Cedar Bean's Coffee Joint

575 Pompton Ave, Cedar Grove
(908) 955-8200

Recent Reviews

Moe Schalk

My family and I love coming here. Friendly service, build your own coffee or select one of their specialties. I highly reco the avocado toast with red pepper flakes and the sausage burrito with hot sauce. Don’t forget to follow them on IG for concerts, craft markets, live art galleries, and fun classes like candle making. Inside you’ll also find a fun collection of children’s books, snacks, and free WiFi.

Dan Halpin

I would recommend the rotating seasonal beverages, every single one I've had has been great.

Ami P

The coffee was good. I wish they had more food choices. If you like the rustic cabin vibe, then this is a good option.Vegetarian options: Pastries and eggs

Eric Shafto

One of the best cups of coffee I have ever had. Not exaggerating. Also a comfy and pleasant place.

Samantha L.

The best coffee around! But be warned...it is strong! The staff is great and always friendly and willing to offer recommendations. They have an old Pac-Man game inside, the colorful piano outside and lots of books, stickers, etc. to keep the kids entertained.

Monica hoffmann

I had a pumpkin flavored coffee , it was delicious and I had a breakfast croissant which was also delicious , will definitely be back ?

Candid Sounds

The music, the art, the famous mural! A tiny slice of Montclair shows up in little Cedar Grove and our boring hamlet explodes in color, lights and sound! Oh, the coffee is great too. And, they even have Ms. Pac-Man!

Jess Pochek

If I want to have a cozy experience, which I’ll usually do alone, this is my top choice!! With various seating options from chairs to booths to couches and even outdoor seating, a fake fire place, board games, friendly staff, vibey music, and overall a comfortable atmosphere… I would visit this establishment if I were you.I choose 4 (would’ve given 4.5) stars because even with all the positives I’ve listed, the beverages have always been average and over priced. I paid over $10 for a drink and a small piece of pumpkin bread.I’ve witnessed the owner (I believe he is the owner) on multiple occasions work hard to make connections with the adult patrons and go above and beyond to serve.Shop local! ?☕️

Frank Filippelli

This is a perfect little local café. Great service and coffee. They even had a delicious fresh squeezed lemonade that I recommend. And the decor has a nice homey feel. This is a perfect local Starbucks alternative if you’re looking for a professional vibe but still want to support small business ?

Sumeyye Civelek

coffee, vibe and everything is awesome! Great place to catch up with your friends! Get an iced- mocha and thank me later ?

Chris Bold

Old vibey Coffee Shop. That's how you sum it up . Not busy like Starbucks and not overpriced or under done for the vanilla latte and Chai Twas I tried in one day . Friendly and helpful staff

Teresa Drew, DPT

Love their coffee! The staff always has great suggestions if you can't choose, also a great spot to get some work done!

Priti P.

We moved into Cedar Beans neighborhood over a year ago and finally checked it out today! We were walking the W Essex Trail and decided to stop by just for a drink (we'll have to come back next time for food!)

John Entrada

It’s refreshing to see real coffee in the suburbs.If you like real coffee, don’t bother with the menu. Instead, just ask the owner what single-origin beans they’re excited about that day. It could be from Burundi, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua… Whatever is freshly-roasted. They will brew you a heavenly, balanced, expertly-brewed cup. If you’re lucky, it will be a pourover. You will not be disappointed.If you like Starbucks/Dunkin/ etc, I’m sure they can cater to your tastes as well. I saw people walk out with Frappuccino-style beverages. This locally-owned shop has something for everyone.

Muath Mahmoud

Update------I am a big fan of coffee and I saw this locations reviews along with some articles inside the coffeeshop. In NJ so far I have not seen a single coffeeshot that is considered "Good" but are all OKAY.Today I tried my cup of coffee from Boonton Co coffeeshop and it was pretty good for the first time while I try different locations.I like my latte with whole milk, the latte that was served to me tasted like milk and very little taste of coffee. I 100% aware that a latte is light and alot of milk but the one served to me had no taste of coffee at all. It could be the type of beans? The way it was made? My luck? Not sure.I am coming from WA "Seattle" and most coffee there do taste richer.Now regarding all your questions, if I am not being asked of "How do I like my latte" at the cashier and going through the standard expectations of what I expected then that expectations failed me.My first review-----------‐-I don't really see anything special about this coffee. For me its really normal and its just okay. However, the avocado toast is seriously so tasty!

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