Domino's Pizza

957 Highway 33 Ste 7, Hamilton Square
(609) 208-0600

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Alcides Sabio

Best Dominos ever where owners care about its employees and pay them what they deserve.

Blanca Mata

Excellent! I just have one negative thing to say but there I an African American female who is so loud and act like she is on the streets. Other than that. Good job!!!

Support 3971

there is a difference between Carside Delivery and carry out. Carside Delivery means the store staff will bring it to your car. Carry out means you will walk I the store and pick it up. Last week a customer order carry out and demanded to bring it to the car which it was done by the shift runner on duty. When the shift runner when to the customer car. She was illegaly park on the fire lane and did not want to pay for the food unless a receipt was given to her. The shift runner when back inside and ring up the order and brought the receipt to the customer and told her not to worry about the payment. However the customer stated on her review that the shift runner tampered with her food. We checked the cameras to see if there's was any wrong doing and nothing seem out of place. Ms. Rutledge needs to understand the difference between Carside Delivery Delivery and carry out. Thanks

Brendan Barca

Tito the manager hooked us up with some cinnamon knots with apple dip, checked in on order to make sure everything was delicious, which it was! So cool to have a connection with someone these days who cares. Will definitely be supporting Dominos Robbinsville!! Thanks Tito ❤️

Kim B

The manager was quick, efficient and friendly. Tito sent cinn knots with Apple dip. Amazing surprise!

Stephanie Rutledge

The person that answered the phone was extremely rude, and very nasty. Please get someone to answer the phone with a more professional attitude. I will never order from the spot again. I pray this person didn’t tamper with my food since he would t take the money for the two pizza I ordered.

EpicGamer Moments

Ordered for delivery got on time, nice staff decent food overall good place to order from.

Anna Battiloro

Yes what the other reviewer said is true about the person taking orders hanging up on customers. The sad part is that the Owner of the franchise is aware of the dispicable behavior of his employees one of which is related to him. Speaking of which, the young man who is their delivery driver in his tan colored car speeds through residential neighborhoods at over 50 miles per hour where children play and where people walk their dogs putting the community at risk. You can hear his motor picking up speed as he drives down a straightaway. This is the activity that I witnessed just yesterday which spurred me to write a review, which I never do. This place should be shut down and his franchise licensed revoked. Not only for undeserving the community but putting the community at risk. Shameful.

Mohmad Talee

Nice friendly people good service

Betsy Riley

Rude, unfriendly, not willing to answer questions….. I called to order pizza and I didn’t understand what the man said so I said, “Excuse me?” He hung up.I called again and I wanted to order two small pizzas. He said large or medium? I asked, “May I order a small? He hung up on me again!Clearly the people who own this franchise have no interest in selling pizza or serving the community. Apparently, this Dominies has a despicable reputation! Pathetic people with ugly manners. Very sad.I drove to the Dominoes at Hickory Corner and they were wonderful. Not far. Move your business there!

Patricia L.

I give it one star because I handed them a coupon that wasn't even close to expired that I have recently received in the mail and the guy that was working said that he can only take off 2 dollars because it wasn't "active" and to top that off it was cold when I got there and the guy who answered the phone to place my order doesn't even know an ounce of English.... So disgusted

Matt Cook

Sameh makes the best thin crust!!

Derin Kalay

this is another restaurant to which we went for late night eats. we were probably the last order as well.despite being operated by three employees, the place seemed to have difficulty with managing its operations at night; some of the employees couldn’t seem to get along with each other.the location itself is pretty sketchy at night as well.our pan pizza was pretty good tho, and the cashier was patient while my card kept declining. nonetheless, would probably go to the dominos in princeton junction next time since it seems to be better managed at night.

Carlos Marrero

I rarely write reviews unless the experience was extremely good or bad. In this case it was beyond bad, it was terrible! I called this location to get an order, which was placed. I gave them my credit card and got confirmation. In the middle of the transaction someone took the phone from the person taking care of me and said that “I owed them $4 more for delivery tip”. I was extremely confused with this given the fact #1 I have given them my credit card and there was no reason for me to owe anything and #2 I was never asked about delivery tip. Right after that the person tells me “you know what bro, I’ll pay for it” and ended the call without any other communication. Ten minutes later I received a call from a different number asking me for the address. After I gave the address it felt that the phone was left on the counter because I could hear arguments between the employees. I decided to end the call after 5 minutes since no one was answering me. I called a total of 10 times to both phone numbers (the one listed on the website as the official number as well as the other number) without answer. After 25 mimutes the same person that picked up the phone previously picked it up and said “sorry, your order was never processed”. I never received a call about the order being cancelled or not processed. This person was extremely rude and this location has proven to be terrible with very poor management. Please do not order from them!

Ray Nunez

Store number 3971, Chris Lee is an awesome person. I'm a truck driver calling for dinner, and he took care of my order with the highest regard. Assured me it'd be as quick as possible...and it was. He's very professional and great to deal with. A big shout to him for all he did. Chris Lee, I see you!Ray the trucker

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