150 Bridge St Unit C, Pelham
(603) 508-6641

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Nice option for a quick lunch ?

One Shot

Great food and friendly staff!

Aaron Spettel

No ice. Limited options for chips

Jared Steele

Store was closed at 7 today. A note was left on the door. My uber eats order was accepted at 7:15 and 4 drivers consecutively accepted the order and then went to the store to deny the order, having the next person grab it to find the same fate.

Ryan Huard

Ladies are super friendly! They work well when the line backs up, which is no fault of theirs. Recently under new ownership, and the staff is hopeful the place will improve!

Aron Duquette

Always understaffed on the weekend. The guy I had today was very slow and unprofessional, carried himself like he was miserable and wanted nothing to do with his job. Maybe if they had more workers on, he wouldn't be so miserable. But it's been ridiculous on the weekends.

Justin McFadden

Friendly service 4/8/18, great sandwiches.

Biggs Darklighter

Typical galactic subway pit stop. Restaurant dining area was clean, sandwich artist was quick and kind. Bathroom was in poor shape (mark on mirror, trash overflowing)

Tank T.

I like Subway once in a while, but my local one here in Pelham isn't all that, and is just not awesome. I have gone several times after work, and they are always out of everything. They don't make enough bread, and don't want to make more, they don't have enough tuna made, or other materials. Staff was rude / surly, just didn't care.

Nicole P.

Terrible service, rude, completely ignored me when i was there. 3 staff members just "chatting" having a grand old time, hair was down with no hair net, non of the workers look fit to work there. Poor hygiene

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