Papa John's Pizza

466 Central Ave, East Orange
(973) 678-7272

Recent Reviews

Tiffany Walters

Order a pizza charged me about 25 ... I'm was so disappointed ☹️ no toppings on it sloppy .. East orange can never get my money ever again... This store didn't even deserve the 1 Star I gave but I had to click it to leave this comment .. SAVE YOUR MONEY ..

Duhamel Mascary

Not bad ,Service is quick and employees are not rude

Yvensti Aliotte

Everything is getting too expressive not everyone has the extra cash from the state or food stamps guys!

Taanaya ClarkOmotosho

Whoever These Workers Are Needs Their A** Slid , I Work For Money Just Like Them & Have The Nerve To Be Thieves … I Ordered Online Spent $30+ & The Delivery Person Never Showed Up Or Called Me But Going To Put My Order Status As Delivered & When I Call The Store I Can’t Get Through To Anyone & Cooperation Has Suppose To Be 24/7 … Who Raised These People To Be So Lazy & Thieves , Papa Johns Is Just Like Dominos ( Hire Anybody) , But Y’all Picked That Job So DO YOUR DAMN JOB


HORRIBLE! This place always sends my orders 2hours later I live 4 blocks away! They NEVER send special garlic with the pizza or sauce with the wings! I tried to order from West Orange and they send my order to this location! WORST STORE EVER!! They NEVERRRRRR get your order right or send it on time! Save yourself a headache


Ordered with a 27 min ETA. 1 hour 30min later delivery driver apparently hasn't even left the store.

Cassandra Harris

Good food... the chicken chipolet wings are on point & cheese sticks

Francine Finley

The service is TERRIBLE I've been there twice and it was HORRIBLE EACH TIME. There were at least 7 people working I phoned in an order and still had to wait at least 20 minutes I left with NO FOOD. One of the guys had a wine bottle in his back pocket and took a drink while I was there. I'M NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!!!

Fatyheera Bishop

PIZZA COLD & Nasty customer service is horrible. I will never order from them again.

#DjOyea Tv

There deals are good and pizza was delicuse.

Pluv M

They took my order, had me wait 2 hours for it, turns out they closed and went home without telling me anything. They also took the money from my card which i’ll have to dispute. The man taking my order was extremely rude as well. Avoid at all costs!!!


Delivers to wrong address and delay all the time

shawn powell

Delivery okay nice an hot fast delivery

Meghan Jean-Baptiste

Never ordering from here again. Received my pizza after a long wait and it was cold and stale. Unacceptable.

Monster 696

YOU CAN GET A BETTER PIZZA AND SERVES AT $1 PIZZA STORE!!!!! I made an order that said it would take 45 min to arrive. 1hr 15min later the tracking status changed to delivered. I contacted the store were they hung up on me the first time. I called again and a gentleman answered the phone who happened to be Next to the delivery driver who stated they rang my doorbell and no one answered. I proceeded to explain to him I have a ring camera and Iv been sitting by my window for the whole duration. The driver and the store worker then proceeded to call me a lier and pass the blame onto me. The store worker the way he began to speak to me is one of the most unprofessional manners Iv seen in my life. I am truly disappointed to be writing this review and will never be using the papa Johns service again.

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