255 Tremont Ave, East Orange
(973) 619-6745

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Vadshire Dupuis

Staff was very unprofessional... lack of customer service. Employee cussed at myself and mother..

Angel Brown

I was a little disappointed with my sandwich and coffee. My coffee was unusually strong and the sandwich wasn't very tasteful.Food: 3/5

Iyiola Atinuke

Change the guy that works overnight his attitude is disgusting and he can even get order right so dumb

Samantha Clarke

I work night at a hospital near by, the person that work there overnight is extremely mean with a don't care attitude and behaves as through your a bother to him and it's really a turn off. I gave this a 4 Star because I also go there in the morning and miss Sharon ALWAYS makes my coffee to perfection. She's very polite and pleasant. A good face to see to start the morning out.

Johnny Lythus

They have the worst service ever. They never have the tight condiments. They don't listen to your order, its always burned, and I swear some are on drugs. The same person takes my order and he sounds slurred. Maybe he should be drinking the coffee. Worst of all, this is at a residential area where traffic is always blocked because of the customers. Worst dunkin ever.

Ms Banks

I have always been attracted to this location because it I discreet and the people are nice and helpful. Thank you very much for the pleasant experiences.


Neat, clean, respectful and even when there is a lot of people there, they function well and move quickly with ease

Kayla Mayers

I'm only giving three stars because the staff themselves deserve 5 for great customer service. Unfortunately the quality is not consistent. I don't drink sugar in my coffee, this morning I ordered my usual med iced coffee with a little almond milk. I get to work and take a sip and it taste like pure sugar. I tried to call but I could not because the number is disconnected. So basically I wasted $4 and some change. I can't even drink this coffee. I have also received burnt sandwiches on several occasions and they had to remake them. Just to add The overnight staff is great the employee with the dreads makes my iced coffee perfect every time, he's the only one that is consistent with the quality.

Piotr Zajac

Not only they jack up prices, they sell iced coffee as cold brew. Never going back to this branch again!

Lorranda Drake

I ordered a glazed donut and a toasted croissant with cheddar cheese and a coffee with coconut flavor and light and sweet. First if all I never got my donut the cheese on my croissant was the hard old cheese that was nasty and my coffee wasn't made right. Plus never got a receipt for my order SMH

d mar

dismal. donuts are hard. coffee is not prepared correctly. I gave it 2 stars because the people are nice but um, this Dunkin Donuts is not up to expected standard.

Brenda Evans

Love my coffee & the service that I received

Tiffany “Ifikins” S

I worked at Dunkin before and I'm just confused, when you guys stop giving out PupCups!!!! It's just whip cream in a cup. Starbucks always does it. You guys are about to change my attitude with Dunkin. Please fix this. It's just whip cream. You guys get a truck every week. Please do better.

Malikah M

Snackin bacon is cool…sometimes it’s too burnt … sometimes it’s not even done . Sometimes they get it right. Ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and it was so hard and over cooked I just threw it away. They also overfill the hot drinks, spilled in my lap as soon as I grabbed it. That wasn’t fun

kim Maitland

Long lines to wait...but my order is always correct

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