Jersey Mike's Subs

950 Hwy. 33, Hamilton Square
(609) 587-6606

Recent Reviews

Renee Austin

First the line was moving extremely slow for 5 people in store. Person making sandwiches did not take off gloves when ringing people up. Touched food, money, and registered with same gloves. I took my business elsewhere. THAT IS NASTY

Jose Rey

Great sandwich shop everything made to your liking.

Michael Millan

Chipotle and the 13

Jenna McKinney

I have to say, I really have become quite the fan of Jersey Mike's. The sandwich is always constant, always fresh, and always enthusiastically made.These sandwiches in particular were huge, fresh a d ready when I showed up for pick up. Love that.Great job at lunch friends.

Lizette Rivera

Great sandwiches and their bread is the newest of all the Jersey Mike's I've been to.

Laura Smolucha

Maybe it's just me, but I remember Jersey Mike's making huge subs with almost too much meat, but after today I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the $6 Wawa subs. At least the sandwich will reflect the price.Edit: emailed the account provided by the owner, still have not received a response.

Ann Marie Kelly

So good!! Staff is always friendly!

Tom Kloepping

I've eaten here previously and it was fine. But I stopped in recently (late June 2021) and it was a different experience. Everything I said to the sandwich maker had to be repeated not for the lack of misunderstanding, but he was not paying attention, joking around with fellow employees. I got a Classic Italian and it was way lighter than it usually is in other JMs. Sat there to eat and listened to the three employees carrying on. No filter whatsoever as MF bombs were dropped like rain. Don't think I'll return to this particular JMs as there are at least 3 other good sub shops on 33 to eat at. At least the quality of the ingredients were up to standards for JM. I never like to criticize employees, but a crew like this will sink a business.

MindySue Fry

Catering Orders for nursing homes. Amazing presentation, friendly staff. Thank you for your help and fantastic hoagies!

mark merrion

Clean helpfull employees great service.

Heather S.

My sister in law ordered from Jersey Mike's for a small birthday party. We are used to ordering from other sub places where the sizes are fairly standard-half is 6in, full 12in and giant or party size 18-24". She ordered 2 "giant subs" and 3 "regular" subs. The cost was $20 for the giant and $10 for the "regular." The "giant" subs were 12 inches long! Regular is 6 inches! Lengths of subs are not noted anywhere-the closest they get is saying a giant will feed 4 adults. The prices and sizes do not match up and we're very disappointing. $75 worth of subs and there wasn't enough for everyone. Please Jersey Mike's, post the sizes of your subs so people can decide if they are ordering enough.

Greg Ludwig

Sandwiches are on the pricey side but it's a good quality product so it's worth it every now and then.

Stephen Kapuscinski

Great place for a hoagie. Great people inside always very curtious

Patty Hughes

I just ordered a #13 sub through DoorDash. I was very disappointed which is unusual because I have gotten many subs from Jersey Mike’s previously and they were delicious. The hoagie roll was stale and crumbling and too small for the lunch meat, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. I suspect 2-day old bread. Maybe because it is a Sunday there is no fresh bread delivery! So, I threw out the bread and defrosted a torpedo roll I had in the freezer. In the future, no hoagie orders on a Sunday. Sorry that I wrote this review because I never complain about the service or quality of food.

The Ronster

Best cheese steak I ever had in my life ! No onions no peppers no condiments . Tastie

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