160 Rockingham Rd, Derry
(603) 437-0736

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John JWK Kehoe

DATE :SAT-13-AUG-2022. ;TIME :7:00 - 7:55 P.M. ;LOCATION :DUNKIN DONUTS , AT :160 Rockingham Rd. ,Derry , N.H. 03038.DISTRICT MANAGER :BARBARA ( " Babs " ) ;?FOOD WAS GOOD. ✓?SERVICE WAS GOOD. ✓BUT :QUESTION :When a Paying-Customerleaves some Trash ona Table , then walksto the Parking-Lot ...... is the employeeSUPPOSED to FOLLOWthe CUSTOMER intothe Parking-Lot ...and LOUDLY say :" I THINK YOU FORGOTSOMETHING ! " ... ???IS THAT PART OF THED.D. TRAININGPROGRAM ???IS THAT PART OF THED.D. CORP.-POLICY ???So , OBVIOUSLY ,that employee( young guy ; Teenager )was REALLY TRYINGTO SAY :that he (employee) wasANGRY thataPAYING-CUSTOMER ,WHO GAVE A $2. Tip ,had " The NERVE " toleave a little Trashon a Table ...and ,he (employee) was ANGRYthat he (employee) hadto IN-CONVENIENCEhimself ,by taking like(10) SECONDS ofhis (employee's)PRESCIOUS Time , to putthat Trash in a barrell ,which is a Taskfor-which he (employee)is PAID. ? ? ??? ?? ??THE POINT IS :IT IS NOT-APPROPRIATE ,& IS ?RUDE? ,TO FOLLOWA PAYING-CUSTOMERINTO THE Parking-Lot ...... and Then COMPLAINTO THE CUSTOMER ,ABOUT A TRIVIAL (petty)matter !!!? ? ?THEDISTRICT-MANAGER?( " Babs " ) SHOULDCLEARLY & REPEATEDLYEXPLAIN TO ThisYoung Guy ... That he isPAID ? TO PROVIDE?SERVICE?TO ALLPAYING-CUSTOMERS ? ,WITH ? ☺ ?A SMILE !!!He (employee) is PAID ?TO CLEAN THE RESTAURANT !!!SO :LOSE THERUDE-COMMENTS.? ? ?QUESTION :WHY IS ROUGHLY92 % of The MUSIC :Rap-Songs ,Hip-Hop Songs , Etc ???WHERE IS THECOUNTRY ? ? ?MUSIC ???MOST PEOPLE , INNEW HAMPSHIRE ,LIKE/LOVECOUNTRY ? ? ?MUSIC !!!So , KINDLY ADJUSTYOUR MUSIC ... ...THANKS !!! ??

Robert O'Brien

Did NOT get what i ordered and paid for. Ordered double sausage, got single bacon. Your bacon is terrible... too thin yet still undercooked.

B Paul

Employees are consistently parked in the front of the building in customer parking spots...you can drive by any day and there all filled with employees that are way to lazy to walk from the reserved employee parking spots

Larry Morton

I went here the other day staff was very busy but still very nice. Thanks guys

Alyssandra MacDonald

Wasn't a horrible experience, but they did get my order wrong.....and the kicker was, I got a free iced coffee from my rewards that didn't taste right.


Terribly slow even if you order online when you get there expect a 20 minute wait while you listen to all the employees fight with each other over who's being lazy and the manager just listens to it and says nothing.

Jon Blaze


Michael Mcdonald

Haven't been to happy going there lately. 2 Saturdays ago I went inside. I was the only person in line, I stood there 15 minutes, no one even acknowledged that I was there. I spoke up and the girl working there said. " If you don't like it go somewhere else" Finally 5 min later someone took my order. Seems like they give more priority to the drive thru. Today I went I side to order and there was a sign saying. Due to staff shortage everything is drive thru today. There were about 12 cars in the drive thru so I said screw this and I went to the Dunkins in Windham.

Raymond Carter

This is probably the friendliest, most well run Dunks I've ever been to. Always a smile on their faces and so happy to help.I never thought I'd give a Dunks a good rating, or even bother to leave a review, but these guys are great.Maisha the manager is THE BEST.Added a photo of my best bud enjoying a sandwich!

Debra Kippenberger

This is theWorst!! Ordered on the app to walk in, the doors were locked! The employees looked! Really. Now I've been waiting in line for over 10 minutes! I called three times they let it ring and then picked the phone up and hung g it up!! The last time I come here.

Rosemary Lawrence-Henderson

Coffee and donuts need I say more

Amanda Monagle

Most friendly people I’ve ever encountered at Dunkin’s. Super fast service and so nice!

Scott Hyslep

This location has a hard time getting orders correct even when placed in the app.

Papa Joe Storytelling

The speed and consistency were excellent and it is a New England thing. Still, if I had had a little more time to sit, to go in and experience the meal, I would've chosen a family diner. Instead, I ate while I drove. Is this really the way we want to live?


HorribleCustomer service is okay, but the people who make the drinks are horrible. I have had problems about every single time I go there. Coffee that’s super bitter, half filled cups, usually if I order hot chocolate it’s just hot water! Don’t recommend and I will be taking my money to another place.Also, they waste bags. They gave me a whole bag for a tiny little thing of the new snack and bacon thing. Why does it need its own bag? Just put it in the bag with the drinks.When I got some food today, got chocolate was hot water, my friends coffee was disgusting, and before we went to get our food from the window they said, “oh, wrong order.” And almost gave us someone else’s food.Once again, DO NOT RECOMMEND THEY DONT LISTEN TO ORDERS!

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