Papa Pancho Pizza

1670 Oak Tree Rd, Edison
(732) 549-6222

Recent Reviews

Aishwarya Vasudev

Pizza with paneer was absolutely delicious....we drove almost hour and half and it was worth every bit of the drive

INSU Homes

Great taste, nice and crunchy, very good flavor, especially any chicken great tastes. Only part I hate is wait, waiting waited wait....... At least 45min from ordered for 1hr15min wait not fair.

Nirali Shah

Amazing mouth watering pizzas!! The gravy/pizza sauce is little sweet in some of the pizzas which I don’t like but otherwise it’s one of the must-try places!!

Justin Jose

They have out door serving. Bought a goat biriyani, it was very tasty.

Harini Venkatesh

Ohmygod this place’s food is delicious. My fam and I always order the tandoori paneer pizza and a Bombay sandwich. All of their food is fresh out of the oven and jam packed with flavor. The taste is also very authentic and unique. Def recommend to everyone.

Siddanth Sudarshan

The Chicken Kheema Pizza here is really delicious. One of the best Indian Pizza I've had.

AndyM B.

Worker was nice, but pizza lacked taste to it; needs more indian sauce flavor. I ordered the chicken tandoori and buffalo chicken pizza and was very disappointed by the lack of flavor and amount of toppings. Unfortunately like another person stated, even dominoes is 100x better, can you even believe that!? And I so wanted to like fusion pizza....also they did not have everything as stated in their menu. I tried ordering 4-5 different pizzas and they didnt have all of them, and I felt like the menu prices were wrongly posted online. Mistake or false advertising I dont know, but I like honest businesses with consistency at the very least. Will not be going back again and will not recommend anyone to try this place, especially considering I am a foodie.

Shivani P.

I ordered the Paneer Tikka Masala Pizza which was amazing! The 12" pies are good to share between 2 people, reasonably priced. Their service during COVID a few weeks ago was also noteworthy - pick up was from the outside of the store, so absolutely contactless. Highly recommend them for their specialty pizzas!!

thomas johnson

It's nothing like the pizza I had from Italian pizzarias I ate at when I was a kid. If you want real new Jersey Italian pizza this is *not* your place. I go to Francis pizza or Gennaros which aren't even that good but it's eatable.

Todd G.

This place has gone down hill. I used to come here all the time. I used to give it 5 stars. So many amazing pizzas on the menu. One of the best pizzas I've ever had. Then they combind with Moghul Express next door, knocked down the wall, and if you go to order off their website all the cool pizzas are gone except a few. You cannot select toppings. There is no Awesome Threesome anymore. Out of the remaining pizzas on the menu there is only ONE I'm interested in when before I liked 7 or 8 of them.

Sraven Kande

One of the best pizzas ever. Surprised to see a variety of Indian curry style flavor pizzas in the menu. If you are looking for a nice tandoori chicken or panner toppings pizza this is the best place. They include gelato ice creams and it’s a must try.

Mohammad Ahmad

After waiting for more than 40 minutes having asked for my order two times, the manager claimed that I never placed an order for my pizza.

Sunil L.

I want to give them 5 stars for an Inventive and creative menu. How many people during their group project will say - let's start a desi pizza place. All authentic with a variety of sauces and toppings. We can even create a tri-flavor pizza. O yeah, let's complement it with home made ice-cream with rich flavors. We will charge a little premium and keep quality high. "Pancho" happens - lol

Shankar Shrivatsav

I am a huge fan of Indian style pizzas, which is the next big thing in pizza ? this place is great with it's varieties and the flavors are just awesome.. I particularly love the pav bhaji pizza and the other signature pizzas they offer. The crust is very light and airy but crisp at the same time. Definitely recommend this place to try at least once and u ll keep coming back.minus the star as I not a fan of their garlic bread and I expected it to be as good as the pizza.

Santosh Vangala

Nice indian style pizza. Great taste

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