Taco Bell

12075 W Center Rd, Omaha
(402) 330-3902

Recent Reviews

Kerry Harland

Got our order wrong AGAIN! The past several months each time we get home with our order, it has been incorrect. We quit going there for awhile thinking that they just needed some time to regroup with the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. No improvement. They still can't get it right. We're done.


Last night was my first and last time eating at this location. They forgot not one but two items I ordered. Today I get to deal with food poisoning. Never again. Go to the location off of 144th and Center, it’s less than 2 miles away and I never have problems there.


Eh have had better. Crew seems spacy.

James Mcclain

It ok for American Mexican food

Al Riedmann

Friendly atmosphere and good reasonable food.

Alverta Wiggins

Good service & all correct & good food.

Rebecca Albers

If i could i would give you zero stars. Husband went and got 25 almost 30 of food and only had a 50 dollar bill and they refused to take it becuse they will not take anything over a 20. Will never come back it is midnight and no where to cash a 50. I guess you make 30 worth of food for no reason

Alonzo Beeching

Always consistent quality fast food. The best Taco Bell in the country.

Neighborhoodz Art

Very friendly staff quick service , lack of cleanliness... To go would be a better option.

Marie Dale

My favorite place to get my taco on! Nothing disappoints

Bobby A.

Best Taco Bell in town. Always quality. Highly recommend. Service is always great and never leave disappointed.

Kyle Bruyere

Probably the best customer service I've received from a Taco Bell. The cashier was a super nice dude, my food was hot and didn't take long.

Manolo Emmanuel

Very friendly staff quick service , lack of cleanliness... To go would be a better option.

Mariana Lopez

Food was good with all the sauce I added to it. The fountain machine does need to be cleaned.

Angela Nelson

Four star restaurant for a fast food restaurant. It has good service, they added kiosks! They have great food! They let you pick if you want extra cheese or meat if you want!

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