Boston Market

770 NJ-33, Hamilton
(609) 631-9200

Recent Reviews

John Varghese

Completely unprofessional service staff. I am not sure whether any service staff was given any training on customer service. One staff member was wearing a hoodie and mask and looked like a bank robber. Customers are not taken care of in order. Too much commotion and yelling.Food: 4/5

Marc Crabtree

Honestly, I always forget this gem sits on Rt 33. The food is always good and the management works hard along side their employees. Due to staffing shortages there is a bit of a wait at times but it is worth it. Highly recommend.Food: 5/5

Terri Taylor

I tried the "grilled" nuggets. It's a no go for me. They're more like little pieces of microwaved roast chicken breast with too much pepper. The portion they give you for an order is only enough to make you mad, lol... In order for them to really be grilled, they need to have skin on them and actually be grilled on a grill. Ditch this experiment Boston Market. You have enough good food on your menu that many folks won't miss them.The staff is very nice here though.

9K G.

This place sucks. The staff doesn't give a shit about you or your experience. And the bathroom is disgusting. It's a shame because I know if they cared, Boston market would be a great place to eat at. Here's a few pics of the bathroom just to give you an idea of how much they care

Tiba Peace

Shout-out to James and Michael. They were short staffed and managed to stay calm, polite, and quick! Kudos to you 2! Thank u for the good service!


Best customer service I've ever had. Guy recommended the lemon cream cake and it was delicious. He definitely went the extra mile to help everyone he was serving! It was great to see.

Tiffany Princess

I used to eat at Boston Market all the time, it was my favorite. Now I'm disappointed, the chicken is not that great anymore. Lately the chicken been soggy and slimey I couldn' eat it.

Angel Ortiz

It's just not what it used to be. The meatloaf used to be the best with the sauce on the meatloaf and its not gravy. Just amazing sauce on the meatloaf


Meh.. it is what it is. The food is never something to write home about. The customer service from the young dude at the counter was nice though. I used a birthday reward and he asked when my birthday was and wished me a happy belated birthday. I'll probably go to BM once every six months or so.


Google and your website says you close at 11. Why do you guys constantly close early? This has constantly been happening where your hours are never what the website says, and it causes unnecessary trip(s)

Ilir Pellumbi

I eat here occasionally and it hasn't let me down yet. Friendly staff as well.

L Brown

Unable to go inside restaurant but no signage indicating that (door locked during regular business hours), went through drive thru and employee seemed as if they were being bothered. Didn't have the new flavor options being advertised. Coupon code was not applied properly and there was no attempt to resolve the issue even though I pointed it out before paying and there were no other customers waiting. Used to frequent this location but it seems to be going downhill. Not sure I will return.

babii kohai

Placed an online order hours prior to pickup. 30 mins prior to pickup they call to tell me they don't have items in my order. I was told I'd be refunded, that has yet to happen. Store hasn't responded to my calls. Customer service has not responded either. Guess I'll just never get my money back. Thanks Boston Market for such an experience. I don't know what's worse the employees for not doing as promised at the location or their lack of customer service actually taking care of their customers.

Deidre Rawson

Had a coupon for pot pies. When I got there they were cooking as everyone was using the coupons. Staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. I had a nice conversation with them which made the wait time seem shorter. Took the pot pies home and they were excellent. Lots of gravy and large chunks of chicken and veggies. Will definitely go back!

Wayne Heideman

Surprised today when Boston Market informed me that turkey is no longer on the menu. Attempted to go inside but doors locked, no sign but went to drive thru and an extremely long wait though there was only one vehicle ahead of me. Turkey dinner always helped my glucose readings, but if Turkey has followed stuffing off the menu, no reason to patronage this place any longer.

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