell you that they're closed and have been since 10pm. Been there once before and waited in the drive thru for 30 minutes (no exaggeration). Easily the worst Taco Bell in the city and perhaps the World!!

Sara Zavitz

Staff was super nice as always but the food was not good. I paid extra for my food to be prepared the way I wanted and it was so far from that. I dined in with my kids so i was not going to make a fuss about it, but I don't think I've ever encountered a bad experience with the people or food like i did today. Nothing tasted good or came out as ordered. But i will be back nonetheless. Hopefully this is helpfulð???

Ryan Haley

I always get my order correct and they are fairly polite

Dan Wally

Always good, especially when Dan W is working. Always has a smile!

Atalaya Cannon

I love Taco Bells distinct taco seasoning taste.

Erica Coppage

Always open late at night after a Saturday night !!Great location

John Marinville

Food was great. Dining room closed for remodeling but drive thru was quick and efficient. Cashier very pleasant.

Paris White

I think they're pretty good to be Taco Bell. If you had one you've had all. I've been going here for awhile and I've never had to wait to longer than a few mins for my food. Doesn't matter if I go inside or through the drive thru. All in all it's a quick place to grab a bite to eat

Breanna Massey

Work on keeping fresh cinnamon twist! However foods always served at a timely manner!!


Late night is excellent. Everyone was friendly, fast, and hardworking

William Field

It's Taco Smell. Decent food and lots of gas afterwards.

Sharon Patricia Dodd Rickard

Fair ....slow service inside and drive-in. Food not really hot, warm to cool. Not very clean either. I don't think I will try this one again. Usually they are really good. Maybe it was just this location.

Adriene Archibald

They have some nice options for those who go meatless, especially for a quick service place. The spicy potato tacos, the bean tostadas and the 7 layer burritos are all nice options, and you can even get them without cheese if you are vegan!

regi blue

This one is fast and your order is always right. Good customer service.

Vicki Jensen

20 minutes to get through the drive thru. But atleast the cashier was pleasant and the order was correct

Amelia C.

Taco Bell... what's there negative to say about it? Pretty much nothing. Very flavorful tacos and drinks. Obviously, it's not "authentic" Mexican cuisine, but it's still extremely delicious. Also very affordable! I can get a whole meal for myself, my husband, my son, and everyone else in my city and the cost would be $10. The freezes are also always fun and very nice, like the seasonal Watermelon Freeze and Baja Blast. Sometimes the workers wrap about these tacos so bad that it's messy and gross everywhere when I try to eat, which is why I took off a star. However, this is pretty rare, so whatever! Overall, great place that fills your stomach up and the toilet (lol).

Laura Clark

We love the five dollars specials after are religion meetings on wednesdays evenings. The food os good at other times as well.


We went to this taco bell art 150 and they said they were closed. You need to change the time on your sign and online. You really need to figure this out because they just made you lose some regular customers. That loved taco bell.. Very poor store either with employees or some management.


I tried the Doritos taco and Doritos fries, I have to say thet are delicious. Especially the fries had a lot of flavor. For the taco I felt it was a bit too salty to my taste but completely worth trying.

Paul LeClair

The reason why theyâ??re closing early is because so many people left. After the Omaha stores went from corporate to franchise, the new owner decided to take away employee benefits, and a lot of people quit because of it. That was why I did at least. I was a manager there for almost a year. I lost my paid vacation and health insurance.

adam dibbern

Fun place. Fast service. Good prices.

Ray Cudaback

The service was reasonable but the food was terrible. Stale nachos, watered down Dr. Pepper, and forgotten cinnamon twists ð??

Kayla Wycoff

Whenever I go here I leave with one less item than what I ordered. Also how do you mess up a soft shell taco without lettuce three times?! All you have to do is make it without lettuce!

Austin McNown

Service is always fantastic, Precious is one heck of a manager. Food is what you'd expect from a Taco Bell.

Margie Raymond

Just a normal fast food place

Christopher Wright

My favorite place to eat fast food wise.. I will say that on Christmas Eve, the staff was having a party and had about 15 cars in drive through but only one employee doing all the work. But other than that... Throughout the year they're pretty good at speedy service with a smile

Georgia Stawniak

They have forgot food the last 2 times we went to this location. I wouldn't even care enough to complain if they weren't so rude when I went inside the 2nd time to ask for my missing items.

LaRonda Morgan


Your Mom

Its fast food and tacos. Cant go wrong if u keep it basic

Michelle D.

Been in drive thru line now for 12 minutes and have moved four cars. Inside seems to have a small line and we are at prime time (7:00 Friday night) but this is ridiculous. I seriously have never been to a Taco Bell this slow and I will never be back to this one. Took a total of 31 minutes to get through drive thru. I'm moving my review from one star to two because the girl at the window was friendly and the tacos were stuffed and order was right.


Great customer service. Right in the heartland. Dan is always at the drive thru window and great worker! Good food.

Bobbi F

Worst customer service ever!! I order the $5 craving box and am told my told is $5.49 and to pull ahead. I proceed to wait for over 30 mins. Finally get up to the window and he tells me $8 something for my total. I said no thatâ??s not my order mine was only $4.49. He proceeds to tell me everything but says substitute chicken for all the beef items. I told him I did t want chicken that must be the car behind me. This guy is seriously so rude by the way this entire time. He told me they were out of beef so had to do chicken. Then wants to charge me $3 more because they are out of a item. I told him I was not paying more. He said there was nothing he could do. Iâ??m sorry but if a business is out of something and have to do a substitution you donâ??t punish the customer but charging them $3 more for chicken. This place sucks!


Most of the time that I go to this one, i usually end up wanting to kick myself again for picking the worst Taco Bell in the US.

Kitsune CP

Friendly and quick service, warm fresh food ð???