Taco Bell

12075 W Center Rd, Omaha
(402) 330-3902

Recent Reviews

Michael Meissner

Always delicious, lovely service. 11/10 would recommend

Cruise family of 3 Nebraska

Great stuff and great food

KC Holder

The food is halfway decent, typical to Taco Bell standards. However, I ordered a Nacho Bell Grande today for my sister, and found at least two different people?s hair in the nachos. If you are a Taco Bell employee, learn to wear a hairnet. If you are not, and are just thinking of getting some T.B., choose another location. There?s one just two miles down the road (146 and Center) that would be better.

Teri Shockey

It's fast food. The people there are very friendly and do a great job.

Jim Allen

My gf loves y?all

Alicia VR

The service from the Manager on Duty Jesus was very lack luster. Items were being displayed for order that were not avail. He was dressed in a baseball T shirt and jeans like he was hanging with the fellas. The other staff members looked the Taco Bell part. Not happy could not even finish my crunch wrap I ordered. Irritated... to say the least. May have not get breakfast there anymore. He did not even give the receipt back to me in my hand...how rude. You are in a face to face customer service atmosphere look and act the part. The rapport you have with a customer determines whether you come back. I am use to certain level of courteousness which I always receive from the staff but this manager on duty is not to be desired. I will tell my co workers what my morning was like 11/26/2019.

Jeffrey Lienemann

It's a taco Bell. Quick fast food

Timothy Boetger

Quick and easy for supper. No hassels

Mike Mitchell

5 star carry out. ð???


I worked for Taco Bell for years and I try not to ever eat at one simply because what I know but I gave it shot. The food wasn't bad for what it was, service was above and beyond though. My food was waiting for me by the time I got done ordering!

thetaurak .

I worked for Taco Bell for years and I try not to ever eat at one simply because what I know but I gave it shot. The food wasn't bad for what it was, service was above and beyond though. My food was waiting for me by the time I got done ordering!

Susan Mary

The best taco salad. I crave Taco Bell.LOL

Megan Hale

The food was super good and the service was fast..

Roger Dunn

Love the cheap fast food, however there menu minus the list of drinks is confusing until you realize the glasses on each picture contains the drink name. Very clever taco bell.

Wes Dodge

Always good for breakfast. Fair price. Help is great in morning.

Rick Lopez

Stop is always very nice and food is always nice and hot very competitive in their prices thanks for a job well done Taco Bell I'll come back again

Elizabeth F

We love TBell and would love to visit the resort, although that isn't likely, I think we made a friend at this location and look forward to going back! (Unless the open a location a little closer to Logan IA)

Penny Bless

Taco pizza was one of the best I have had.

Nabil Salama

What can I say taco Bell is always a great choice for fast Mexican food. This place is clean and fast. Food is fresh and good.

Maria Ingham

This store is on key. They have only messed up my order once in years of coming to this location. They left out an item when I went in to let them know they gave me an extra cinnamon twist at no cost. I love this location. The staff is always friendly and kind.

Pj Purdy

Best Taco Bell around omaha it deserves ever bit of a 4 star.

kyle davis

Consistently good service and food, pretty clean dinning room area.

Jake P.

Most people know about Taco Bell, and this one isn't different from the others in the franchise. Their $5 boxes are a great deal, especially for college students. It's also great that they don't fry everything like other places, which I think is actually better for us than most other fast food spots. I got the $5 box which had nacho fries, a cheese and been burrito and a Doritos locos taco plus a drink. $5 for three decent food items and a drink is a good deal. I came with a few other college students because they picked out this one. Service was quick and nothing was wrong with the order, which is what you're hoping for when you get fast food!

Manuel Gallegos

Total jerks so ready to cut off the power menu or fresh for menu or what ever they call the closest thing to healthy food they have. I mean come on you're in line well before the 11pm cut off but they are so slow your order doesn't start until after and you think well I've been here such a long time surely theyll make an exception but nope they say sorry and ask you what you want. Well what I want is to do unlawful ungodly things to you but I'm the one completely sober person here so I can't be like the stupid teenage smokers

Brad Sando

You get what you pay for. The employees at this store are really great.

Jason Bagley

Taco Bell has great breakfast items. Our favorite is the breakfast crunch wrap. It has egg, choice of sausage or bacon, a hashbrown, and a spicy jalapeno sauce all inside a grilled tortilla. It's a delicious way to start your day. If you like pico de gallo ask for it "California style".

Tony Gerads

Good food, slow Service for fast food

Edelmira Santana

The older gentleman in the morning is so nice .I usually hate getting fast food because sometimes the employees can be very cranky however Iâ??ve been to this location twice and he is just so nice and my Order has been right.

TG Titus

Fast, friendly, and clean.

Jason Sease

3/11/19 11:10 pm

Mountain Dew

Damn good. Love their mountain dew baja blast with their crunchwraps.


I have been eating lunch at this Taco Bell once a week for the last 7-8 years. I don't know how they do it, but they ALWAYS have the friendliest, most courteous people working at the drive-up window. Some are young, some older, men, women, people of different ethnicities, everyone! It's a pleasure to patronize this Taco Bell and a big BRAVO to the manager for encouraging diversity in hiring and for being able to hire people who are friendly, customer service oriented people who like their jobs and like working with the public. The young african-american gal at the window today had the most beautiful smile and friendly attitude.....I felt like I was being served at an exclusive 5-star resort! Congratulations to this store and it's wonderful employees!

Bob S

This location provides the same menu items as all the other Taco Bells in Omaha. It is very near my home so this is the location I usually visit. This store was remodeled recently and the interior is usually very clean. There is plenty of parking along with drive-thru service. They are usually very quick at getting orders filled correctly. There can be long lines during the lunch rush and late at night though. The quality of the food is usually very good for fast food. The prices are good and the $5.00 box selections are well worth the money. There has been an older gentleman that works the counter there for years. He is always pleasant and provides excellent service to the customers.

Wesley Hall

I had the chicken and cheese quesadilla, and a soft taco. It was really good. I eat here every Wednesday. Twice l forgot my wallet after l ordered in the drive through. They said we got it. Just pass it on some day, l did. I like the food and the price is right.

Trisha Thompson

Love everything they offer I can order one I everything and still not break over 40 bucks

John Derek

Good service..One of the better locations in Omaha..

K*Lynne M

Great food Great Specials, FAST FRIENDLY STAFF. 1OO!!

Deb DeBoer

I spent 21 minutes in the drive through line. Luckily, I was not in a hurry! The guy said, "She wanted for empanadas, and we only had one..." So why wouldn't you ask them to drive on through and get the other cars through the drive while the empanadas are cooking? Once we are in the drive through line, we are stuck and not able to leave.

Marty Langworthy

Would give fewer stars if I could. Not even busy and they serve cold food. Wish I could wrap shredder cheese in a soft she'll and call it a burrito.


They have freshed brewed iced tea, but no dispenser in the dining room. You have to ask employees at the counter for it.